gender equivalent running calculator

2 hour Half Marathon Training Plan How to use it: Enter age, gender, race distance, and finishing time in the appropriate fields. Tables are based on a reference age group 35 to 39 and female gender. Age and gender equivalency table for marathon distance (42.2k or 26.2 miles) running races. If you are an elite runner, then the tables apply to you, and please use them. 45 Minute 10k Training Plan Values are shown for reference paces of 5:00 minutes per kilometer, 6:00 min/km and 7:00 min/km. My daily calorie intake is 2,000 and I am running 12 km in 60 minutes 7 days a week. This content is imported from Third party. Dealing With Those Annoying Family Questions. But, every runner is unique so over time, you will learn how to best interpret and modify the Race Times and Optimal Training Paces to fit your particular strengths and weaknesses as well as your goals. So, for example: if the World Record for a 40 year old man running 10 miles is 46:31 and another 40 year old man runs 10 miles in 58:30, he has an Age-Graded performance of 79.5% (46:31 divided by 58:30). 40 Minute 10k Training Plan We encourage you to use the calculator The formula used for this calculator is one devised by Pete Riegel in the late 70s. I’ll take a look, thanks for letting me know. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. The data are taken from a wide array of actual running events from across the US and Canada. But if you cannot run a 5k in under 15 minutes, then the chances are that these data do not really apply to you. I’m also getting an incorrect result – at 29yo and 27:17 for the 5km distance…. The most commonly referenced age grade table is published Covering a wide range of fields, our Online Calculators include Pregnancy, Financial, Mathematical, Health, and Sports Calculators. The tables below represents just a sample of the results included in the tool. Thanks for the great resource. Here, you can find a wide variety of online calculators, converters and tools specifically designed to make your life easier. For each performance, the calculator also provides an age-graded time, which is the equivalent performance by a person of that gender in the open division (generally, up to age 30). and is compiled using only the results of the fastest runners. You could also compare your score for a race to that of the winner to see how close you were to “winning” the race. (You’ll get a little boost of confidence if that younger runner who passed you near the end scored lower with his age-graded score.) 24 Minute 5k We may earn commission if you buy from a link. Should I take additional protein? 1:30 Half Marathon Training Plan. My 25min times for 5km gave a >153% score. You can click or tap on the corresponding pace to see the calculator results page for that specific result, and to find value for all age groups and any pace or time. by Thanks again. The McMillan Running Calculator is based on what we know from exercise science and real world running. And time of 24mins not 25 (typo). 50 Minute 10k Training Plan We’re here to get you locked into the perfect pair of running shoes tailored to your needs, so be sure to take advantage of our whole suite of resources—not just our gender shoe size conversion chart—to score your most comfortable ride. 35 Minute 10k Training Plan, Generic 8 Week Half Tables are based on a reference age group 35 to 39 and female gender. I'm a keen amateur runner and qualified athletics coaching assistant and these plans helped me take my 5k time down from 24 mins to 16 mins, my 10k down from 42 mins to 32 minutes and my half marathon time from nowhere to 1:12. Select your gender, event and time result, then press the Calculate button to retrieve your age-graded performance details. Select the table for the specfic distance: Age and gender equivalency table for 5k distance (5km or 3.1 miles) running races. I put in age 56. You can click or tap on the corresponding pace to see the calculator results page for that specific result, and to find value for all age groups and any pace or time. Our tool uses expanded data that spans across all fitness levels. 55 Minute 10k Training Plan 22 Minute 5k The age grade calculator is a method used to identify the quality of a performance adjusted for gender, age, and distance. Gear-obsessed editors choose every product we review. This is especially helpful if you want to know how much faster you need to run against an older opponent or how much faster a younger opponent must run to “beat” your age-graded performance.

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