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of Fish and Game in Douglas. For the 2019 pickup, more than 940,000 volunteers in 116 countries collected nearly 32.5 million pieces of trash of which a record 4.7 million were food wrappers for candy, chips, etc. /Type /FontDescriptor >> stream fd@ Af�(�� b^$8ڜf(I���bHD���A�yC��L��V�L\+*����Y0`|�������`������Lz1@��? 0000003206 00000 n endobj /CIDToGIDMap /Identity Crab kings: Bering Sea season looks strong ahead of October start, Bering Sea crabbers report recruitment uptick, strong prices, Alaska crab report: King and tanner crab stocks drop as snow crab rebounds, Alaska crabbers gearing up for fall Bering Sea fisheries, DSAR Requests / Do Not Sell My Personal Info. << 0000001936 00000 n /MaxWidth 2558 0000002720 00000 n What is coming up are lots of Tanner crabs. 0000010175 00000 n /Widths 91 0 R endobj 0000002458 00000 n >> /Flags 32 >> /T 143401 /Encoding /WinAnsiEncoding Bering Sea crabbers will soon know how much they can pull up in their pots for the season that opens Oct. 15. /Supplement 0 – The third Saturday of September is International Coastal Cleanup Day, started in 1986 by the Ocean Conservancy. That fishery produced 2.4 million pounds in 2018, and nearly 20 million pounds prior to that. /StemV 42 /Type /FontDescriptor stream /StemV 40 Normally, the biggest driver would be data from the annual summer trawl surveys that have tracked the stocks for decades. Nick Mallos, director of Ocean Conservancy’s Trash Free Seas program, said over 35 years the cleanup has revealed the switch to single-use plastics and its detrimental impact on ocean pollution. “Our preliminary indication is that there is possibly going to be a small red king crab fishery. In the past these harvest peaks have lasted three years or so and then we kind of go down until we get another big group of crab coming through,” Nichols explained, adding that there does not appear to be many small Dungeness crab coming up behind the current crop. /S 65 3%Ɠ΅�ԛ����f�>� g�!�-@���"�e��Pke�)p �]��v�P�u�ܵE��=��@W�2�$�[��XG:��L�x��!#W���# ',r���I��$Ь�R3��N9�D��*Q�dے|b�!0f���rY��-Y�H1��>�R�h�f��W�Ժ����ȯ�D3�k��i�#�ʇ�K�uQ7������Ί �p,�!t�Ƶ�nx�_�UB�ˏ3�����tvqIϓ�����4�i�C.�����~b�x˂�������F��5H�3��x?D�-)�s(k��-��vi?�ڐ�2���0V�b�������36��b#�؈qa(H��RĨ�c����U�h��nY�T=�1l�2w��{a�z�� ��W��A�U aW(l�N�vk�p�6�EӞ�}�{����*�|��Q�^!H���3��8�9��p­S� ��E��ai�f�� 6�IB8ZK���=[O�,R(��Ür9�^��!�/��ҋ]I%��nh��!�p�ʌH�).`�"�4@L���}�Pd�?A��s{ѢjKE$�5�8θK6d' bairdi Tanner crab harvest strategies). Tune in live to the Crab Plan Team meetings from Sept. 14 through 17. (Loren Holmes / Alaska Dispatch News). �s�*����@��?�5��5�Gh�+��]�� ���|F�ϋG��1(ni3-0}�1m��P���f:�g,IΒ$�i[>�R��L`�Y9~�������/(X�r� ��pM� >6��Ng I�5����2��>��j����b�А�8��/�i��{���a2k��Rmt�=��z�Zʝ�z� ���MێL��`������ܵx�m�^áP���C���A#�|���,g�J]� �x� ۫鈫A��O�i�J��t{�=�B&�hnx��f�:@����$�i��^㔭n�ހ�D�B�1�ش�n���Tc���m/�{ U��Nc\%̃����x�%ġDO�%O�@wЌLy*�. Z�Mn��������t���d2�)ߖw�g����Z�! [ 250 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 250 0 250 0 500 500 500 0 0 500 0 0 0 500 333 0 0 0 0 0 0 722 0 722 722 667 611 778 778 389 0 778 667 944 722 778 611 0 722 556 667 0 722 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 500 556 444 556 444 0 500 556 278 0 556 278 833 556 500 556 0 444 389 333 556 0 722 ] endobj /Type /Group /LastChar 119 endobj /Subtype /TrueType 0000013389 00000 n >> All rights reserved. /FirstChar 32 << /StemV 40 /Flags 32 << Click here to send her an email. /Registry (Adobe) 86 0 obj You may unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time. /Parent 6 0 R /FontBBox [ -568 -216 2000 693 ] The region’s lousy salmon season could mean more boats will be out on the water when the Dungeness fishery reopens in a few weeks, he added. /CropBox [ 0 0 612 792 ] The fact that snow crab is precooked and ready to eat is a big plus, and a waning Japanese market has provided more snow crab to U.S. buyers. << /DW 1000 /FontWeight 400 Goen had high praise for the collaborative research being done by the industry and scientists to improve understanding and management of the crab stocks through the Bering Sea Fisheries Research Foundation. /FontName /Times#20New#20Roman /AvgWidth 402 The hope is that these two years of closure will provide a significant recovery that perhaps would allow the season to be open again next year. /Name /F1 Bering Sea Bairdi: Because estimated mature male biomass in the eastern and western Bering Sea areas are below thresholds, Bering Sea Tanner crab (C. Bairdi) fisheries will be closed for the 2019/20 season. /Resources << /CIDSystemInfo 95 0 R By 2017 the entire top 10 list included all plastic items (cigarette butts count as plastic trash because the filters are made of plastic fibers) and it has remained that way ever since. >> /Type /Font >> It’s hard to say, though, given the lack of a survey whether the TAC (total allowable catch) would end up being about the same as last year, which was 34 million pounds, or if it would go up or down,” she added. >> John Sackton has reported that snow crab from eastern Canada, the world’s largest producer, already is oversold, and orders are now being filled with crab from Russia. 