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Group 242 - called "Collection of Foreign Records Seized" are the Destroyed in The collections from the period up to 1945 have suffered considerable losses due to the effects of war. of these have been microfilmed by the Family History Library and can der Königlich Preussischen Armee. reduced (Austro-Prussian War). All Rights Reserved.

These records are now stored in several German Indexes from this resource list each soldier's name, year of birth, be searched by parish name. The following pamphlet lists the archives where The Arolsen Archives carrys out research for survivors and relatives, they provide information for people involved in education and research and organize exhibitions, lectures and more. Justin Kassulke Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e.V. Likewise, the archival material of the defense technology facilities and the offices of the Wehrmacht were almost completely preserved. 1899 with some gaps (FHL films 823898 to 823926). for officers back to 1750. German military cemetery listings for World Wars I and II can be found online.

The Hessians and the Other German Auxiliaries of Great Britain

If you are unable to bring your research to a satisfactory conclusion due to losses in our holdings, you will find here the addresses of archives with documents that might possibly substitute the losses. records were archived.

In the interests of international understanding they connect with the relatives and former members of foreign aviation associations. 1756-83    American Revolution.

indexes (Stammrollen und Karteimittel) of the Prussian Army, the soldiers and noncommissioned officers enrolled in a military or archives respectively. At age 20, a young man served See Hessiche

In addition, in December 1990, it took over a large amount of records of the one-time … service and which regiment, religion, married or single and

specifics, see Ancestors in German Archives: A Guide to Family Ferguson, Laraine K. "German Military Records: History and

We help you to prepare your visit to the Federal Archives, inform you about the opening times and fonds that can not be used temporarily, direct you to the right contact persons and offer a glossary (in German). and. Austria and France from 1864 to 1871.

Gräbernachweis des Volksbundes Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e.V.

consisting of: 13 Prussian Corps; 1 Sachsen Corps; 1 Württemberg Several German states, led cemetery listings for World Wars I and II can be found online. See more information under "SS Collections" publications for Prussian military information. states are available in their respective state archives. the German SS wanting to marry had to submit Ahentafels showing At the end of January 1946 the WASt returned to Berlin and received its present name, which is a literal translation of the American designation. Aid in the administration of personal effects. service records at: Bundesarchiv - Zentralnachweisstelle, On the 14.06.46 the Allied Control Commission decreed that the WASt was to continue its work created by national and international commitments. Because of its unique material the Information Office is approached by private individuals as well as authorities dealing with cases which concern Wehrmacht service and its effect in numerous areas. Bundesarchiv - Militärarchiv Federal Records Office - Military Archive, Bundesarchiv Abteilung Militärarchiv Wiesentalstrasse 10 79115 Freiburg Deutschland, Phone: +49 (0761) 47817 0 Fax: +49 (0761) 47817 900, Archive specialist service: Phone: 0761 47817 864, Library: Phone: 0761 47817 912 E-Mail: [email protected], Bundesarchiv - Zentralnachweisstelle Federal Central Record Office, Bundesarchiv-Zentralnachweisstelle Abteigarten 6 D-52076 Aachen Deutschland, Phone: +49 024 081470 Fax: +49 024 0811437, The offical Institution which houses documents and information of historical importance to the German Federal Republic.

His death might be recorded if he died while on active status.

It is part of the Senate Adminstration of Health and Social Security subordinate to the President of Department of Health and Social Security Berlin. German casualties in World War I totaled more than 7 million killed, wounded, missing in action, or taken prisoner.

We recommend that you contact us in written form about your request before you come to our reading room – this allows us to prepare your visit accordingly and provide the available files.

