happy wedding wishes

Wishing you lots of joy and happiness on this special day. You don't have to gush about the new husband or wife if it doesn't feel natural. Wishing both bride and the groom a delightful journey towards a shared dream and a shared future. You two look so good together that it seems like you really are made for each other! Wishing you two a very happy and blessed married life! You are the most romantic pair I have ever known. God bless you! Our best wedding wishes to a beautiful couple. Really, you can celebrate the happy news with any kind of message—many of the options above work wonderfully. May the honeymoon never end! If you have any suggestions for wedding wishes, please let us know via the Contact page. A heartfelt congratulations! Wish them to have a happy married life no matter what. ", "'I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine.' Build your free wedding website with your customized look and feel. Two beautiful hearts joining together with a promise of never letting go of each other. May God help you to overcome all the ups and downs of a post-marriage life. Congratulations, newlyweds. We couldn’t be happier for you on this day! The most treasured dream of your life has finally come true. ", "You'll never walk alone as long as we're/I'm around. Hawaiian Odysseus from Southeast Washington state on November 21, 2012: This is bound to be an evergreen hub! Cheers to the cute couple! But there are also homemade cards, small tags attached to gifts and even simple, digitally created wedding messages that are printed and shipped to the couple with their gift. Congratulations on your wedding! ", "We/I know we're/I'm not losing a son/daughter. How sweet pair you are! I cannot decide what is better – you two together or sliced bread! Heartily Congratulations on your wedding! We hope that you’ll cherish each other as much as you do today! fresh2def05 (author) from Louisville, Ky on November 17, 2012: Thanks for reading and I'm glad you enjoyed the humor. Love is in the air today – I reckon love is only going to get stronger! To the perfect couple! May your wedding be a time to celebrate all the richness love has brought into your lives. There is an occasion where every men and women officially has to sign his/her life away. Happy Wedding Wishes: What to Write in a Wedding Greeting Cards. With love to a special couple whose happiness together warms the hearts of everyone around them. There's no doubt that this was a stressful decision, so offering comfort goes a long way. Be happy together forever. It’s wonderful to see the joy in the eyes. I wish you to celebrate every day of your life together, the same way you have celebrated today! Wishing you both the happily ever after you deserve. Lots of love. My best wishes on one of the most important and special days of your life! Congratulations! To love and be loved is the pinnacle of happiness and riches. It takes a lot of courage for a man who goes in a war knowing that he will never win. You deserve no less than a beautiful married life and a pair of beautiful babies. ", "We/I couldn't be happier to call you both family. A friend is someone who stood by you through thick and thin. That’s the magic of the wedding. Here's some sample wording to give you guidance. My dear, wishing you a cute married life! You’re on Wedding Wishes. Lots of love. Go ahead and write something funny in the card that you think will make them laugh. We/I wish you all the best as you embark on this wonderful union. Never let each other feel alone ever again. I feel so happy for you two! May your life together be as joyful and happy as your love and may you both continue to shine in each other’s life. As long as your wedding congratulations message is heartfelt and offers the couple a positive wish for their marriage, you're good to go. All my best wishes on your wedding. Celebrate love and your new wife – happily married life! Come on dude, getting married isn't that bad. We’re so honored to be here sharing one of the most precious moments in your life with you. ", "Your strength is an inspiration. • For what to write on greeting cards, emails and letters. Here’s a little tip for the bride and groom: Be careful springing on the bedsprings this spring, or there might be surprise offspring next spring. ", "We love you both. Nothing.” – Ariel Levy, “Wedding: the point at which a man stops toasting a woman and begins roasting her.” – Helen Rowland, “There is no more lovely, friendly, and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.” – Martin Luther, “Marriages, like a garden, take time to grow. Our best piece of advice? (If you're including, "So happy to celebrate this day with you both! All the best and good luck! To a happy married life. Have a blessed day. Happy wedding, my dear! Cheers and remember to enjoy the moment! God must have had a list of amazing plans for you when he decided to bring your hearts closer to each other. Remember: Men want the same thing from their woman that they do from their underwear. May God bless you. Here’s to success in your new titles, bride, groom, husband, wife, and