hokkien braised pork belly recipe

Dark soy sauces can be a little confusing if you don’t often cook with it, because there are so many varieties available. hi terry,i tried this recipe for my family dinner before we left for our sabbatical. My son Shaun loves Tau Yew Bak. But once in a blue moon, when I decide to be ultra sinful for the day, I will go all way out ! Every single yum here can easily be created in your own kitchen. Cover and simmer for another 15 minutes. Love-hate relationship as it may seem, but eventually at the end of the day, you will just heck care and devour them all because they are simply irresistible after the first mouthful. Thank you! Your Email: :). Return the marinade sauces to the wok or skillet, and add enough water (including the mushroom soaking water) to just cover the pork. Pork belly is my favourite choice of meat when I think of braising, and I love to cook with it in a lot of my pork recipes. Sugee Cookies - Makes Melt-in-Your-Mouth Magic! This is the traditional Chinese way of serving it. This was 25 minutes in the pressure cooker, followed by 50 minutes on the stove top till the liquid condenses into a thick gravy. The key is to have some fat marbled in the meat so that you can enjoy a tender and succulent texture, as is intended for such a dish. Add cinnamon bark and star anise and stir-fry for a few seconds. sedap!! Add salt and hard boiled eggs. We loved it!! The way I like it, with my hand. For more wow factor, you could also keep the meat as one single large slab and serve it whole, to be cut up at the table. Kong Tau Yew Bak (Braised Pork in Soy Sauce) is a well loved, very flavorful Hokkien (Fujianese) comfort food dish. Braised pork belly and its sauce goes very well with plain white rice. Welcome to my blog ! Every Chinese family has their favourite braised pork recipes, and this is one of ours! My dad, in particular, is very fond of this dish. Thanks for sharing … Last night … All happy… Best regards Vivian, Your email address will not be published. A couple of days ago, we talked about making my mother’s braised pork belly in soy sauce, or tau yew bak (in Hokkien)—one of the many family recipes that my mother excelled in. At other times, we’d see tau kwa (a dense bean curd) or tau pok (a fried bean curd with a spongy center), and even fried yam slices. This is my version of the Hokkien Bak Chang which has pork belly, chestnuts, dried shrimps, mushrooms and salted eggs. Ma Lai Gao (馬拉糕) - Even Softer, Fluffier & Tastier! Your Name: Braised Pork Belly with Fermented Bean Curd. Dish and drain. In the meantime, enjoy browsing through ! My Grandma and Dad would make these dishes of soft, tender, braised pork chunks, and I’d be very blase about them, only eating one or two small pieces, and spitting out the fatty bits (which they always claimed was the best part!). Below are some images of this same recipe done using beef shank. Pork belly in soy sauce is a very tender and succulent Chinese braised meat dish, with an intensely flavoured and addictive umami soy sauce! This blog is a collection of foods and stuffs that we have enjoyed so far. My dad, in particular, is very fond of this dish. The shiitake mushrooms and their juices add a rich, earthy and savoury flavour to the braising sauce, whilst the braised potatoes soak up all that umami goodness! Main Dish Recipes | | By Admin. Add a little oil to grease the blades, if necessary. The use of rock sugar and sweet soya sauce not only make the dish more appetising, the sweetness from the sauce is also much more fragrant as compared to just using normal fine sugar. All Rights Reserved. Photos and stories from my adventures abroad, My Dad is a great chef and never follows a recipe. Lower the heat and simmer for another 45 minutes or until pork is soft and tender. Cut pork belly into 2 cm x 5 cm (1 in x 2 in) thick slices. Heat vegetable oil in a medium sized pot. Braised pork belly and its sauce goes very well with plain white rice. If you like this post, you should check out my recipe for Shanghainese style wontons.

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