guard your potatoes

No sign of the raiders today. But there are footprints at the edge of the field. Some say it's best to let the courts swat down the fraud allegations so people who voted for Trump will feel assured the system worked. No. The Week magazine tells you all you need to know about everything that matters. PunkinPi: May 2020 #3: The dick-tater speaks. It is one more step in delegitimizing not just the incoming Biden administration, but democracy generally. I must be more vigilant. It rained today. He washed out; people were always taking potatoes from under his nose, and he was a laughingstock among us. Kathryn Krawczyk. Doctors hate Trump’s one weird trick! This potato raider must own multiple sets of footwear, which complicates matters a little. You’ll have nobody guarding your potatoes.” Northam has pushed for stricter gun control since he came into office in 2018. I do not need anything else. Toward dawn, I saw a shadowy figure prowling at the edge of the field. “We’re going after Virginia with your crazy governor. “I should not have doubted you,” he said. urged President-elect Joe Biden's campaign to spend money, received more support from Hispanic voters, Homeland Security Department's cybersecurity agency affirming. Instead her father came out to my corner of the field and said that I had to get off his property and that there was no such thing as a potato guardian. And that's a dangerous path. I packed up my things and slung my carbine over my shoulder. There was a footprint in the soft, slightly acidic soil., There's really no way to decipher what Trump was talking about here. At midday, the farmer’s daughter brought me a glass of milk. Doug Burgum (R) announced the new policy on Monday, and the North Dakota Nurses Association said in a statement on Wednesday it "recommends that all other public health measures to reduce the demand on the health care system and address staffing shortages are deployed before implementing this particular strategy. “And you have been sent to guard the potatoes?” she asked. The Second Amendment is the constitutional provision that allows Americans to bear firearms. Democrats also have to be "far more effective on digital and social media," O'Rourke advised, explaining that in the border communities especially, Trump and the GOP had a "ferocious game — lies and powerful memes, effective targeting of new and young voters — and we had none. Prior to Nov. 3, O'Rourke was optimistic about Texas flipping blue, and urged President-elect Joe Biden's campaign to spend money on ads. “But I go where the potato calls.” And I continued over the border toward another state, with a new motto. #fail, — Senator John Cornyn (@JohnCornyn) November 13, 2020, Cornyn, who won re-election last week, did send more subtle signals that he accepts the results of the election, retweeting two recaps of the Homeland Security Department's cybersecurity agency affirming that "the Nov. 3 election was the most secure in American history" and "there is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised." “Yes,” she said. Because it’s not recommended at all! I must make mine. ", Going forward, Democrats must canvass year-round "so that voters don't just hear from us during an election," O'Rourke said, and he emphasized the importance of meeting voters face-to-face, saying there "is a safe way to do this, even in a pandemic." They want to take your Second Amendment away. On Tuesday, Trump unveiled a $19 billion coronavirus agricultural aid package that's aimed at covering farmers' price losses of 5 percent or more. I should mention that there are woods here in Virginia, where I guard potatoes. They also ignored pandemic safety precautions, knocking on doors and holding in-person events, he said, and when they shared their economic message, it was "not an honest one or better in terms of policy, but simpler, more emotional, and more compelling. I bet the raider comes back tonight. I went to look for the boot, but there was nothing there. “Did you catch him?” the farmer’s daughter asked, at midday. The most important news stories of the day, curated by Post editors and delivered every morning. I walked the perimeter of the field. It was hot and tiring work, and the farmer’s daughter brought me another glass of milk. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. No movement at the trap. — Dave Wasserman (@Redistrict) November 13, 2020. They ran campaigns that were "free of the truth," using social media and text messaging to spread falsehoods and scare tactics. ", The Election Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council Executive Committee counts among its members Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Assistant Director Bob Kolasky, National Association of Secretaries of State President Maggie Toulouse Oliver, and National Association of State Election Directors President Lori Augino. Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. This is the only life I have known.

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