fat thor vs thanos

Thanos gets beaten just as badly. And considering how mad he is at Earthlings, he may went all out with that Power Stone that time unlike how he used it on people like Okoye. @hulk_like_fire: Its not inconsistent if you stop being in denial about fat thor being weak, which he is. Um what? By this, I'm referring to Iron man/Cap/Thor vs Thanos right before all the portals opened. But he was rusty, out of shape and in a poorer condition, and he was fighting a Thanos who wanted to kill everyone, not leaving it … Also if this is them in their current mental states, Thanos doesn't care if Thor kills him. He has also an edge in term of speed since Thanos was very weakened in that scene.


In an actual fight without using fanboy logic of "oh but he's still Thanos so he'd still win", I don't see how he responds to someone as strong as hulk with far more skill and enough experience to know how to take advantage of his opponents weakness. @chaoselement: then why did Thor in Endgame get KO'ed by two / three blows from Thanos while his former self was able to withstand a power stone concentrated to his face from the same Mad Titan and then still able to continue fighting? Thor's belief in his loss of worthiness is confirmed in the Asgard sequence of Endgame. Under these circumstances, Either stalemate or Team takes it with difficulty. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. How much more comprehensive can it get?! @stealthgrey: @heisenberg57: Your arguments still make no sense since Infinity War Thor was able to take on full IG Thanos. When he was serious, he was shattering vibranium with his sword. Real explanation comes down to years of build up and fanservice.

But he can also accept his death when outmatched. That was the prime Thor. In the end we can speculate things base on the evidence presented in the movies. Mismatch...inb4lock.

In his own perception of self, the mental fragility that led to his transformation also suggests to him that he shouldn't be able to wield Mjolnir. Superman stomps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MbotKHrBn0. His reaction is comfort, excessively eating and drinking and punishing himself in a way directly linked to his personal psychology throughout the MCU up to that point. Superman cleans house he can easily divide them up. In Infinity War, when he was in prime shape with only stormbreaker, he almost killed Thanos who had all 6 stones. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. But look at Thanos, that man was struggling a lot. And Thanos was holding back. I'd say skinny Thor vs Captain Marvel would be pretty evenly matched and could go either way but fat thor wouldn't stand a chance. They do seem more competent that Superman was in MOS. It's more complex than that.

Thanos gets caught off guard when Cap runs up on him with the hammer. Farmer thanos tanked captain marvel's orbital bullrush and reacted to her photon blasts which are supersonic and later overpower captian marvel's leg with his injured hand and it took captian marvel hulkbuster and war machine to restrain him, So he stomps thanos was always physically superior to thor.
Thanos still has his right arm fully functional and his left arm is weaker but not unusable. Was it here? Tanked? It's clearly spelled out why Thor believed that he was a failure because he couldn't stop Thanos from snapping his fingers.

Had one good arm and had half his face burnt. @rebake: Thor can still summon lightning. Thor round two still, I do not believe Farmer Thanos even wants to fight lol. By this, I'm referring to Iron man/Cap/Thor vs Thanos right before all the portals opened. So I can see both sides of this argument. His normal attacks cant even kill human characters with one blow. Mentioning Thanos' name was just his red button because Thanos caused all the calamity in that world 5 years later like killing half of Asgardians, Heimdall, Loki, etc. One-armed Thanos is still better than fat Thor. He loves Clueless. Fat Thor (MCU) vs Thanos (MCU) # Thanos (MCU) Thor couldn't even beat him with cap amd iron man helping him. It was Thor at his most fired up, motivated and powerful. Everything seems to work out..." At no other point is his worthiness compromised, but there is a hint in the new Marvel book The Wakanda Files that explains the psychic/mental link between wielder and Mjolnir and the strength required, which would be very key to Thor's mentality. They aren't hitting him for one and two they cant stand his punches. The way the line is delivered, it is played as a shock to Thor, confirming that he fully believed himself to have been compromised despite his mother's belief in him. Yes, they are skillful, but they cannot keep up with someone who operates in a different speed range to them. ...So Superman can send a character as durable as CM (who's only a couple of steps down from IW Thor) flying and KO her with one hit? Fat Thor vs Farmer Thanos (MCU; hand-to-hand combat) ... Before in the Trinity vs Thanos the first part, Thor took on-screen 9 attacks from Thanos, only a bit fewer than Hulk in IW. He didn't know the weapon can counteract the Infinity Gauntlet power that his blast didn't work at all. Thanos' greatest punch with the power stone is an average strike for Clark. You don't get a pot belly like that in 2 weeks, And on the other end, you're just brushing off the possibility of Rogers staying active and training within the 5 years. Is fat Thor weaker? Superman med diff thor is a non factor thanos has failed to permanently put cap down with serious punches on more then 1 occasion. Thanos had no clue what was going down, and he was getting smacked down because of it. Thor needs Stormbreaker here. I usually advocate Thanos > Thor, but I have to explain that Thor that time is already weakened through the battle so he can only took 1 headbutt. This might be why Thor has said on more than one occasion that if one of us were to wield Mjolnir, there is a chance that even holding the weapon would crumble our minds into madness.

A subreddit dedicated to Marvel Studios and the Marvel Cinematic Universe! He is suffering from PTSD triggered by that moment, which is hinted at when Thanos' name is mentioned, he flinches and his demeanor shifts darkly. He was limping around so that pretty much means that he can't dodge the lightning. Yeah, it'll be enough. He effectively sabotages himself to reflect that failure, accepting the failure in a tangible way that further reminds him of it. Well, without armor, because like I said, they get stripped of every equipment they have. Also, keep in mind that people use weapons differently. Well, I divided it into 2 rounds, Thor without and with lightning powers. Superman won't kill them and would probably be overwhelmed if we're using MoS feats only. So there is nothing he could do. If both of those characters, the lowest point version of them both, got stripped of all their equipments and forced to use their physical strength to duke it out regardless of their conditions, who will win?

Where he spent the majority of the time on his knees, severely beaten, at the hands of Thanos? Dude literally cannot raise his arm to defend the left side of his body and can barely walk, let alone match the mobility of Thor. He got overpowered by captain marvel easily. It was never your source of strength." The same bridge could tank Mjolnir's hits. He seemed way more powerful in Endgame than in Infinity War. @heisenberg57: Does Thanos have lightning spam.

I know but Thor's lightning punches and Mjolnir's hits packs more striking force than Carol's energy blast. His fat self, despite wielding both the hammer and stormbreaker, was shown to be totally useless against an unarmed Thanos.

It absolutely didn't make sense how Fat Thor put up an awful fight against Thanos, but captain america, who is far far less experienced than Thor, and was losing to his past self in 2012 (important!)

In Thor, Odin banishes his son for "betray[ing] the express command of your king" and endangering his people and the balance of peace within the Nine Realms.

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