goat herd dispersal sale

We are asking $400.00 with papers or $375.00 without papers. Fullblood Doe Still have horns and haven’t been banded.... Tel: 6206802203 | 66966 | KS | 06/25/2020  Asking $250 obo. All are bred and due to start calving around March 1st. | More Information, BOER GOATS MALE FEMALE DOE KIDS We currently have two mini nubians and two nigerian dwarfs. I hate it so I want to get ride of it... Tel: 8457508822 | 12401 | NY | 08/03/2020  Leaning Tree Farm 2014          Initial Website Design by Danette Fuhrer / Updated by Leslie Bader-Robinson                 Updated 10/26/2017, >>Percentage doelings start at $250.00 at weaning (3 months). Please inquire about the website for additional photos.1. | More Information, MALE GOATS FOR SALE Mail sent via USPS (Post Office) is being forwarded. Approx 9months old Hi, I was wondering do you guys still have anymore boer goat left because my family we need 1(either sex) so if you guys still do have one can you guys e-mail at hawjboi04@gmail.com or takemetogod@hotmail.com or call me(my # is 707-476-3347) if you guys are going to call me then call me @ 4-9 pm on Monday-Friday or 2-9 on Saturday-Sunday. We are a small farm located just outside of Brockway, Pennsylvania. *** Where Quality Is Our Profession! | More Information, BEAUTIFUL RED BRAHMAN COWS FOR SALE $1000 We milk twice a day using clean technique and have a disease free herd. | More Information, GOAT MILKING STAND FOR SALE Stay tuned for what will be one of the most significant Jersey Dispersals EVER in Australia. Great pedigree, he is ADGA registrable. Goat milk for sale. My health is declining and I am downsizing my farm. Born early April 2020. real nice curl in his Fleece We have three reg does with kids on their side Heavy milker who has shown well | More Information, BOER GOATS FEMALE ADULT DOE Great blood lines Does $350 bucks $300 Her family is selling the entire herd. I have 3 doelings for sale. I have 2 buck and doe that are 5 months old born January 20, 2020 and 2 buck and doe that are 3 months old born March 11, 2020. Experienced Mother, Usually Gives Medium Sized Twins. Doe: C3883 Great Oaks Red Hot. BOER GOATS , ANGLO NUBIAN , AND DWARF GOATS FOR SALE, ADGA REGISTERED PUREBRED NIGERIAN DWARF DAIRY DOE, REGISTERED OBERHASLI DOES & BUCKS FOR SALE, MINI GOAT- NUBIANS & NIGERIAN DWARF BUCKS, BROWN AND WHITE SPOTTED 6 YEAR OLD DOE $200, FOR SALE: THREE FEMALE ALPINE/NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS, UNREGISTERED LAMANCHA DAIRY GOAT FOR SALE AND GOAT SUPPLIES, KID GOATS FOR SALE - REG MYOTONIC / AND KIKO CROSS KIDS, FOR SALE $200.00 EACH PREFERRED TO SELL TOGETHER, ISO MINI NUBIAN DOELING OR WETHERED BUCKLING. Please reach out if you would like more inform... Tel:  | 49435 | MI | 07/09/2020  Double milking stand with headlocks. | More Information, LOOKING FOR INEXPENSIVE WETHER ... Tel: 8102192714 | 48418-8871 | MI | 06/11/2020  We have dairy cows, bulls and Prefer to Keep With Figgy Pudding (Twins). (Sire and Dam papers below). 3 yr old Nigerian Dwarf Buck stands 24" Make me a offer 217-536-5109... Tel: 217-536-5109 | 62473 | IL | 10/26/2020  A billy 5 years old $150, 7 whether goats 18 months old $160 each and 4 nannies from 5 years to 18 months old $200-$250.... Tel: 910-494-8534 | 42164 | KY | 04/12/2020  $150.4. Please respond with picture... Tel: 952-492-2863 | 55352 | MN | 07/11/2020  No horns. REGISTERED 4H DOES. Visit us FB Hart Homestead or harthomestead.weebly.com... Tel: 8103972342 | 48836 | MI | 11/30/-0001  | More Information, WANTED Toggenburg yearling doe in milk. | More Information, NIGERIAN DWARF DOE BLACK BLUE EYED You can also go to "usbga.org" and search for HOLLYBERRY in the pedigree search to pull up animal information. | More Information, ALPINE HERD SIRE $350 4 year Boar goat (Paint in color) and female 3 year red. | More Information, AGS REGISTERED NIGERIAN DWARF HERD. Neutered Horned, Dark Blue with White, Brown Eyes. THE SALE HAS BEEN CANCELED! Carl Bs Farm has two nice Nigerian Dwarf doelings for sale yet this season, and one pet wether. $550 cash or may consider young spotted Boer ... Tel:  | 28147 | NC | 05/20/2020  We have 2 goats for sale! Born January 2020. Mom has had 2 litters of triplets, so it's in genes)$ 200. | More Information, FOR SALE | More Information, NUBIAN BUCKLING $350 EXCELLENT BLOODLINES!! 