fast food tater tots

.and what exactly would that be? never, ever at a mexican restaurant. They’re vegetarian, unless you dip them in gravy. Bartenders and servers. Instead, we’re going to name the onion rings as the King’s crown jewel, mostly because you don’t see onion rings on nearly enough fast-food menus, and we’re willing to look past the overly thick breading.

should McDonald's blow up all it's restaurants for health purposes? ©2020 Group Nine Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. only tator tots I've ever had was on my mom's ground beef and mushroom soup 'casserole'. If waffle fries have taught us anything, it’s that everything tastes better in waffle form. .

How can a little extra fried food be bad? Yes, I am here to tell you that Sonics tater tots are just that good, and are in fact the best tater tots I have ever eaten. Try the ore-ida brand and just bake them in the oven – they are awesome! Well, if it was a few years ago, you’d be right. I miss Taco John's potato oles. Yet I never got to savor those days, but thanks to Sonic, I am now. I liked how they were remarkably clean on the outside – crispy and not oily, with the nooks and crannies you don’t get with fries. Everything. They're available only for breakfast, but if it's a 24/7 Del Taco then they're usually available after midnight. Search for crossword clues found in the NY Times, Daily Celebrity, Daily Mirror, Telegraph and major publications. difference between Carl's Jr. and Hardee's. Jack-in-the-Box's hash browns (big flat rectangles) are available 24/7. Everybody has a friend who complains about guac being extra at Chipotle. Credit: How do you think about the answers? Kentucky fried quail was insanely good! Still have questions? I want cooked tator tots.

yep. And as a result, we're being sold short on the next-level fast-food sides lurking beneath the starch. Why are the "people" on the South side of my town so able to commit when the other of us are not. I would probably eat tots for every meal if it wouldn't kill me, but as far as I know the only two places around me that even serve them are Sonic and PDQ (not counting breakfast hash rounds). They’re also a lunch room staple consumed by school kids of all ages. its the yummiest place ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And considering no other nationwide fast food restaurant makes tater tots (at least to my knowledge, but let me know if I’m off here) I think it’s safe to say that my conception of the golden brown standard of tater goodness is safe for at least the immediate future. This is the only place I visited where the staff shoved a fistful of ketchup packets into the bag with my order, fully understanding that what I had just paid for was essentially breakfast French fries. Very few locations in a condensed area. Never mind that they were the first and only tater tots I’ve ever eaten. The lineup includes standards like crinkle-cut fries and mashed potatoes, but where it gets unexpected (for fast food, anyway) is with seemingly home-cooked offerings like a baked mac & cheese (complete with slightly burned cheddar up top), fried okra, spicy rice, green beans, and corn two ways: on the cob or in little deep-fried creamed corn nuggets. And the hushpuppies are still delicious. Now we’re getting somewhere. I normally don’t order things with cheese, but cheese tater tots at Sonic are awesome. LOL No way. Haha, I don’t know if I would go so far as to put them in the GrubGrade Hall of Fame but you’re welcome! When you think of them, you can taste them. Even the fact that my order took forever to come out by the annoying drive through hop or the fact that a few stray fries ended up in my box couldn’t ruin this ethereal tasting experience for me. I wish more places had them, because I like them more than Fries. There's something magical about the humble Tater Tot. Plus back when I went to Illinois State, I recall finding one in Bloomington, IL. Miguels: Bean&Cheese Burritos and BR&C Burritos *Check the website. History. consumption, fast food is near the bottom of the totem pole of healthy choices for food.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. There’s something magical about the humble Tater Tot. Arby’s has potato cakes which taste like tater tots. Unfortunately I live on the lame east coast, so no Taco Time for me! I wish they had more locations in Illinois, and weren't mainly only in Iowa and states north and west of there.... Sonic is the only place near me. They were also warm but not hot—a very important distinction—and were mealy.

And since you can’t just order a cup of that stuff, this will have to do. My goodness these little buggers were delicious. But here they are. Fact: everything fried at sonic tastes like french toast and is disgusting. Burger King, benevolent ruler that he is, has chicken nuggets listed as a side. i think mayslacks in st paul has the best ones ive ever had. You totally can. In my school district we were offered Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and a local mexican chain, Miguels Jr. (, as our daily menu. They are soooo good because they do not have onion in them unlike most to those famous brands found in food stores. If you have a Taco Time near you [Locations], they serve "Mexi-Fries" [Link], which are just Tater Tots with a little bit of Mexican seasoning on them. SONIC!!! 51 tips and reviews, 24 West Camelback Road (at N Central Ave), Phoenix, AZ, 1590 E Bethany Home Rd (at N 16th St), Phoenix, AZ, 4041 N 40th St (at E Indian School Rd), Phoenix, AZ, 3411 W Union Hills Dr (35th Ave & Union Hills), Phoenix, AZ, 4730 East Indian School Road (at 48th St), Phoenix, AZ, 734 E Greenway Pkwy (at N 7th St), Phoenix, AZ.

Why Dunkin’ won’t just call these “flat tots” or "crispy crowns" is just another weirdness in its long lineage of confounding semantic decisions that we can’t really care too much about, largely because our brain power has been drained as a direct result of pairing these “hash browns” with miniature donuts. Are burritos even Mexican to begin with? this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. But about 38x more enthusiastically. would you go to pizza hut, KFC, dairy queen, dunkin donuts, popeyes, or burger king?

You know what a hash brown should taste like, and if the restaurant manages to meet or exceed your expectations, then you’re happy. Until the chain stops toying with us and makes Nacho Fries permanent, this will always be the only side at Taco Bell in our minds. But we’re definitely making that call while eating a box of chicken nuggets and calling them dessert. i know a mcdonalds advert did not just make me cry? Top them with chili and cheese, or get them plain. The insides were moist but not mushy, and did a great job of soaking up ketchup. Try dipping in ranch. Sacrilege, I know. Even better? Words fail me, to the point where description becomes impossible. Are tator-tots American food?

Culver’s keeps expanding.

most of the best tots ive had are from local joints here in minnesota. What fast-food restaurant sells tator tots? There's something magical about the humble Tater Tot. Arby's Potato Cakes, which are sort of triangular tots/hash browns, are available all day. Walking into a fast food restaurant and basking in the pleasure of knowing exactly what you’re going to get. Thanks for the handy locations link, though :). never, ever at a mexican restaurant. What the heck is there not to like? Haven’t been there in ages, maybe I should stop by on my way back to Montana today! Imagine my pleasant surprise when the bag of hot potato I received from the cashier was not a patty, but individual chunks of potato—home fries!—like mini steak fries, but for breakfast.

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