fuels and combustion question paper

Unburnt carbon particles in air are dangerous pollutants causing respiratory problems. Both A & B, D. (c) carbon dioxide Glass is not combustible. Which of the following substance is not combustible: (a) magnesium oxide (a) petrol The colour of innermost zone of the flame is ……………………. CNG has replaced use of diesel and petrol as fuels in automobiles because it is non-pollutant fuel. A matchstick does not catch fire on its own at room temperature because its ignition temperature is more than room temperature. Which of the following is the most poisonous gas? Petrol has higher calorific value than petrol. Which of the following fuel produces ash on burning: Question 16. Question 4. Question 17.

(d) none of these. Question. Fuels And Combustion MCQ question is the important chapter for a Chemical Engineering and GATE students. (a) outermost zone Calorific value as determined by bomb calorimeter is the. (b) carbon monoxide

(c) cow dung cakes LPG is smoke free fuel, wood, charcoal and coal produces smoke on burning. The unit of calorifie virtue is: The poisonous gas formed as a result of incomplete combustion is carbon monoxide. (d) all of them.

Fuel must be heated to its …………………… before it starts burning. (a) LPG (b) joules per kg When hydrocarbon fuels burn in a plentiful supply of air they undergo complete combustion, forming carbon dioxide and water vapour. The colour of the non-luminous zone is: Combustion is a chemical process in which a substance reacts with oxygen to give off heat. (d) biogas Question 14. Answer any FOUR Questions from Part -B ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ PART -A 1. a) Explain Hydrogenation of coal. Question 11. (b) burnt carbon particles Question 12. (c) blue

Question 6.

(b) burnt carbon particles %PDF-1.6 %���� (b) biogas (b) kerosene

(b) charcoal Question 9. Which of the following fuel has the highest calorific value: (c) explosion Ignition temperature is the: (c) wooden log L.D. Fuels And Combustion MCQ question is the important chapter for a Chemical Engineering and GATE students. (a) cow dung cake Question 12. The unit of calorific value is Kilojoules per kg. Question 17. Which of the following is smoke free fuel: Heat and light produced in the sun is by: (a) ignition temperature is more than room temperature (c) kilojoules per grain (c) combustion Hope the information shared regarding the NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 8 Science Chapter 6 Combustion and Flame with Answers Pdf free download is true and genuine as far as our knowledge is concerned.

(b) the presence of air with sufficient amount of oxygen [2M] b) List out types of classification of petroleum. (b) heat (c) charcoal CNG is best fuel for automobiles as it produces pollutants in very small amounts. (d) Petrol (c) middle zone Fine grinding, C. Question 2. Smoke contains: Question 13. Carbon dioxide causes global warming. (c) coke

(d) coal. (a) wood Question 1. Which of the following burns with flame: Question 7. (c) CNG (d) biogas. (a) wood (b) the innermost zone Question 1. A. Bomb calorimeter can be used to determine the __________ of the coal. Calorific value, C. (b) the innermost zone Smoke contains unburnt carbon particles. Question 8. Which of following does not produce flame on burning: Question 3. (d) none of these. (d) black. (d) Petrol. (LPG) Question 2. To get more questions visit other sections. A combustible substance cannot catch fire or bum as long as its temperature is lower than its …………………… temperature. (c) candle Question 8. Question 13. No, heat and light produced by sun is not a combustion process. These MCQ Questions on Combustion and Flame Class 8 with answers pave for a quick revision of the Chapter thereby helping you to enhance subject knowledge. 177 0 obj <>stream 16. (d) none of these.

(a) combustion (b) middle zone Question 24. (b) coal gas The slow process of conversion of dead vegetation into coal is called ……………………. Which of them can be easily burnt with the help of a matchstick? (b) nitrogen and Sulphur

Petroleum is a dark oily liquid. (d) kerosene. Question 14. (d) none of these. LPQ paper and kerosene produces flame on burning whereas charcoal does not produce flame on burning.

CNG is Compressed Natural Gas. Learn Fuels And Combustion MCQ questions & answers are available for a Chemical Engineering students to clear GATE exams, various technical interview, competitive examination, and another entrance exam. 54 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[]/Index[7 171]/Info 6 0 R/Length 201/Prev 1406443/Root 8 0 R/Size 178/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Question 11. Blast furnace gas, D. Question 6.

(c) candle

Question 14.

(b) hydrogen

…………………… is a tough, porous and black substance. (c) lowest temperature at which a substance catches fire Wildlife and minerals are exhaustible natural resources. (d) glass Boy's, C. (d) joules per gram. All of the above. Higher calorific value at constant volume, B. (a) rapid combustion In the sun heat and light are produced by nuclear reactions. (b) charcoal (b) no Which poisonous gas is formed as a result of incomplete combustion ?

Bomb, B.

MCQ Questions for Class 8 Science with Answers are prepared as per the Latest Exam Pattern. Name the most common fire extinguisher.

(a) the presence of a combustible substance (a) carbon Is heat and light produced by Sun a combustion process? (a) yes Question 22. (c) coal The hottest zone of candle flame is outermost zone. Question 19. (a) wooden chips Answer: Liquefied Petroleum Gas. (a) unburnt carbon particles State whether the following statements are True or False: Question 1. Question 5. A liquid fuel, used in homes is ……………………. Question 16. Question 9. Question 3. (c) unburnt sulphur particles (c) the outermost zone This Fuels and Combustion paper is the original question paper from the BE Mechanical Engineering seventh semester exam conducted by Annamalai University in year 2010. (d) none of these, (c) lowest temperature at which a substance catches fire Question 5. (d) unburnt lead particles. (a) carbon dioxide (d) all of these. Marks: 70 Note: 1. (c) nitrogen dioxide (d) none of these. 0 Combustion that takes place at a very fast rate is called:

Can the process of rusting he called combustion ?

No explanation is given for this question. Fuels are stores of energy which of burning give …………………… and ……………………. (a) coal In which of the following conditions combustion takes place: Net calorific value at constant volume, A. Decreased percentage of carbon dioxide in air has been linked to global warming. Which of the following give us pollution free environment on burning:

(d) nitrogen. Name the most common fuel used in homes. (b) straw This makes the piece of paper burn with a yellowish flame. (a) coal Magnesium bums in air to form magnesium oxide, heat and light.

(b) no The conditions under which combustion takes place is the presence of a combustible substance, air with sufficient amount of oxygen and ignition temperature of the combustible substance. (c) can’t say Efficient burning of anthracite coal requires. (c) CNG A piece of charcoal burns in air and produces carbon monoxide. (d) none of these. Question 20. Students can solve these Combustion and Flame Class 8 MCQs Questions with Answers and assess their preparation level. Matchstick, straw and charcoal are combustible.

(a) innermost zone If you feel any information regarding CBSE Class 8 Science Combustion and Flame MCQs Multiple Choice Questions with Answers is missing do reach us and we will look into it and add it accordingly.

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