7/29/2020. Acres of Fun Raging Rampage is very friendly buck. Reserve quickly Priced to sell 150-250... Tel: 815-245-0493 | 60098 | IL | 07/30/2020  $1.25 per quart or ... Tel: 320282013zero | 55389 | MN | 07/17/2020  We have dispersed all goats except for our retired pet does and bucks. Will come with ADGA paperwork. | More Information, FOR SALE MINI LAMANCHA we have in bulk quantity BOER GOATS , KIKOS GOATS , ALPINES GOATS , CASTRATED GOATS I miatonic buck. Friendly, dehorned. -born April 2018 Sire came from milking bloodlines. | More Information, NIGERIAN DWARF BUCKLING | More Information, REGISTERED MINI SILKY DOELINGS FOR SALE. Herd dispersal of 30 cows and 14 yearling heifers. | More Information, BLUE EYED NIGERIAN DWARF BUCKLING looking for pygmy female baby goats or nygerian dwarf, want the mine goat, female please... Tel: 618-543-7516 | 62941 | IL | 04/15/2020  by C9981 Rustling Oaks Primo GLM (CP-86279-H with the IFGA, horned, tri-color, blue eyes) and out of C1604 Raven's Rest Jinxy GLM (CP-86745-H with the IFGA, horned, black & white, amber eyes). Visit https://farmslik.com/ fo... Tel: +1(810) 214-2609 | 33048 | FL | 10/18/2020  | More Information, ALPINE BILLY GOAT FOR SALE (3) Registered 2 year old Alpine Bucks | More Information, OBERHASLI DOES IN MILK & KIDS F.S. 3 adult does and 1 yearling available. Top Gun breeding. | More Information, BOER GOATS , KIKOS GOATS , ALPINES GOATS , CASTRATED GOATS Dairy goat kids to be born from February to March and good to sell April to May Located in NY. Goat herd dispersal (712) 631-9888. Asking $200.00 OBO. Doe: C1604 Raven's Rest Jinxy GLM (Double Registered as CP-86745-H Raven's Rest Jinxy with the IFGA). He’s a working buck and is getting grass hay and on pasture. | More Information, NIGERIAN STUD SERVICES OFFERED We are selling all our reg fainting goats to focus on our meat goat production . And surrounding areas. Reg black dappled Boer buck, 4-years old; (740)705-6173. Brown with moon spots, white on top of head and ears and nose, black legs and strip on back. Spot (1st pic, brown, white spot), Sissy (2nd pic, white coat) and Wayne (3rd pic). Very tame and gentle. Mother died after birth.... Tel:  | 56433 | MN | 07/20/2020  Will sell individually for $75 or both for $125 or best offer. Free would be perfect but could af... Tel: 6185721119 | 62854 | IL | 10/27/2020  | More Information, FOR SALE: 1 YEAR OLD BUCK NKR PUREBRED KIKO BUCK Born 12-22-17, Twin. From sires whose dams gave 4500-5000 lbs. For the purchase of animals off our farm, Leaning Tree Farm accepts cash, personal checks with verified funds, credit cards, debit cards and bank transfers via Paypal. | More Information, BROWN AND WHITE SPOTTED 6 YEAR OLD DOE $200 | More Information, BOER GOATS MALE ADULT DOE WHITE SPOTTED. $50 each Tri colour Nigerian dwarf buck for sale, I'm moving best offer... Tel: 2348557095 | 44449 | OH | 07/29/2020  They are pets and are all very healthy and super sweet. Beautiful healthy Nigerian Dwarf Goats for sale... several Does about ready to kid & also have a very nice breeding buck... please contact me for more information call or text 540-493-3887 serious... Tel: 540-493-3887 | 28513 | NC | 10/20/2020  He is a sweetheart but I have miniature nigerian goats and he is too big of a boy for them! He is pretty tame for an intact male; however I do put a lead on him and tie him to a tree when working in the pen as he can be pushy.... Tel:  | 31091 | GA | 09/16/2020  Friendly. I have 4 Nigerian dwarf goats (kids) for sale! Eleven 6 month old nigerian dwarf goats... No horns, dewormed, some blue eyes. | More Information, FOR SALE 400 Must have no horns. Dry yearling ready to breed. | More Information, FULLBLOOD PUREBRED BOER DOE GOAT $375... Tel:  | 54650 | WI | 04/08/2020  NUBIAN BUCKLING $350 EXCLUSIVE BLOODLINES, NIGERIAN DWARF DOE SILVER MOON SPOTS BLACK BLUE EYED, PUREBRED ADGA NUBIAN AND NIGERIAN DAIRY GOATS, BOER GOATS BEAUTIFUL BLACK MALE ADULT DOE, DAIRY GOATS PETS NIGERIAN DWARF WETHERS BUCKLINGS KIDS FOR SALE. +1... Tel: 8102142609 | 35487 | AR | 10/29/2020  All kids will be dehorned, tattooed, registered, and have first CDT shot. | More Information, DAIRY GOATS FOR SALE NIGERIAN DWARF 2 YEAR DOE & 1YR. These animals come from a healthy t... Tel: 605 471 9977 | 57058 | SD | 11/30/-0001  All goats are males. We are getting out of showing so are selling her and a doeling. | More Information, FOR SALE: LAMANCHA GOATS 4 year old Billy, mostly black, very friendly and calm. By A3897 S-L Wyatt Earp (IFGA, MGR, & Pedigree International, horned B&W) and is out of C1605 Raven's Rest Target (CP-86228-H with the IFGA, horned B&W). Boer Goats male Adult Doe... Tel: 4054580412 | 73018 | OK | 06/18/2020  Herd was tested Johne's, CL, CAE/OPPV, Brucelleosis, Q Fever.... Tel: 8158484593 | 61739 | IL | 09/06/2020  Looking for a inexpensive wether for paymate for my 3 week old orphaned buckling... Tel: 9858074619 | 70427 | LA | 04/09/2020 

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