engineering courses without maths

Was wondering is it possible to do an engineering course without a level maths or physics.

I would classify myself as an artist until I fell deeply in love with astronomy which I am pursuing as of now. ... We are also slaying perhaps the most sacred of cows in UK engineering; we will not require our learners to have maths and physics A-level. aha..itz too much brother !! In the meantime, listed below are Science courses without mathematics in Nigerian higher institutions. List Of Science Courses Without Mathematics

Still have questions? You can choose B.Tech Biotech, if you have little interest in Maths. Currently I am studying quantum physics at a university, and wouldn't want to do anything else in the world. How to get motivated to do university work? Do liberal "educators" abandon cursive so no one can read actual educational material ? For example, in Fortis' practical nursing program, the only math class required is College Mathematics, a 101 level. Career to get into quick but make good money . Get answers by asking now. A branch without physics, chemistry and maths not itself called as engineering group... Maybe you can create your own group i think,,,, yes,engineering is full of maths...there is no branch in engineering without maths....if u r not interested in maths,better don't go for btech,there are many courses...if u want to become an engineer,u have to do a lot of hard work.....maths is compulsory for doing btech.... Good Luck :), Every engineering branch will have mathematics, but you can join in (Bio- tech), You can get full information of education and carrer in the following link. yes,engineering is full of maths...there is no branch in engineering without maths....if u r not interested in maths,better don't go for btech,there are many courses...if u want to become an engineer,u have to do a lot of hard work.....maths … Thankfully, I have stumbled across your question because I was in a similar situation as you were in. 4. if you are resitting or rewritting this subject, take into cognizance the above factors. 3. No, sir. The above factors may be responsible or could have been the reason why you failed Mathematics.

There are branches of engineering with less math, physics, and chem than others.

Invest your time and emotions into your studies. Nursing: Most licensed practical or vocational nursing programs only require one or two basic math courses. When things seem dark, you have to realize that there is light at the end of it all. Some of the sought-after courses include, BBA, Bcom, BMS, Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Foreign Trade, Accounting courses, Hotel Management and Travel and Tourism courses… The research question Ever.

Some days will be shittier than others, but you have to remember that NOTHING worthwhile, will come easy. Can anybody help me find out  2. I want to walk away from academia but I’m afraid I’m overqualified for anything else ? Looking through older posts from the forum it doesn't seem possible however looking at UCAS, some universities I'm looking at going to (not Russel group) do accept courses which are not maths … I am a science student and wanna do engineering. Treat it as a real relationship.

Introducing an engineering course without A-Level maths. . You’ll use math … I believe that you are capable of doing math and science just like any other human. But look what happened. Significance of the study?

Nothing is forever, so the pain you're dealing with now, will not be the same pain you will endure years from now. Giving up will only lead to destruction and regret.

GIIP now provides off campus courses as well. I'm poor in maths ,physics and chemistry.

Objective of the study If you do poorly in these subjects, there are two options: major in humanities, or study your *** off to understand the concepts of math, chem, and physics. I have a few questions about college certificate programs? If you have the passion for it, the knowledge will come. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Do yourself a favor, and take on the education while you can. It wasn't until two years after graduating from high school that I had fallen in love with astronomy and physics. I want to get into my dream school with a low GPA? Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Hi Cool Guy, my name is Sophie. Engineers have a great understanding of mathematics. To know more visit: - No judging !?

In high school, I had a GPA of 0.5 and took no mathematics for my last year of high school. Use your time to pursue the dreams you truly love. I went from a GPA of 0.5 to a 3.9 in college. Math was my absolute enemy as my brain wouldn't be able to comprehend it due to the lack of interest I used to have for it.


It will enable you to make your career in the field of Intellectual Property Rights. Which course is best after 12th commerce without maths? engineering without maths ? Something like CE will require extremely advanced mathematics and physics capabilities, as well as ASE, and CiE/ConE. Scope of the study What should I do when my college doesn't allow reptile in dorm? What do you think of the answers? Engineering does require a high standard of maths so instead those without … If you truly want to be an engineer, then you'll find a way. It will be very useful to you. Is there any branch in engineering without maths ,physics and chemistry ? What should I do at the end of the semester? There are a plethora of courses available after 12th commerce without maths that you can choose from. During high school, I promised myself that I would never get into a field of study that required any math or science! I have heard that engineering is full of maths and very hard.

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