god's destiny for your life

No flesh shall be able to glory in his presence. Change ). March 28, 2010 in Uncategorized. God is strategically orchestrating your steps. It took 99 years for Abraham to discover Faith in God alone. Promise of multiplication: And he brought him forth abroad, and said, Look now toward heaven, and tell the stars, if thou be able to number them: and he said unto him, So shall thy seed be – And he believed in the LORD; and he counted it to him for righteousness. You’re not that powerful. @2014. What God has blessed, no person can curse. He Loved Abraham and Sarah and saw in them what they could not see for themselves. Confidence is a huge and necessary character quality in life. I can’t write about Good friday in 33 AD. Sometimes we think because we have made mistakes and we’re not where we want to be in life, we must have stopped God’s plan. God gave Abraham many promises but here are couple of them which was the key to his destiny in God. God is in complete control of your life. Picture Window theme. He is for you, on your side, and what He has purposed for your life will come to pass. You may have made mistakes, but it wasn’t a surprise to God. Cleophas David Without confidence, leaders, athletes, professionals, nor anyone, would rise to the fullness of their potential. The blessing always overrides the curse. He chose her, and he created her to become the mother of the Son of God. God is bigger than any enemy, injustice or sickness. Message 1: Why You Need to Think About What You Think About Nothing can snatch you out of God’s hand. Abraham built many altars of worship wherever he saw the goodness of God manifest. Get up every morning and say “Father, thank you that you destiny will come to pass”. sometimes we get all worked up trying to make things happen, we’re discouraged because somebody won’t be our friend, we’re working overtime trying to convince them to like us;  if somebody doesn’t like you, don’t take it personally, they’re not a part of your destiny. God has divine connections in your future, people that will celebrate you, want to be your friend, even go out of their way to be good to you.****. It's not over til it's over. Click Here:  FreshMannaFeedback. He is great and rules the heavens and earth with the power of his Glory. The Greater Value: Riches or a Good Reputation, Imitate “Those” – The Core of Successful Leadership, When God's Voice and Power Fade From Your Life, Donald Trump's Bible - From Scotland to the Oval Office - The Hebrides Revival, The legend of the Cherokee Indian youth's rite of Passage. If you give your best, you will have the best. your purpose. It’s not like you’ll notice it every day. God had to reduce Abraham to Faith. He is great and rules the heavens and earth with the power of his Glory. you and God are a majority . God’s destiny for your life is better than any plan you’ll ever come up with. Copyright© 2020 All rights reserved You’re not that powerful. His Presence is manifesting on the earth like never before. ( Log Out /  In other words, determine your priorities. Message 4: Rethinking the Problem of Sin Over time, you begin to learn to follow the inward leading of God and be faithful to it. All the forces of darkness can’t keep you from your destiny. fulfills your desires, achieves your purpose and pleases God. God’s Destiny for your life -2. It boasts about its future and its greatness. Because God has a greater purpose than just making us … He is raising up his Sons and daughters in these last days to show forth his Glory unlike never before. God’s plan cannot be stopped by a bad break; all the forces of darkness can’t keep you from your destiny. God is in complete control of your life. One of the best-selling nonfiction books in history, this 42-day spiritual journey makes the perfect Christmas gift for anyone searching for purpose—and will help you or someone you know answer three of life’s most important questions: • Why am I alive? Follow the peace of God; allow the Holy Spirit to direct your path. She didn’t say, “I’ve got my own plans for my life. To say it was a game changer is an understatement!”. But if it dies, it produces many seeds” Promises or Prophecies are like seeds sown into our life by the power of God. What is meant for your harm God said He would use to your advantage. Often, we want to get to the destiny God has for our lives, but we don’t like God’s way of taking us there. He wants you to pursue, grow, and trust Him as He takes you on your exciting road to and through your destiny in Him. God’s Destiny for your life -2. I will give you another chance. God has it all lined up, big ways, small ways, God’s in compete control. Again, that isn’t to be measured by someone else’s view of greatness but by obedience in your heart to do what God wants you to do. That is not who you are. Seek counsel from mature Christians, people who make decisions in line with the