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Low carb and gluten-free, this recipe is sure to give you your snickerdoodle fix, for just 1.5g net carbs and 13g of fat.

take a little more effort, and you may have to do a little ingredient shopping, but they make a great keto treat for special occasions. Save On Baking Mixes For This Holiday Season! While you’re not going to get that sugary, crumbly shortbread yumminess you’re craving, there are a ton of great shortbread-style recipes out there. This super simple Keto Cookie Dough recipe is made with almond flour, so is naturally delicious, plus butter, sweetener, vanilla, dark chocolate chips, and a pinch of salt.

Yes, but as with anything you need to be conscious about how much you’re eating and as mentioned above you need to read the labels to ensure they are keto friendly. were created out of desperation (the way we come up with some of our best keto creations, right?)

and avoid traditional powdered sugar. GET FREE SHIPPING WHEN YOU SPEND $50 OR MORE! For a total carb content of 5g (2g net), they’re pretty awesome. Grab those Christmas cookie cutters, put on the Christmas carols, and turn on the oven – it’s time to make some keto Christmas cookies all the family can enjoy. Each Oreo contains approximately 7g of carbs, so if you’re eating a strict keto diet just three Oreos may use up all your carbohydrate allowance for the day. There aren’t many chocolate cookies out there that can boast just 2g net carbs – but that’s exactly what we’ve achieved with these cookies. Before we jump into the recipes we’ll tackle some of the most common questions we get about the world of keto cookies and keto-friendly desserts, so while we absolutely recommend you at least scan the info below, if you are just here for the recipes scroll down to Low Carb, Keto Cookie Recipes. Trim the tree and the carbs. Mini Biscotti Cookies: Chocolate Chip.

We get it – being on the keto diet can be hard! Just mix all the ingredients together and voila! Thought oatmeal cookies had to be a thing of the past when you went keto?

These delicious. Despite the fact that it’s delicious, it probably wasn’t all that often. If you’ve got a pantry full of ingredients then here’s the recipe for you: Easy Keto Snickerdoodles. And, best of all, as keto dieters we can actually eat butter – as much as we want, really. But my son can snack on cookies and granola during “e-school” & I can work remotely without nagging! Namely, this recipe for. She graduated from New York University with a degree in journalism and psychology. Yum!

Such a simple way to get a low-carb treat. For a total carb content of 5g (2g net), they’re pretty awesome. Be warned: you won’t be able to eat just one! We get it, snickerdoodles are a-m-a-z-i-n-g, crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Bite-size cookie dough bites that rival the real thing, and a net carb count of just 1g. of carbs. Need something for a sweet tooth  emergency at work? These 3-Ingredient Coconut Keto Cookies are pretty much everyone-friendly, they’re keto, paleo, vegan, sugar-free, low carb, gluten-free – is there anything left?! Being home bound leads to munching throughout the day & kids do not always make healthy choices. – HighKey has also mastered the brownie, our. However, you’ll find great keto-friendly recipes for your favorite sugarless desserts right here on our site and all over the web. And your handbag. While these cookies aren’t the best looking on this list, they are delicious and will satisfy your hunger without blowing your diet. You won’t miss a thing (until they’re gone.). We know certain fruit is often a keto no-go, but these Cranberry Orange Keto Cookies have managed to work in just a little without costing you a ton of carbs by using sugar-free dried cranberries, dried grated orange zest, and some macadamia nuts.

Dark chocolate can be a part of your keto diet provided you make sugarless choices and move away from the high calorie, milk chocolate most of us would be happy to eat by the pound. These mini cookies — chocolate chip, snickerdoodle *and* brownie style — are all... off. Need something for a sweet tooth  emergency at work? But… have you? Net carbs are just 1.1g, which makes these worth the extra effort. Yes, you’re seeing fabulous results, so you’re determined to stick with it, but you’re also thinking about food all the time. Fathead dough is an amazing invention you can use for anything from these, If you’re a big fan of lemony desserts then these, While you’re not going to get that sugary, crumbly shortbread yumminess you’re craving, there are a ton of great shortbread-style recipes out there. The answer to this is tricky as the answer is yes, in theory. Now, however… coconut is your best friend when you want to hit that sweet tooth. – This article is all about keto cookies, right? eat keto cookies, provided you use keto cookie recipes (like those below) or order some of our delicious, If those chocolate chip cookie cravings are hitting you, and you just have to have a cookie RIGHT NOW, then these, There aren’t all that many cookies you can make without any flour at all, and even fewer that come out, If you’re looking for an easy recipe you can throw together with the keto staples in your kitchen, this, If you’ve yet to hear about Fathead dough, I’m about to rock your keto world. Discounts cannot be used with other promotions. will help you get into the Christmas spirit without throwing your diet out the window. You won’t miss a thing (until they’re gone.)

Delicious, even for picky kids. You’ll be forgiven if you let yourself indulge a little on Christmas Day, but if you’re looking to stay on track every day of the year, we see you.

There are lots of twists you can add with our mix or you can find many keto friendly brownie recipes online. I’ve wasted a lot of money on keto snacks that turn out to taste like bark. Remember that Oreo recipe I promised you above? You’ll be forgiven if you let yourself indulge a little on Christmas Day, but if you’re looking to stay on track every day of the year, we see you. Of course, while that sounds like the answer to our eating-a-pound-of-chocolate dreams, dark chocolate, especially in the highest percentages, can take some getting used to. Highkey © 2020 All Rights Reserved *Net carbs are calculated by subtracting total fiber, allulose, and sugar alcohol from total carbohydrates. They take less than half an hour to make, contain only ingredients you already have on hand (provided you have coconut flour and keto friendly sweetener) and have just 4.6g carbs (1.8g net) for each cookie. If you love all things mint and are missing those sugar-filled treats these bite-sized Low Carb Thin Mint Macaroonsare sure to hit the spot. To make these all you need is shredded coconut flakes (unsweetened), melted coconut oil, and a liquid sweetener. .

Look for brands that use stevia or erythritol (like Lily’s Dark Chocolate baking chips). I know. Do they look mouthwatering? Macaroons in their traditional form aren’t  easily replicated to keto friendly (at least not yet), but these amazing gluten-free, Coconut Macaroons are a pretty good substitution and take just five ingredients to make (four if you don’t want to drizzle melted dark chocolate over the top, but come on); egg whites, unsweetened shredded coconut, vanilla extract, fruit allulose blend, and dark chocolate.

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