gibson j15 vs j45

What do I do - buy both? My thought was, (like the gear snob I can sometimes be), "Why bother? And then "If I got the J15, how would I feel about it afterwards?" Sort of like - 'Would I have buyers remorse?' Smells awesome too. William Beaver Member. But it just got me GASing bigtime for a J-45. Just save your money, get a J45 and be done with it". Maple and Walnut as you mention are quite unique. J45's can vary so much from one example to the other, J15's seem to be more consistent. I like the gloss nitro finish more than the finish on the G-45 and the J-45 has superior electronics (LR Baggs vs Fishman sonitone). or... "Would I still be jonesing after the other one?" Forget the J-15. Others here likely know more about the J-15 than I though. I’ve found that the J-15 is more similar to the J-45 than the J-35 is to either of the two. Clearly, you need to try out as many guitars as you can. Being primarily a Martin guy, while appreciating my two Taylors and a very nice Gibson J45, I have pretty much ignored the talk around here about Gibsons J35, and J15 models. or... "Would I be completely content and satisfied?". Conclusion: you need to find a great sounding J-45. Sounds great. Posted by 3 days ago. Copyright ©2000 - 2020, The Acoustic Guitar Forum. The J-45 custom has the same sparkle as a J-15, but was a little more robust. I am new to Gibson Acousics since June this year . It gave me everything I wanted and the price was amazing. I am more inclined to like bright booming guitars and this was one of them. You'll have to play them back to back then you decide. Owning both would be very cool. Terms & Conditions | Registered Trademarks. I wouldn't buy either guitar without playing a few examples of either. Rather than 'tell you' which I would get, or what You Should Get - maybe I can suggest an approach for you to use to answer your own question. True I was thinking maybe a Martin D35 (pretty) but I decided it has to be short scale (that 3/4 inch makes so much difference) I think I have conclude that I get the J45 - that way if I do want the J15 too it wont be such a heavy outlay as it would be if I got the J15 and then had to re-save for a J45. Then, I'd save-up a grand and start looking for a "used" J15. I sometimes try to answer questions like this by projecting forward. Just my opinion and I'm sure others will disagree but love my G-45 plays and sounds great. So within a few months I traded it in for a 45, a decision I’ve never regretted. Some will disappoint. Aside from different pickups and tuners, what really sets one apart from the other? Messages 434. I have not played the G-45, my guess is that it's a lower grade if wood but it's merely a guess. 3 months ago. But a good J-15 will more than likely sound better than an average J-45. I have not played a J45 but my J15 is a mighty fine piece of wood. I've played two J35s at GC. Some have replied who have not played both, but others have, so listen to the latter folks on this question. Other than appearance, you are basically asking "walnut vs. When I bought my J45 I was actually shopping for a J15 or 35....ended up the the J45..still Jonesin' for the J15 and I will have one before too long but it is really a tough choice. If you're looking for a great Gibson, or very nice guitar in general, and not looking for a J-45 alternative or replacement, you might love one. They end up eventually trading up to a J-45. How does the J-15 compare in sound to a J-45? Mickthemiller, November 5, 2015 in Gibson Acoustic. Good luck and keep us updated on your travails. One will almost always rise to the top, as there almost always are surprising differences from one guitar to the next. I own a J15 Honeyburst and I love the guitar. Not every post that mentions Gibson is an invitation to vent your dislike of the brand. It was the character of the guitar. Not sure about how the J15 is braced. What a great choice to have! and seriously reflect on it, avoiding the excitement, anticipation and other blocking emotions. Cars break, kids need braces. If you just want a great guitar that sounds great, plays great and has its own subtle eye candy thing going on (i.e. I believe that the two models are braced differently too. J45 studio. JavaScript is disabled. walnut neck runner) for a lot less than a J-45, then grab a J-15 before Gibson wakes up and raises the price. No buyers remorse at all, even though you don't see too many comments on the J-35 promoting it over any of the others, I love the sound and looks of mine and that is all that matters. It wasn't a case of one being better than the other, they were just different, the J-15 was bright and zingy and the 45 was very mellow sounding. And I couldn't stop playing it. Gibson J-15 vs J-45 . I am going to get either a J45 (possibly the 2016 model) or a J15. From what I can tell they're very similar. Great guitar for the price point...maybe one of the best deals in guitardom. Try one... A great J-45 will be heard and shoulders above the J-15. I personally think I'd rather take the chance on the less expensive J-15, but I've never had a chance to play one. Both great instruments. Having played both live, there are some subtle differences and some not so subltle differences to my ears.

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