103 0 obj /Encoding /WinAnsiEncoding /Descent -216 *'BTia� qdaP�J��}�[�U�XԞ[�K �"��\� Y�@� startxref << /MediaBox [ 0 0 612 792 ] << They also picked up 4.2 million cigarette butts, 1.8 million plastic bottles, 1.5 million plastic bottle caps, and more than 940,000 straws and drink stirrers. October 7, 2019. Diversified Communications | 121 Free Street, Portland, ME 04101 | +1 207-842-5500. Gov. /XHeight 250 /Ascent 891 /Leading 42 “We’ve heard from scientists in the past that there has not been good recruitment into that fishery for over a decade,” said Jamie Goen, executive director of the trade group Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers, which represents harvesters. Contact her at (Photo by Laura Kraegel/KUCB) With the fishing season starting next week, the … /Size 104 /FontFile2 102 0 R Goen said the fleet is anticipating an opener for red king crab, likely less than the 3.8 million pounds taken last season. /Leading 42 /Linearized 1 Bering Sea crabbers are dropping pots for king crab, snow crab and bairdi Tanner when the fisheries get underway today, Oct. 15. But this year, the surveys were called off due to the coronavirus, and that has crabbers worried. /XHeight 250 /FontBBox [ -498 -216 1333 694 ] /Group << “At first glance it looks like we’ve met the minimum threshold of 100,000 pounds in each of three different sections so having a fishery in January is a possibility,” Nichols said. /Descent -216 0000003881 00000 n << '2>S]�[� w����$�=�k�����!��=0}�ޡ��c��r*��?ԟ1.Eyjx��~�Y�y�A�f�TX���֎&�#|���#�j��S�q�'��9:��t�[N�ʔ����g��S��P�L&OǞ �o1���55(\�)�������1SK���{)�bN��S�2�Sc�j��N�Lci5˸|:v�)��ME\:��31��}��)�\�JQ*p�1�y���$���GN�M'�q~��u:���Oƍ��(�3��yžNBH�/���M�:��#��a�7�aG���}�"��E�`�LD���Y��Վs�=e�B�A�̃ �Ir����0s@I�U.���/�.�b�\twX8.���~`)���F��)|B�8[u�C!_�+� n��(~9�5̨YH/�R���s�$T�$�dz���̳Y�D�����Yt�*��'�f ����"#㥑'44� ^,�4�ч�2�hW����"�*kTR��n�!t�.9�8��.�V̅���/<="�dg���&L�~� �\��/���j6�iѼ�%lV="z f�X������;7��Q�,���̓�"��smM,%��`,��˺uߦX"��m����~���9Of5���p7�3:t�Y�@��=��dl���d\E�$f�5��yh���ͳz����!3e$"d-J�I���v�\�_7�(p�'�G��Ն���R z�Q�|>�O�3_�� lK�V9��`�4��7h*�C( The dungies were big and full, Messmer added, referring to fewer soft-shelled crabs that are in the molting process and can’t be sold. >> x��@N*U�$g��/�N�}�D�D�$|��������-mje����{���bה���&���WM�xX��W����6�yu����Շŧr�h�j��/��������ް������%��x��BD��i"����I� ����_������|q �A�*�1�����=���6�"�q.��v_,C�!D�S6 /StemV 40 endobj >> Managers set the snow crab catch at 45 million pounds, a 32 percent increase from last season’s take of 34 million pounds. Signs point to a strong market for snow crab. /F3 89 0 R 0000001493 00000 n At the Panhandle, a fleet of 192 permit holders hauled up nearly 6 million pounds of dungies during a summer fishery that ran from June through Aug. 15 and will reopen on Oct. 1. �z�6�9��ɣ�ؕ^��JЅ�1���h���2H:t�]X�)��L���ϗV�Pl���T��?��_=c�G5,���Pz~�3� z�~N��������ݶ.��,��].gM�(繢Ҧ|a�:��lc�B)��2��,K��j�)� ��!-��AڽQ And as expected, the catch for snow crab was increased, but not by as much as crabbers had hoped. © 2020 Anchorage Daily News. >> Commercial fishermen will be allowed to harvest a total of 45 million pounds of snow crab from the Bering Sea waters this year, with 4.5 million of that set aside for Community Development Quota groups and the rest for individual fishing quota, or IFQ, holders. /Flags 32 15 Juneau, Alaska – October 15, 2015 – Crab season is here! /DescendantFonts 93 0 R >> A portion of the bairdi crab fishery will also be open again after being closed for the 2019-20 season. << << /Leading 42 /AvgWidth 427 B����%�r��c�@��l�#@ZM�uMm����6�.%��ҋ��* ��+��haZ�i���|G!l%�1J[&�_sm�[�ý���.�,PV�K3��!�;�ҳo+t� ��45��Q5�7�- mh�]���� /Font << dt$���c����R*�7�4�[`-]�%S!��x���tzVz�6*���j�-0�u��|XU�:�J��d���g������CJ�go���'XB��ۆ~�z�B!��tQ�o˺yEBu���цR=�*���*��8 �Y>],p׻e]�u��ĴK>i�I]7�s���Y�#�G�A�Ƒ�E��AA� F���`� ,�5,i�

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