examples of suffering in the bible

Subsequently, even though a Christian and a non-Christian may endure the same suffering, there is often a different use by God for each. We’re not isolated, autonomous individuals. Read the list below of scriptures mentioning the suffering we all must encounter.

We hope this is a helpful tool to understand your own suffering, relate to other people’s sufferings and learn how to pray and walk together as God’s exile people: It’s important to remember that this list isn’t close to exhaustive, and suffering rarely cuts so clean as to fit neatly into one category. Rather, I am simply detailing all of the categories of various kinds of suffering that I have found in the Bible to show how many different kinds of sufferings there are to understand suffering more broadly. Get updates from Pastor Mark Driscoll delivered straight to your inbox. Empathetic Suffering: This is the suffering that comes when someone we love is hurting. f. Rev. The Bible gives counsel on the meaning of suffering and how we can best endure it. This kind of suffering is indicative of the very loving nature of God, who, for instance, allows us to experience lesser degrees of pain (e.g., an ache in our side) in order to warn us of greater degrees of pain (e.g., a burst appendix).
Also send me Daily Devotions from Pastor Mark as well as the Patheos Evangelical Newsletter and special offers. Examples include Joseph’s imprisonment in Egypt, where his suffering resulted in many people being saved physically from starvation and spiritually from sin.

Proud member The archetypal example of our suffering was Jesus Christ, who was persecuted and crucified by the Roman officials. Examples include the Old Testament prophets and the New Testament apostles. 12:6). k. Rom. c. Acts 5:16. Examples include the Old Testament prophets and the New Testament apostles. Apocalyptic Suffering: The Bible speaks of increased suffering that will signal the end of this age, as seen in the prophecies of the Old Testament(m) and of Jesus. 24:3–44; Mark 13.

33–48; Dan. We’re members of families, nations, and cultures—all of whom suffer. It’s all sin can do. Another example of suffering in the Bible is Joseph’s story in the book of Genesis. Physical, emotional and spiritual pain has been and will be an intrinsic part of the human experience. Joseph was sold into slavery by his own brothers. h. Prov. God called the prophet to marry and stay married to an unfaithful woman as an example of Jesus’ devotion to the church. 12:15; 2 Cor. 1.

Jesus said His people would follow in His footsteps, and that would include suffering ( John 15:20 ).
In such times we wrestle with the realities of evil, sin, and death as we pray for the victims, all those affected, and the family, friends, ministry leaders, and professional counselors who are entering into long and painful processes of helping people process this tragedy. (g) Sometimes demonic suffering can be difficult to discern; unfortunately, Satan is too often blamed for suffering when we’re really experiencing consequential affliction from our own decisions. Hopefully, this will increase our compassion for everyone involved and help us understand how much suffering is occurring. With that in mind here are 10 types of suffering we mentioned in week 7 of our series Exiles, a study of 1 Peter, which you can find here. 8:18–23. g. John 8:44.

A biblical example is the Old Testament prophets’ frequent repentance of not only their own sins but also the sins of their forefathers and their nation as they lamented the suffering God had permitted to come upon them for chastisement.

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Punishment Suffering: God judges unbelievers and punishes them for sin. This battle with the flesh will hurt, and our suffering for … Physical persecution causes some to painfully die for Christ, whereas those who experience verbal opposition painfully live for Christ, as they are maligned, lied about, falsely accused, mocked, and harassed.

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