any more you will pick up over the years together. Send these words of encouragement before the big day to give the couple a morale boost. Dear newlyweds! May the true happiness that you feel last well past the honeymoon and for many years to come. Congratulations to you both on finding one another. I so enjoy your humor although your advice is worth taking as well! May bountiful joy follow you wherever you go in the years to come, stronger together than ever! Accept my heartiest wedding wishes for you! May you grow old with each other for the rest of your life and grow a family together! Wishing you joy and happiness on your wedding day. Happy married life niece.” Wedding wishes to your spouse. On this beautiful occasion where your two souls unite, may your love and affection for each other never fade away. I hope you enjoyed Congratulations to you on this day! Love is kind… Love never fails.' It's completely fine to write a more casual wedding message in the card, no matter the recipient. ", "We/I love you both. It seems like it was only yesterday that we were playing together and here we are! May your house be filled with happiness! Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness from this day till the end of days. Wishing you all the happiness there is; and as you both live out your lives together, may they be entwined as you grow old together. But who want's to live in an institution?" ", "Wishing you joy, love and happiness on your wedding day and as you begin your new life together. My best wishes for a happy and prosperous future with the man you love! Wedding Wishes for Son : Wedding Messages and Prayers, Thank You Notes for Wedding Gifts - Wedding Thank You, Wedding Wishes For Sister - Messages, Wishes and Quotes, Funny Wedding Wishes, Quotes and Humorous Messages, Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Brother - Messages and Quotes. Wedding wishes. May your bond be protected by God’s eternal love! Happy Wedding Day! Or your hilarious college roommate who finally settled down? Wish them lots of happiness and a long life together. Love is not canceled, neither is your planning. May the love that joins you together only become stronger in the coming years of your life. Be always happy and stay blessed! ", "Congratulations! Marriage is the second most important decision any two people can make. "Marriage is a wonderful institution. Before you write, consider your relationship and how funny, serious, personal or sentimental you want to get with your wedding wishes. Congrats! Good luck in the future. Sending you a smile even when I am shedding a tear, you will go away but in my heart, you will always be near! Joyful wedding wishes to the perfect couple. ), In short, yes. Fortunately, we have here all kinds of wedding messages so it becomes a little easier for you to pick the right one. The ceremony wedding is just the beginning of a beautiful life together – enjoy every step along the way. Finally, the beautiful day has come! Choose from a selection of design schemes and colors. Wishing you and your spouse the best. Wishing you a house full of sunshine, two hearts full of cheer, and a love that grows deeper each day of the year. So you got a set of golf clubs for your husband? Congratulations! ", "Thanks for the free booze. A marriage is not just a union with someone you love – it’s accepting them for who they are, their beliefs, their dreams, their preferences and more. Happy Conjugal life! Happy wedding! I hope you enjoyed. I already know that all your planning will make for a special day filled with lots of wonderful memories. You two deserve the best things in the world. My life’s dream has been to see you succeed in life. Congratulations to both of you for holding each other’s hand for life! Today, I wish you all the happiness in the world because, after today, you will have none. ", "Mom/Dad, thank you for all the advice you've given me over the years. I wish your love for each other to last forever – in both joyful and hard times! Congratulations. I only wish you'd reversed the order of the two approaches--i.e., put the serious before the funny. Congratulations on your wedding! Wishing you never-ending love and happiness! May your life together be filled with a lot of unforgettable moments! ", "Best wishes to a very cool coworker and his/her new husband/wife. The bride smiles because she’s been able to convince him of it.” – Judith McNaught, “Marriage is like twirling a baton, turning a handspring, or eating with chopsticks: It looks easy until you try it.” – Helen Rowlan, “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. Just be careful with your marriage wishes. @2019 - EventGreetings.com - All Right Reserved. From thoughtful marriage wishes for the happy couple to funny wedding greetings that’ll make them smile, these sweet wedding wishes quotes will make your card especially memorable. I wish you the best, my dear sister! I am so proud you chose me. Examples: "We/I just wanted to say: Your wedding will be special no matter the day."

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