genesis sermon series outline

When we began, he was still in his mother’s womb. I take nothing for granted. He said, "I don't know." And does not God stand at the beginning of all thought and all argument? So great is the heat within the earth, that in Switzerland and other countries where the springs of water are very deep, they bring to the surface the warm mineral waters so much used for baths and medicine for the sick; and it is said that if you were to dig very deep down into the earth, the temperature would increase at the rate of a degree of the thermometer for every hundred feet, so that at the depth of seven thousand feet, or a mile and a half, all the water that you found would be boiling, and at the depth of about ten miles all the rocks would be melted.(Prof. A quiet business man, who with the other passengers, had been silently watching the vast range of snow-clad peaks, by him seen for the first time, said to his companion: "No man, it seems to me, could look at that scene without feeling himself brought nearer to his Creator." He accumulated facts, but he took time to reflect upon them before he formed them into systems. III. P. Lange, D. D.)The work of God and the work of manJ. DENIES FATALISM. Who constructs arguments to prove his own existence? Nor can the mere display of His attributes form any part of God's end in creation. In it is contained all the joy of the race as it sees in Christ this great first principle revealed again. God's happiness can be made His end in creation in only two ways — by increasing it, or by continuing it, But this happiness can never be increased, for it is already perfect in kind, and infinite in degree. THE DEVOUT RECOGNITION OF GOD PRECEDES ALL MORALITY AND RELIGION. Earth for heaven.3. 8, The Bible is primarily a religious book. What FOLLOWED the beginning?1. It began with these words: "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." It is evident, then, that the mere exercise of God's attributes, whether natural or moral, forms no part of His ultimate end in creation. Regard it as you please, as literal, historical, prabolical, it is unquestionably marked by adequate energy and magnificence of style. E. It is not touching the shaping of matter already existing; it is touching the origin of matter itself.III. Is not this one of the child's first thoughts, and one which life's long experience but deepens and confirms — that it was God who created all things? God created the world —1. As long as science keeps to her own great sphere of discovering and codifying facts, we have only to thank her for her labours. As a matter of fact, we receive our moral training for eternity in the school of matter. He gives rather a rough outline which is to be filled up as life advances. So also with our own spiritual life. A similar doctrine was taught, in the last century, by Swedenborg. But why incapable of solution? From a beginning we know not what may come.2. THE ARGUMENT FOUNDED ON THE ORDER OF THE UNIVERSE. But behind, and above, and around all, the real mystery of the universe lies unsolved, and as far as we are concerned, is incapable of solution."

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