enfield london crime rate

Crimes were concentrated to the south of the ward around the big main roads. Edmonton Green is a popular shopping spot but it's also Enfield's most dangerous area, There were 37 reported violent crimes in Haselbury in November 2018, There were 28 violent and sexual incidents reported in Enfield Lock in just one month, There were 37 violent and sexual crimes reported in Southbury in November 18, There were 45 violent and sexual offences in Lower Edmonton in just one month. Annual crime rate per 1000 workday people. I) The violent crime category was renamed "violence and sexual offences" This ward has by far the most amount of crime in Enfield with 370 crimes committed in June. Crimes were committed mostly to the west of the ward away from the quieter industrial and residential parts to the east. The family favourite shop has even called the new product 'divine'! Police data is divided in Policing Neighbourhoods. There were 46 violent and sexual offences in November, most of which happened around Forest Street. There were 8,384 violent incidents reported in Enfield in 2018, which is fewer than in Westminster (London's most dangerous borough), where there were 13, 473, but a lot more than the 4,030 reported in London's safest borough, Kingston upon Thames, according to Metropolitan Police figures. iLiveHere uses cookies to serve you lovely personalised ads, you have to be cool with that: Crime Statistics for Southgate, London, Enfield, August 2020. The areas of Enfield with the highest level of crime have been revealed by the latest statistics from the Metropolitan Police.. We have taken the ten nearest place to Southgate and ranked them according to the number of violent incidents in the 'best fit' Policing neighbourhood. There were a chilling 831 violent crimes reported there last year, including one murder. To avoid robbery the Met Police advise, among other things, that you look confident when out and about. The category of crime that most concerns people is violent crime. Violent crime rate is 29.8 crimes reported per 1,000 working people per annum. With this information they can respond accordingly, either by forming neighbourhood watches or putting pressure on local authorities to take action. It's the 47. lowest crime rate out of 104 England and Wales' postcode areas. Enfield lock was a hot spot for violent crimes in 2018 with 475 reported incidents. The areas of Enfield with the highest level of crime have been revealed by the latest statistics from the Metropolitan Police. Over the last 10 years, London had the lowest crime rate in 2013/2014 at 84.17 crimes per 1,000 citizens. Compared to the national crime rate, Enfield's crime rate is at 94%. rcds.appendChild(rcel); 29.8 crimes reported per annum per 1000 workday people. Below are these incidents broken down by category. The data published by the Police are incidents that were reported to them in that month, not the crimes that were prosecuted and/or had further action taken. London; Nottingham; Liverpool; Leicester; Birmingham; Manchester; Derby; Bristol; Leeds; Coventry; Get a free quote. The poll to find the worst place to live in England 2021 is now open! The crime data covers June 2019 and is broken down ward by ward, so residents can see where the worst areas are for crime. There were a total of 2,479 crimes in Enfield in July. Is Southgate the worst place to live in England in 2021? Well-to-do neighbourhoods like Enfield Town are worlds apart from areas like Edmonton, where armed attackers stormed a McDonald's this month, and 20-year-old, Richard Odunze-Dim, was shot dead just before Christmas. Enfield crime stats October 2019 - September 2020 Most crimes, 11.3k crimes were antisocial behaviour crimes which is 27.7% of all crimes committed in the area. The family favourite shop has even called the new product 'divine'!

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