galactus vs superman who would win

Oh, and Galactus, on principle if nothing else. Sun dipped superman shows up in front of Galactus Body looking like nothing but fire his eyes fixed on the location of galactuses cold empty heart. In a cross over, superman confronted Galactus and Galactus turned him into one of his heralds like a little B****. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. How about this one. Would the Infinity Gauntlet be able to trump the Power Cosmic? I think we would see a Superman in the first round get slapped around like a child all the way down to earths surface. Reviews: 0. Sun dipped superman shows up in front of Galactus Body looking like nothing but fire his eyes fixed on the location of galactuses cold empty heart. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. I don’t think it matters if it is Injustice or regular superman, he’s Superman after all. Galactus vs team DC Powerhouses who would win and Why ? Sorry to say it but Galactus is a freaking reality warper. Reviews: 5. hey i think galactus should win but silverage superman would win. What's with all these SA Supes threads? Comics. Galactus would squash supes like an ant. Forum Posts. I personally think Galactus would win because of his tremendous physical strength and immense mental pow Lets assume that Galactus doesn't know all of superman's weaknesses right off the bat. Superman FTW. And then kills supes. He's been able to move many planets at a time. If Galactus hasn't had a good meal in a while and is severly weakened, I can see Supes maybe bringing him down. Silver Age Superman was devastatingly strong. Superman looks up with that stern look we've seen a thousand times and without galactus even noticing plunges into the heart of the sun. Because this fight is not remotely challenging. 0. There is only one omniverse.But yeah, Galactus would snap him like a twig. He could just smash Superman down with a single pimp slap. I think Manhattan vs. Silver Surfer could be a stalemate (though I'd be inclined to argue that SS would win), how does he deflect an attack from Galactus? a fully fed galactus, supes wouldnt have a chance to do anything to him and his body is subjective he could just as well fly through him with no damage, I'm seeing way too many Superman vs Galactus threads, galactus survived the destruction of his universe and the creation on his new universe smashing planet feats aint going to do anything to him, I would say Galactus if anywhere over half fed, silver age supes is strong but Galactus is a powerful entity and can mostly like drain the energy of superman or obliterate him. What? Forum Posts. Galactus stomps Superman into another omniverse. Followers. I can't believe people are seriously saying that supes would win?!?!?! Galactus just bitch slaps Supes and plays fooze ball with his head. Wiki Points. Wiki Points. 0. Galan just blows up the sun, or makes Supes's brain kryptonite. Followers. 44%. Forum Posts. 378. no he cant fight and abstract entity his appearance is subjective he is cosmic he really doesnt need a real physical bodyhis body come are created by another cosmic entities which allows them to be seen in th universe it was explained  in the infinty war it where magus got his dopplegangers from that same entity, the name of the entity you are refering to is called the anthropomorpho the prime manifester creates m-bodies for cosmic abstract entities to have an avatar in the universe they are inhabiting. What's next Robin vs Utah the Watcher? ya but techicly the only things that hurt sas is magic and kryptonite. Anonymous. Lmao Poor supes. It's easy folks Good Vs. hey i think galactus should win but silverage superman would win. Marvel fans have to wonder: is Thanos powerful enough to defeat Galactus? This topic is locked from further discussion. Galactus. although silver age superman is quiet powerful his biggest feat is sneezing a solar system, while galactus is galaxy wide teleportation as well as reviving a long dead world, superman could not take on a fully fed galactus. 0. 1 decade ago. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Follow 3451. Galactus turns the earth into pure kryptonite. Lets say this is superman fighting Galactus to save the earth. Wiki Points. Who Would Win In A Fight: Galactus or Thanos? © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Comment. And superman loses his batteries. HOW? The Marvel Universe is vast and full of terrors. well meh me but there are alot of ppl that could own galan! It's easy folks Good Vs. Favourite answer. meh... hard one... galan probably but supes is quick... meh i say supes^^. Share Share Tweet Email. Galactus. 2211. 7 Would Lose To: Juggernaut. 3 years ago . Previous Battle. Ok, Galactus is a cosmic being and Superman is just an alien with super powers. Ok I would like to see Galactus vs. Superman. Than the new game will be Galactus and Silver Surfer vs Tyrant and Firelord in a game of foozeball. Evil So superman has to win. Villains like Thanos and Galactus are constantly threatening life in the galaxy. Evil So superman has to win. But if Galactus is feeling strong, it will be a curbstomp so hard it defies imagination. Silver Age Superman via Anti-Cosmic Vision. He flies there With speed even Galactus doesn't have time to react to tearing a whole in his heart throughing him into space. Galactus has his own heralds, something like Apocalypse, only that they have cosmic and each … Superman of this period has also been able to travel many times faster than light with ease. Thanos vs Galactus: Who Would Win in a Fight? He's sneezed and destroyed a solar system, he has created a sun by smashing two moons together. Superman loses. Follow 24741. He flies there With speed ..."That galactus sees coming with ease and pinches superman's sun dipped head until it pops like a pimple. HOW? WHY? He would shift gears then and use his other skills to figure out a way to defeat Galactus. By Sam Hutchinson Aug 13, 2020. Relevance. 13 Answers. ".......Superman looks up with that stern look we've seen a thousand times and without galactus even noticing plunges into the heart of the sun. 11 years ago. Ok......thats like saying  The power rangers VS the JLA! I dount the DBZ stuff was bad but eople are going a bit nuts here. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. so if superman is the best does this mean galactus will be now? If the fight was taking place in the DC Universe, Superman could just go get the Phantom Zone projector and banish him there. 27. Next Battle. Galactus is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. TheVoidofDeath. 3rd feat silver age SB pulled some planets during the infinity gaunlet series the celestial pulled planets to fight thanos,a fully Fed Galactus is more powerful than a celestial. Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. Galactus vs Superman, who would win? Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Tevnoba. GALACTUS OWNS. Galactus is a lot but powerful it is almost as a god and it is true that Superman is very powerful but enough he doesn't stop to be able to conquer Galactus that the only survivor that I am after the Bing Bang was, Galactus uses time alteration and transforms Supes into a tiny little baby living on Planet KryptonThen Galactus gives the entire Planet a mega curbstompGalactus is why there is no krypton. 11 years ago. Or galactus turns off the sun. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. Follow 3602. "when supes goes into the sun galactus destroys it. Unless Galactus is nourished well here, he'd be in big trouble. Again. This topic is locked from further discussion. Galactus in a massive curbstomp.He wouldn't even have to use his reality warping powers. Superman is dead. Answer Save. GALACTUS for the Win. Superman could give Galactus a very good fight for a while but would have a problem taking him out. castleking. Galactus eats planets while Superman is continuosly battelling a human named Lex Luthor. votes (5) facebook (1) twitter (2) pinterest. The rest of the JLA is toast all the hero's of the world have fallen it's just superman and Galactus. im matching feats of power if u can tell not trying to injure him. 0. suprised he hasnt argued, supe created a mini version of himself from his palm galactus created heralds from his. This version of Superman had pretty much infinite power levels, and I believe that if he put all his power into one punch to Galactus's temple, he would kill him. He'd beat Galactus.

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