floating picture frames diy

It probably wouldn’t matter anyway because you’d have to customize it for your shoot anyway- sorry! Absolutely love how the print came out. I live too far north in Edmonton, Canada. Step 3: Use glue dots to attach your photo face down onto the acrylic. I wasn’t liking the shiny brass gold but yours look great! looks gorgeous. What was the thickness? –Canon PIXMA iP8720 Crafting Printer. I need a 32×45. I’ve had a real creative kick lately and want to pick up painting more. I love this but am worried that the glue dots wouldn’t hold a print that’s on heavier paper. The saying is so wonderful and the frame is perfect. xx- Elsie, Just curious, which gold spray paint did you use? Love this! I am always so inspired after seeing what you create. Line up the holes of your frame with the hardware and screw in the front screws to secure the acrylic in place. This is such a cool project! I love how it looks against your wall and I love that photo too!!! Read the written instructions as well for a little more info about drill bits. I absolutely love the gold patina on this old frame, it is so much richer and deeper than the tin looking new ones. Farmhouse Picture Frame – Easy Wood Working DIY Using Barnwood. My name is Leanna. Alright! Please let us know if you make one and feel free to request future DIYs for your art/photo/decorating needs… we’re ALWAYS curious to hear what solutions and projects you are in need of. It is easier than it looks (seriously, the hardest part is just having the correct supplies), and it looks SO polished and pretty in my dressing room. Project Assistant: Laura Gummerman. That’s the largest size I have seen at Home Depot so… I guess I have to trim my print? Blog  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Pinterest  |  Twitter, Michelle at Our Crafty Mom! I would have literally cried had I cracked the glass. trying to decide how much room I need to leave around the edges of my print & i like the look of this one, Sounded and looked amazing until you mentioned the glue dots. Learn how your comment data is processed. http://www.petiteandhungry.com, i love this as a frame idea! What an awesome DIY! This is just gorgeous! , Loooove it! Also, I have seen a tutorial somewhere that if you want to use 2 sheets of acrylic and worry about splitting to heat a nail the same size as the screw and melt in a hole….apparently the excess ‘melted’ acrylic can be picked off once cooled. Love the floating effect. The solution is good old trusty hot glue. Floating picture frames really lend themselves well to canvas art. I would have literally cried had I cracked the glass. I originally thought it would be two pieces sandwiched together as well. Thank you. Required fields are marked *. Around the border or the photo or the hardware? What was the thickness of your acrylic piece? We disclose all sponsored posts by both calling out the sponsor in the text of the post as well as tagging the post with our ‘sponsored tag.’, -piece of acrylic a few inches bigger than your photo (You can get this at most home improvement stores, and they will cut it to size for you. I would love to try it sometime. Project Assistant: Laura Gummerman. Sign up for our newsletter and get a FREE Holiday Gift Tags Printable. The acrylic feels heavy and substantial and because of the busy nature of the photograph, you don’t really notice the glue dots in there. -gold spray paint I spent a couple of hours researching the prints, learning they were from the 1940’s and obviously taken near Banff, Alta. It wasn’t fun doing it oh so freaking carefully at the end. ), For my photo, I used a photo taken by my friend, Credits//Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. ), Good points! A room without art isn’t a finished space! I’d use this tutorial with photo paper only and for engineer prints I would stick with a traditional frame. Wow, this is an amazing DIY. Wow!! The frames came in a pair and I paid $15 for both of them, and they are gorgeous frames, but I purchased a dilemma because the original prints are high quality. I asked Jeremy what setting he was using and he says he doesn’t remember. I’ll have to watch the video again with my husband and see if we can make it a team-effort thing. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The waves almost look like a fun tye-dye . As a renter, I’d love any tips you all have for hanging art without making holes in the walls. I am also hesitant to put glue on the front of my artwork. I would love to do this with a small print i have that is white.. will the glue dots show? shag carpet, mirrored tiles, carpet on the walls, were ugly and hard to keep clean the first time. I mean, if you didn’t use adhesive you could try two pieces of acrylic, but it would have to be thinner. I have been wanting to do this DIY, but with my engineer sized print so 36×48 I think. Love this project. I like the option of just using one piece, it turned out great! I was nice, smiled, almost begged at Home Depot and Lowes and no cigar. Like I was saying before, I used the PIXMA iP8720 printer and 13×19 inch Luster paper. You’re trying to avoid cracking the acrylic, so going backwards and basically melting through the sheet is the best way to go. I checked her blog but cannot see anything. -printer and printer paper Stunning outcome! I love all the detail in the corners of the gold frame. My frame had the holes visible at the second piece of glass was thinner than the original wood backing. This frame is inexpensive to put together and I am hopeful that you already have all the supplies you need on hand. By chance does Jeremy remember what camera settings he used? I loveee this! 2 pieces of identical sized glass to fit in the frame, A picture hanger for the back of the frame. they wanted me to purchase my own glass cutting kit. Wonderful! I do have to wonder why you didn’t do this with the Jane Birkin photo in your dining room (or perhaps you did/have? I love wall decor ideas, so I am really enjoying all these framing posts. I have admired modern, floating frames from afar, but this is my first time to try to do anything with acrylic. These 11 by 14-inch frames are the first thing I ever bought at an auction and have been filed away in the storage room for quite awhile. http://www.throughmyowneyes.com. First, here’s the video tutorial. Any alternative ideas? We are definitely doing this but buying the frame kit/acrylic from amazon then will paint the hardware. -piece of acrylic a few inches bigger than your photo (You can get this at most home improvement stores, and they will cut it to size for you.) But the revival of the vintage styles of the 40’s and 50’s really appeals to me. I am REALLY loving the clean, modern look of this frame. I started by carefully taking the frame apart and keeping the nails and discarding the cardboard and wire for hanging.g, This frame was some kind of seriously dirty, all those years of hanging in cigarette smoke-filled rooms. We had to use the thicker acrylic because that’s what the home improvement store recommended to drill through without splitting. Remove the tape and the protective film from your sheet. Hope this DIY is helpful! That’s how I initially saw the image and fell in love with it.) I appreciate budget friendly framing options, too! I don’t know that it would work with that kind of paper- especially if the room has any moisture. Thanks for posting it. It wasn’t fun doing it oh so freaking carefully at the end. Enjoy! How thick was the acrylic you used and where did you purchase it? -Elsie, Thank you <3 I've seen the diys with two acrylic sheets around a photo but I gotta say, this looks more sleek. Then rinse your frame under the tap to dislodge any debris. Any suggestions? Thanks! Absolutely love this Elsie! Save yourself some stress and don’t do like I did. Is the print for sale? Step 1: Print your photo. So pretty! It is PERFECT. I really believe that the right print in the right room can tie EVERYTHING together. ), -screws to mount hardware (Remember that the screw head has to be big enough to fit inside the hardware tube that attaches to the wall, so take the hardware with you when you go to buy screws.

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