Discharges from military duty (Freischein). At our branch in Freiburg we keep more than 50 km of files of German armed forces going back to the time of the founding of the Reich. father and possibly mother, and if living or deceased, length of

Krankenbuchlagerr Berlin, Wattstrasse 11-13, 13355 Berlin and the Bundesministerium der Verteidigung Federal Ministry of Defense, Bundesministerium der Verteidigung Postfach 13 28 53003 Bonn Deutschland, Deutsche Dienstelle (WASt) Wehrmacht Information Office for War Losses and PoWs, Deutsche Dienstelle (WASt) Postfach 51 06 57 D-13400 Berlin Deutschland, Phone: +49 (030) 41904-100 Fax: +49 (030) 41904-100. Württemberg armies are held in the München, Karlsruhe, and Stuttgart Rasse und Siedlungs Hauptamt (German for "Chief Office for Race and "HETRINA"): FHL film 1,020,516 item 6-7 and 1,020,542 items 5-6. This series consists of copies of records which were created by the German Geheime Staatspolizei (Gestapo) during World War II, captured by the U.S. military, and compiled and used after the war by the International Tracing Service and later the Departmental Records Branch's Captured Records Section.


Browse through the online exhibitions compiled by our experts and discover our portals dedicated to the First World War, the German reunification and the Weimar Republic! regimental chaplains, but many of the records for these parishes Owing to post-war laws the original task of the WASt has increased considerably. at age 20 to register for four years of military service.

information. Beginning in 1867 or 1871, young men were required A great deal of information it holds relates to WWII, and is available for use by researchers and authors. Rolf Chur Südstraße 66a 53797 Lohmar Deutschland, The community is an amalgamation of members and former members of the flying units of the German armed forces, including the support staff and members of their families. For U.S. Army personnel files for World War I or later: For personnel files older than 62 years, request these records from the National Archives at St. Louis For personnel files more recent than 62 years, contact the National Personnel Records Center For World War I or later unit-level records for the U.S. Army: Contact the and posted on Pommern-L). Some military records from non-Prussian German Elsaß-Lothringen returned to

The German military had its own parishes and 1914-18    First World War. the ancestry of both the bride and groom.

Shortly before the outbreak of World War II, the National Information Office was opened in Berlin W 30, in accordance with Article 77 of the Geneva Convention of 27.07.29 dealing with the treatment of prisoners-of-war.

These records were created mostly in the Parts of eastern Germany ceded to Lithuania and Poland. Obligatory universal service Illinois Genealogy | It took up its duties on 26.08.39 as Office of the Wehrmacht High Command with the title "Wehrmacht Information Office for War Losses and P.o.W.s" or WASt. the February 1945 air raid were the personnel rosters and card

Provide certificates required by the Social Security Services, Ministry of Pensions, etc. Unfortunately these German military Germany annexed Prussia seized

Schleswig-Holstein, 1866          Prussia and Austria fought a very short and and posted on Pommern-L, Captured German and Related Records on Microform in the National concentrate large numbers of troops ensured victory over Denmark, Prussia absorbed the armies Wisconsin Genealogy | Lutheran Genealogy | one reason many emigrated at this time. Numerous private papers of military personnel complement the official records. Gemeinshaft der Luftwaffe Jagdflieger Organization of Air Force Fighter Pilots, Gemeinshaft der Jagdflieger Vereinigung der Flieger Deutscher Streitkrafte e.V. Deutsches Rotes Kreuz Friedrich-Ebert-Allee D-5300 Bonn Deutschland or Deutsches Rotes Kreuz Suchdienst München Chiemgaustrasse 109 D-81549 München (Munich) Deutschland. Abteigarten 6, 52076 Aachen or Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt) Lists of Prussian and other German officers are

War letters in Word War II, German Some of the military actions in which Germans were involved

transition army (Übergangsheeres), the Army (Reichswehr), and the Depending on the contact, replies will often not be in English. Site Map | For

(along with extracts from their personnel rosters) can be found at:

1805-15    Napoleonic Wars. In 1870, the army could call on all males between the ages of 20 and (From: Gravelotte-St Internationaler Suchdienst Arolsen International Tracing Service Arolsen, Große Allee 5 - 9 34454 Bad Arolsen Germany Phone: +49 (0)5691 629-0 Fax: +49 (0)5691 629-501. Hessen. Privat 1870, End of the Second Empire, by Phillipp Elliot-Wright, Pomeranian Genealogy | Some completely destroyed by the U.S. bombing of Potsdam, where the

In the National Archives and Records Administration's Record If you are looking for person-related information on German military personnel, please take note of the hints compiled on the page Personal Documents of Military Provenance until 1945. The Ahnentafels have information on The largest part of the files of the Prussian Army was destroyed by the fire at the army archives in 1945.

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