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This is a companion volume to TM 9-1900, Ammunition, general . In 1955, a Military Archives Division was established as part of the Federal Archives as a place into which these records were returned. camera CU, marching feet. As always, any error or typo is mine and if you enjoy my uploads or if you intend to make $ or otherwise profit from these files, please consider making a donation to a veteran's charity of your choice and/or itself.
CU, USS ELLET (DD-398). :), In 1941 Walt Disney produced this short film, which promotes Canadian War Bonds, for the Canadian government. NARA T283, Records of Headquarters of the German Air Force High Command (Oberkommando der Luftwaffe--OKL). Based on Your Job in Germany , which was written by Dr. Seuss. Sounds like Orson Welles narrating?

See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive. Out of the Frying Pan Into the Firing Line, Education for Death: The Making of the Nazi, History of the 313th Infantry in World War II, History Of The Third Infantry Division In World War II, Atomic Bomb Physical Damage, Blast Effect, Hiroshima, 03/13/1946 - 04/08/1946, United States Marine Corps Ranks And Grades, 1775-1969, TM 30-506 German Military Dictionary: German-English, English-German, Order of battle of the United States Army, World War II: European Theater of Operations, Divisions, History Of The 94th Infantry Division In World War II, The 32d Infantry Division in World War II.

The 4-week course included class work in air evac nursing, air evac tactics, survival, aeromedical physiology, mental hygiene in relation to flying, training in plane loading procedures, military indoctrination and a one-day bivouac. Roosevelt is a powerful express train, while Dewey is a broken-down steam engine.

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NARA T253 [, Captured German records filmed at Berlin. NARA T79, Records of German field commands, army groups. Doolittle Raid: Scenes Aboard CV; Cruiser In Heavy Seas; Fueling At Sea, Bombardment & Invasion Of Tokashiki, Okinawa, 03/27/1945, The 91st Infantry Division in World War II, Japanese Air Attack On Task Force, 03/05/1945 - 03/18/1945, The Ninth Marines, a brief history of the Ninth Marine Regiment, with lists of the officers and men who served from organization to disbandment, 1942-1945, Russian military dictionary : English-Russian, Russian-English, TM 10-1513 Maintenance manual for Willys truck, 1/4 ton 4 X 4, built for U.S. government, model MB 1942, Order of battle of the United States Army ground forces in World War II : Pacific Theater of Operations : administrative and logistical commands, armies, corps, and divisions, Unit histories of World War II, United States Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, The 1st Marine Division and its regiments, TM E 30-420 Handbook on the Italian Military Forces 1943, Pilot Training Manual For The Mitchell Bomber, B-25, 3rd Marines, Combat On Iwo Jima D+7 Feb 26 1945, Newsreel: 82nd Airborne Victory Parade 5th Ave., NYC, 1/12/1946, TM 9-1575 Ordnance Maintenance: Wrist Watches, Pocket Watches, Stop Watches, and Clocks, 1945, TM 30-541 Japanese Military Dictionary: Japanese-English, English-Japanese 1944, Alien Enemy Detention Facility, Crystal City, Texas, TM E 30-480 Handbook On Japanese Military Forces, 1944, Health For The Americas: Planning for Good Eating, Ours To Hold It High: the history of the 77th Infantry Division in World War II, War Dept Film Bulletin 48: Invasion Of Poland In 1939 By German Army, Health For The Americas: The Unseen Enemy, Hiroshima/Nagasaki A-Bomb "Flash Burn" and "Flash Shadow" Detail 03/13/1946 - 04/08/1946, The Falcon: Combat History Of The 79th Fighter Group, United States Army Air Forces, 1942 - 1945, Lightning, The History Of The 78th Infantry Division, Handbook On German Army Identification, 1943, TM 9-2800 Standard Military Motor Vehicles, 1943, Signal Corps Cameramen Film US 7th Army, Germany, 1 April 1945, The history of the U.S. Army Medical Service Corps, Academy Award-nominated documentary, which shows the 21st Bombing Command and its role in the B-29 bombing of Japan and the Pacific Theater of Operations (PTO).

Obtaining WW2 records from the Dienststelle? Army. As always, any error or typo is mine and if you enjoy my uploads or if you intend to make $ or otherwise profit from these files, please consider making a donation to a veteran's charity of your choice and/or itself.

