examples of public relations writing

Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, are required for a position in PR. Stabilo Boss -- the company that sells highlighter pens -- started a campaign to highlight these women and their incredible accomplishments. Remember the media are interested in firsts – and make sure you get that in.

Powerful (and relevant) exposure for the camera company, wonderful content for the local press and the airshow gets to show off what an awesome event it is. Who: Care provider Care UK teamed up with a local school and invited the pupils to name their new suites. If a high-status celebrity needed a lawyer -- multiple times -- then maybe it’s not so bad if you need one too -- right? In this case, it was local heroes and the local media outlets loved it.

The state of the local economy – as in many small towns – is clearly an important issue and these businesses are showing that they care about their community by getting involved.

People who work in public relations manage communications between an organization and the public.

Don’t let an easy opportunity for earned media exposure pass you by.

This is in NO WAY an endorsement of this approach but the media has an appetite for this style. Download the public relations cover letter template (compatible with Google Docs and Word Online) or see below for more examples. Look at your own sales figures.

Your trade media will often have a section dedicated to new team appointments.

Read this to see why more founders and CEOs are doing this. There are awards to be won in every business sector and it’s a great way to celebrate individuals, teams, and entire businesses.

Are you going to commission a survey or launch a limited edition product? If it is then you most definitely have a story and you need to tell your story to the relevant media outlets. Connect with local artists and arts colleges. How: You may not be planning to go into space but think of external news events relevant to your business from the past. Your primary task then, in writing a cover letter for a public relations job, is to be able to say very persuasively, “This is what your organization needs, and this is why I’m the best person to fulfill these needs.” Succeed in this objective, and interviews will follow. Who: Food blog So Wrong It’s Nom launched this brilliant advent calendar filled with…cheese. These shows are always looking for business people to share their voice on the issues of the day. If you’re not rolling around laughing in the planning stages then something has gone wrong and the media won’t care. They chose a record utterly relevant to their business – and then they broke it. Excellent tips on photography competitions here. Always try to help a reporter out. Free and premium plans, Content management system software. She delivered a powerful quote that became the attention grabbing headline – and it’s a sentiment that fits with her brand. How: To use this public relations example in your business you need to think how you could produce a truly one-off type product.

For the brave, this can be a VERY powerful PR strategy with huge payoffs. There will almost certainly be a useful anniversary coming up that gives you an opportunity to run a PR campaign or offer your views and reflections on that event.

This is a great PR tactic if you have a business that depends on having strong local community connections – such as a care home. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(53, 'b7c60f4b-f797-44ee-978e-5ffedefb398c', {}); Read on to get inspired by some of the best minds in public relations. By giving their product a punny, yet subtly accurate name, the video pokes fun at most businesses’ obsession and overuse of buzzwords. Public relations may also manage sensitive releases to employees such as the details of a product launch that aren't yet public knowledge.

Marketing automation software. But it also has the feel of a real product overview, which makes it even more hilarious. HubSpot uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products, and services. Donna Applicant123 Main StreetAnytown, CA 12345555-555-5555donna.lee@email.com, Georgette LauDirector, Human ResourcesAcme Office Supplies123 Business Rd.Business City, NY 54321.

Great PR. Alistair is a former national journalist with 20 years’ experience working in the media and PR. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. Public relations may be involved in communicating certain important messages to employees. Genetic testing company 23andMe had the idea to host an event in NYC where people could learn about their DNA. This public relations strategy requires you to think visually when it comes to planning your own high impact PR stunt.

An awareness day gives the media a reason to feature your PR campaign. Your customers will reward you for this and the media coverage will follow. They continue to champion political causes that matter to their fans. Guinness hopes the ads will drive conversation and healthier habits. The first vegan ‘fish’ and chip shop in the UK. Tech company ClassPass hired their 100th employee and that was a big deal for them. By offering a once in a lifetime opportunity, BBC Earth could get more people to watch their hit show, and AirBnB could build their brand affinity.

This is an example of a cover letter for a public relations position.

By immersing Lyft customers in an environment that was as terrifyingly strange and eerily similar to Hawkins, Indiana, they made Stomranger Things fans feel like they were actually in the Upside Down.