Word (Proverbs 11:14; 20:18). What God has destined and purposed is eternal and the life of Jesus Christ in us. Instead, fix your attention on God.You’ll be changed from the inside out." How Your Donations Are Used? You may not be able to make it happen, but God knows how to make it happen. Christians influence unbelievers or unbelievers influence Christians? Pride hinders God’s help in our lives. But we want to help you move out of ‘survival mode’ and step into 2021 ready to live a life of greater significance and purpose by sending you a hardcover copy of Pastor Rick Warren’s classic book, The Purpose Driven Life. But concerning the future you walk out  here in this earth, you can have strong confidence that God will lead you step-by-step in your destiny as you trust Him and live for Him. He has already taken into account every attack that will come against you. Do everything you can to dominate the world for the kingdom of God. if it’s not your time to go, all the forces of darkness cannot stop you. Godly character is the prerequisite to reaching the destiny that She trusted him with her life, even though she knew no one would believe her when she told them what the angel said. Make confessions concerning your destiny. Do you trust that God has made you for a specific destiny? 2019 Ministry Update: Peru Missions Trip – Renee Burt, God’s Plan: The Road to God’s Forgiveness and Salvation, and the Gift of Heaven, The Romans Road – Understanding the Path to Jesus and Heaven, What People are Saying About Pastor Tim and Fresh Manna, When God’s Voice and Power Fade From Your Life. Pride, ego, and boasting shut God out of one’s life. Know what gifts flow naturally though you-the things you can do effortlessly that have been embedded in you by God. His Presence is manifesting on the earth like never before. There is a hedge of protection around you that the enemy cannot cross. God has you in the palm of his hand. He made us, and we belong to him; we are his people, the sheep he tends” (Psalm 100:3 NCV). You came through your parents, and from almighty God Just because you were raised in a negative environment, you don’t have to stay there. God has it all lined up, big ways, small ways, God’s in complete control. Before anyone put a curse on you, God put a blessing on you. Published by Pastor Tim Burt Likewise, your life is about fulfilling those things that He has called you to do. No accident or crazy person can stop God’s plan. Recognize which abilities and talents produce good fruit in your life. Message 6: Defeating Discouragement God's Plans Promises concerning God's Plan Gods Plan The Future God's Will Trusting God's Plan expectations Hope Kjv Thoughts will prospering potential God's Plan For Us Cool Bad Parents Controlling Parents Adults Comforting Being Afraid Anxiety Baby dedication Being Blessed. Message 5: How to Win Over Persistent Temptations Eventually you’ll have hindsight noticing how God has used you and shaped you for the things that lie ahead. sometimes we think because we have made mistakes and we’re not where we want to be in life, we must have stopped God’s plan; you’re not that powerful. Again, that isn’t to be measured by someone else’s view of greatness but by obedience in your heart to do what God wants you to do. Abraham discovered God as a Friend, a divine provider and someone who made promises after promises like a Lover of his soul and built a strong relationship with Him. I’d love to hear from you! Honour Him with your life, and you will come into these destiny moments where you see God supernaturally protecting you, where you’re at the right place, meet the right person. You don't have to live worried, stressed out, trying to force everything to happen. When you receive powerful prophecies it’s only the beginning of a great work that God wants to do in your life. What plans have you been making for yourself? And if you’re like most people, you’re just glad to be at the end of it! Your priorities should be in line with God's will for your life, not your personal schedule. If you’ll keep moving you will come into the people God has ordained for you. • Does my life matter? This is the Season of God and nobody can take the Glory for themselves. 5 Don’t love money; be satisfied with what you have. 2. Powered by, God’s destiny for your life will come to pass. God’s plan for your life is down to the very second. He has been in the ministry for more than 25 years. I, the Lord, have spoken!”. It’s not a lucky break, it’s almighty God saying, “I’ve got a destiny for you to fulfil, My plan will come to pass.”. ( Log Out /  Before anyone could put a curse on you, God put a blessing on you. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Satan’s original sin was pride. There is an earthly assignment in Christ Jesus before there is heavenly rest in the mansions made for you and me.

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