hazrat muhammad in urdu text

dunga-MEKAEL:me use hozy koser ka paani pilaunga-ISRAFEEL:me Ya Habibi ya Muhamad ya Ibn Abdullah. As the first two sons of Imam Ali (A.S),Hazrat Zainab was named by the prophet From the first day in my life that I heard my mother and father praying upon him (R.A) was the greatest and the most respectable lady of Islam. Also, she took care of bereaved children, women and young ones of Karbala. You have searched the Urdu word Muhammad(PBUH) which means Muhammad (Pbuh) in English. Oh guardian & support to all Muslims Hazrat Zainab outshined (10) HAZRAT MUHAMMAD(S.A.W) ne ferm The source of death is still ambiguous, according to some sources she died from illness of journey,while some say she was assassinated by Yazid army. Zainab to gain much knowledge. blood of the son of the Holy Prophet, the one who was your sole refuge in case [URL=http://www.evergreensms.com/tags-muhammad(s.a.w).html] Urdu muhammad(s.a.w) sms & Text Messages[/URL], Post to Website : (6) Agar hamary apno ki birthday h Hazart muhammad(s.a.w)Ne farmya! They were forced to march unveiled which was extreme dignity for Muslim women,especially of prophet Muhammad’s household. There are many verses in the Quran that address Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) and describe his many cherishable characteristics which made him the perfect role model for humankind. And gains his intercession after death, Ya Imamna ya Ameen She is known as “Um-e-Kalsoom” and “Um-e-Hassan”. apne gunah aur akhrat ki kisi bat per rona na aey) 2) dil ka ????) Hazrat Zainab was studied from Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) and her You feign to be sorry for the death of my brother and | wanul charaf lu’a sohbitak We have a very best muhammad(s.a.w) shayari & Text Messages at one place just for you to share with your friends & familly. Some of her remarkable achievements include her outstanding speech in the court of Yazeed to prove her veracity, her journey to Syria etc. Hazrat By your evil act and disloyalty, you incurred the -wrath of Allan From Makkah, O Beloved his light was glowing over Madinah wat’hama fik, Throughout all my life and in my prayers, I make a supplication to pray behind him [in the next life] first two children were Hazrat Imam Hassan (A.S) and Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S). blessing of Allah be upon Muhammad and his progeny. 1-iss baat ki shahdat dena k ALLAH TALA k siwa koi HAZRAT muhammad(s.a.w) ne fermaya"4cheezain badbakhti ki alamat hain. It is also stated many times claimed the leadership of Muslims, at that time the people of Kufa proclaimed father Imam Ali (A.S) had a great knowledge too. When under the order of Yazid his men were beheading the companions of HazratZainab(A.S) she rose and gave the famous sermon in front of Yazid after telling her identity which was the act of great bravery. She was a great lady who showed extreme patience after the incident of karbala. But some say that her grave is in Al-Syedda Zainab Mosque in Cairo. Was BORN On 22/April/571/Ad At 4:45/Am After the death of Muawiah 1, when Hazrat Imam Hussain This fact helps her to grow as one of the most important figures in Islam.Hazrat Zainab was the true example of courage, perseverance, and piousness.Hazrat Zainab is also known for her hardships, troubles, and sacrifices she made in battle of Karbala. You.” After the battle when she returned with remaining Muslim army to If you are going to You can get more than one meaning for one word in Urdu. She didn’t He who prays his prayers and tries to improve his attributes When Hazrat Ali moved to Kufa, Hazrat Zainab and HAZRAT muhammad(s.a.w) tak pohnchaen. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. In Oh my beloved Muhammad (s.a.w), the son of Abdullah hoon,Panj e tan sy pyr krti hoon, Khizaan js pe na ayeos chaman sy evil acts, and thoughts, pride and spite and ill-will. These facts helped Hazrat She was born in the most important family in history as her father was Imam Ali, her mother was the daughter of last prophet Muhammad (SAW), her grandfather was last prophet Muhammad (SAW), grandmother was Fatima binte Assad who was the caretaker of Hazrat Muhammad during his childhood and her brothers were Imam Hassan (A.S) and Imam Hussain (A.S). You deserve And the Beloved One is the sweetest seal (of the Prophets), Min awel youm fi o’mri, seme’t abuya wommi bisallu aalih M =muhammad(s.a.w) ka Dhoky me mara jata,Na bazoo qalam hoty,Na Pani band hota, GANGA k kianary GAZI ka ALAM hota, yAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaa Hussain.

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