Remember the media are interested in firsts – and make sure you get that in your email pitch. They knew the journalist wouldn’t write a puff piece – but that just makes this article all the more impactful. A few years ago, videos of people dumping a bucket of ice water over their heads flooded social media, now known as the Ice Bucket Challenge. You have no say over the final article so if they thought you sucked you’ll get negative headlines. As you will note, I have solid interpersonal skills, with the ability to interface with individuals at all levels. Elon Musk sent one of his Tesla cars into space, as you do. They seized the opportunity presented by World Vegan Day and launched a free vegan starter across their restaurants. Share the news on your own social media channels but also in the local and trade media. If you're seeking an individual who merely performs the work assigned, without any innovative leadership of their own, then I am not the person to call. When executed properly, this can be a hit with customers and bizarre enough for the media to LOVE it! f you’re a small business and you want to know, If your business is growing and you’re taking on new people let the relevant media outlets know. Make sure you enter relevant awards for your business that are proof you are leading in your field. Think beyond just fundraising, perhaps you could donate your time or the time of your team to a good cause.

Some great advice here from Sara Wilson on.

This sort of media coverage is an easy win for your PR activities. Who: Major insurance firm BGL partnered up with cancer charity Sue Ryder in the UK and their £50,000 fundraising donation won them earned media and made the regional news. And a big reason why it’s such a spectacle is because Glen Coe, a Scottish valley that cuts through the ruins of an ancient super-volcano, is one of the most striking landscapes in the world.

It need only be for one day but to give it news value their needs to be a REAL experiential element to it.

They took a giant mock-up of the phone and photographed it framing 20 if the UK’s most famous landmarks. They won an award for this. Don’t be shy, talk about your success, the media will want to hear about this. Perhaps I didn’t mention one of your favourite public relations examples or feature story examples. Journalists will respect the fact you have made the effort to do this and many more comment opportunities will be open to you. One of the funniest spoofs that earned a spot in all the major roundups this year was Logitech’s fake Business Speak Detection product video.

Bigjigs toy store had huge success with this world record beating public relations campaign example. Our must-have kit has every template, script, strategy and guide you’ll ever need to do PR – all in one place.

They offered customers the opportunity to enjoy a candlelit dinner in their shops.

How: If you’re going to create a festive PR stunt you need to be first, fun and findable, i.e easy to buy. There is news in even the smallest of your activities if you know where to look. Below is an example of a cover letter for a job in public relations.


Guaranteed. If you try to do a Trump when you’re actually a very polite person the media will see straight through you. Alternatively, if you’re short on time offer up comment or opinion to a friendly journalist looking for relevant experts to mark the day.

Don’t push your own brand in this campaign, just let the power of the human interest story take centre stage.

How: Set up PayPal. Figure out if you have a compelling story to share. SEO expert Backlinko is a big fan of conducting original research for PR and SEO purposes. Who: Online mattress firm Simba want to own the issue of sleep and everything it entails – including our dreams.

This story works on two levels: 1. Invite the media along and liaise with The Guinness World records team so they can authentic your challenge. Maybe combine this with a particular awareness day and you’re in business.

All of these PR examples are working GREAT right now in 2020. But when you connect people with lawyers, the move can produce loads of smiles, publicity, and customers.

How: The founder of a business – no matter the company size – is intrinsically newsworthy. Publicity of this video benefits both Scotland’s tourist industry and BBC Scotland because it compels people to travel to Scotland and consume more of BBC Scotland’s content. Find powerful human interest case studies that touch people’s hearts.
Share the story of the creation of this art with your audiences via social media. As you can see the UK’s Daily Telegraph is looking for nominations 12 months ahead of Christmas. Is this the first time it has happened in your town, in your sector, in your country, in the world?

Try to quantify these examples with percentages or dollar figures, if at all possible. If you’re now thinking your key message could be “oh we’ll do a cheese-filled advent calendar then”–  that’s the wrong thought.

Consumers want to see that you are a socially responsible business so look for meaningful partnerships. It builds trust – plus it’s an easy SEO backlink win that works towards your long-term PR objectives. Earn Billions. Some great advice here from Sara Wilson on getting TV coverage for your business. Guinness pushed a series of ads to promote its newest product: Guinness Clear. Check out Section 4 of his awesome blog for more tips. Customers want to know the people behind their favourite brands. Who: In this public relations example, SplitPixel are a successful creative agency from the North of England. This was a great opportunity for them to engage with the public but unusual enough that the media would cover it.

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