National Archives Identifier: 6981972 As always, any error or... United States. Department of the Army. Thanks. A lot of records were destroyed, so there might be gaps and the military career might be reconstructed from listings only, not from individual personal records. The brigade was employed in a combat capacity in the "Banana Wars" in Haiti and in the Dominican Republic, and also participated in the landing at Vera Cruz,... TM E 30-420 Handbook on the Italian Military Forces 1943-08-03. Lightning, The History Of The 78th Infantry Division CONTENTS FOREWORD vii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ix CHAPTER 1: PREPARATION FOR COMBAT 1 The Lightning Division in World War I — Reactivation At Camp Butner — Training Replacements — Carolina and Tennessee Maneuvers — Camp Pickett — Overseas — Bournemouth — France — Belgium — Up to The line! Armeekorps im Generallandesarchiv Karlsruhe jetzt online. 12 German Military Abbreviations, April 12, 1943 "Perhaps to a greater extent than any other army, the German Armed Forces employ military abbreviations on their maps and charts, on task force tables of organization, on direction and location sign posts in combat zones, on field orders, and, in short, in every case where abbreviations may possibly be used. (AKA Boys Anti-Tank Rifle) Disney created this 1942 training film for the Canadian government. A widely overlooked source on dead combatants are local death registers in the place of last residence. What is a proper way to tape a 6” round hole from can light? If your ancestor was an officer or official in the Wehrmacht, the Bundesarchiv in Freiburg (Bundesarchiv, Abteilung Militärarchiv) holds personnel documents. Thanks for the support & please consider donating to a veteran's charity of your choice and/or the Internet Archive (so that others can enjoy this WWII Archive in the future). Propaganda, 1936-1944. centralized location to find information, pointers, and links to TABLE OF CONTENTS Foreword 1-5 1 CHAPTER 1. As far as I know, this service is free of charge. MILITARY INTELLIGENCE SERVICE, WAR DEPARTMENT, Washington DC, SPECIAL SERIES No. This is a history of the combat infantry, of the artillery, the reconnaissance troop, the medical and engineer battalions, the signal, ordnance and quartermaster companies and of the division headquarters personnel." Records on navy members from the years between 1871 and 1947 might available from the Deutsche Dienststelle (as detailed above). Department of the Army. Read publications on certain units (often written by veterans with a strong bias), literature on a particular theatre and modern literature on the general history of World War II for a broader perspective. LS Pan L to R (NW to N) shows blast effect to S and E wall of building 68 which formerly served as a warehouse for a Japanese FA Battalion. The 32d Infantry Division in World War II Digitized by Google.

Men unhook tailer from Jeep. [American Historical Association] NARA T580, Captured German documents filmed at Berlin. Often they have additional information like the original burial place or the last known military unit of the war victim in their repositories. It's a mere bureaucratic listing of his military career. NARA T608; Nazi Party and SS records Section I, The Japanese High Command. 4875 feet from zero. Lawrence Bryan Digitized by Google CONTENTS FOREWORD by General Bruce ix THOSE WHO HANDED US THE TORCH 1 PART I. For a comprehensive overview, see: Selected Finding Aids Related to NARA's World War II Holdings. Fruits 16-17 11. Edward G. Robinson narrates.

A. Vandegrift 13 Major General Allen Hal Turnage 17 Major General Graves B. Erskine 21 Brigadier General William Edward Riley 25 Chapter 1 Organization and Initial Training 29 Chapter 2 The Battle for Bougainville 41 Chapter 3 The Battle for... U.S. Army dramatized training film. The Bundesarchiv in Berlin has records on members of SA, SS and Waffen-SS. eye 6,180 favorite 7 comment 1 . CU Camera goes down front elevator ; F4Fs in deck; planed on hangar deck with crews working. Microfilm Publication, Friedrich Wilhelm III, King of Prussia (1770-1840), 1787-1842. "The History of the U.S. Army Medical Service Corps traces the evolution of the corps from its origins during the American Revolution, through its stages of growth and transformation into a separate professional element of the military medical establishment in 1947 and its steady progress during the postwar and Cold War years, to its status in 1994. "This volume is concerned with the organization and disposition of United States Army ground forces that opposed the Japanese during World War II. The second part focusses on World War I and possible research difficulties. It is unknown to me to which extend these resources are used to answer requests and what WWI material is available to them. In addition to the Foreign Ministry Archives sets, CRL holds a variety of seized records (government, military, personal) filmed by the U.S. National Archives under "Record Group 242." Finding WW1 military record of German ancestor? It contains also information on soldiers missed in action or death soldiers not buried on known cemeteries. Aerial photographs are made and studied. What is the difference between a spell with a range of "Self" and a spell with a range of "Self (XYZ)"? You have to fill a request form, provide known information (obligatory: name and birth date) on your ancestors, check options what kind of information you are interested in. In 1942 Walt Disney Studios created this short film for the US Treasury Department. RECRUITMENT AND TRAINING. Directed by Frank Capra and witten by Dr. Seuss. Your primary source for historical records on German armed forces, especially for World War II, is the Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt, Deutsche Dienststelle für … Distinctive Branches, or Specialties 6-11 5 II. Territorial and Administrative... TM 10-1513 Maintenance manual for Willys truck, 1/4 ton 4 X 4, built for U.S. government, model MB 1942-05-15 "FOREWORD: This Motor Vehicle has been thoroughly tested and inspected. Breakfast cereals 11 6. As always, any error or typo is mine and if you enjoy my uploads or if you intend to make $ or otherwise profit from these files, please consider making a donation to a veteran's charity of your choice and/or itself. NARA T971; Records of Headquarters, German Navy High Command (OKM). Features book burning, anti-Catholic persecution, Nazi indoctrination, etc. Microfilm Publication, Roon, Albrecht Graf von (1803-1879), 1848-1866. [2], The institution's 2009 budget amounted to 54.6 million Euro. Despite efforts to save the most valuable parts of the collection, almost half of the archive's total contents were destroyed during World War II. As always, any error or typo is mine and if you enjoy my uploads or if you intend to make $ or otherwise profit from these files, please consider making a donation to a veteran's charity of your choice and/or itself. The now-defunct US Government Agency "Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs" hired Walt Disney Studios to create a series of films for developing countries, "Health For The Americas." Air Force Combat Units of World War II by Maurer Maurer ISBN: 0912799021 ISBN-13: 9780-912799025 "This book is concerned primarily with the combat (or tactical) groups that were active during the Second World War. Prussian Mobilization Records, 1866-1918. Introduction 1-4 2. The report usually contains basic biographical information (father, date and place of birth), drafting date, dog tag number, training units and units in the course of war, ranks, notes on injuries and captivity.

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