fyre festival attendees

On the plane, they didn’t even make people put on their seat belts. Famous models on yachts! Above: P hotograph of lunch provided for attendees of Fyre Festival. But Miller pointed to a recent motion filed by federal prosecutors in McFarland’s criminal case suggesting he may still have some funds stocked away, including at least $50,000 in cash and a $40,000-per-month income from “freelance work” that he allegedly reported to his probation officer.

I was posting pics and status updates on Wednesday morning, but got sea water in my phone because of a shitty waterproof case. “The mass chaos and total lack of organization really ruined it because we didn’t know what was happening. We’re doing fine out here.”. The event was scheduled to take place in April and May 2017, but was aborted after attendees had arrived due to problems with security, food, logistics, understaffing, accommodations, and talent relations. “There was no real order to what was going on and where people were going to be staying,” he shares. Caccamesi has been told he will be refunded, and says that he has had no problems with theft as some fellow attendees have reported. “We feel very satisfied,” Miller said. However, due to poor planning, many performers backed out and attendees who had arrived early were left stranded with little food and shelter, essentially creating a disaster-zone in which fights and looting broke out over resources. Two Fyre Festival attendees just won $5 million for their trauma.

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“We worked with [him] and his attorney and amicably decided to move on to other business matters,” Crossno told Vice. Fyre Festival was meant to be an expensive music festival that was to take place on a private island in Exumas, Bahamas. “We asked the court to send a message to those who defraud North Carolina consumers, and we believe he did.”, Read more: Exclusive documents reveal Fyre Festival’s “shitshow” ticket scheme. Read more: Fyre Fest’s founder is going to prison but the spirit of his scam lives on. Last month, McFarland was also charged with running a fraudulent ticket-selling scam while he was out on bail and faces new charges.

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