homemade capsaicin nasal spray

Look at that steam! One of the worst and most scary sounds in the world is listening to a child try to breathe through a stuffed up nose. He couldn't even tell if he was well or not.

1/2 cup raw Apple Cider Vinegar  (Find out how to make your own), 1/4 to 1/2 cup organic Honey (I use quite a bit of honey to offset the acids, and it tastes pretty good this way too!

Then cover the top with cling film to stop the acetone evaporating and put in a cool place for 24 hours. Please do your own research! And better still, you can make it yourself! If you haven't signed up for our newsletter yet, I'd love for you to join our community! Although this is a very safe decongestant, I do not recommend use for children under two.

Instead it was that “hot-pad” feeling. Ten chillies should be the right amount:), I don't understand step 4 , what do you mean by repeat step 2 ....? I like growing hot peppers and have a few spice jars full of Cayenne in the kitchen. Also, it's GOOD for you!

Allergies have become a modern epidemic as millions suffer from various allergy and headache symptoms each year, often with frequent episodes stemming from unknown origin.

You can find these in any store that sells canning supplies. It means mucus is breaking up in those nasal/sinus passages. This allows the herbs to release their active constituents into the mix.

5 years ago Once you’ve got your mix, just neti as normal.

I’d say this isn’t for every day use, but instead to use now and again for bad allergy flare ups. I microwave 2 cups of water in a Pyrex container for 1 minute to get it warm (not hot). If you have ever wondered how to get rid of sinus congestion naturally, you’ll love this quick and easy home remedy for natural decongestant! It felt as though the heat attacked the pain at the source.

There was not nearly the amount of drainage and sniffling as occurred with the ground pepper.

If you are more advanced in your herbal skill, I suggest taking a look at the Herbal Academy of New England, as they have many courses for all levels and interests! ), Ginger:  1 tbsp powdered OR 2 tbsp dried or fresh root, 1/2 tsp Cayenne (I used 90,000 Heat Units for my last batch, and that was quite hot.

Horseradish (optional)---about 1 tsp freshly grated. The vinegar and honey both act as preservatives, while providing the perfect solvent for getting the plant chemicals out so they can work in your body. It’s a nasal spray made with hot peppers. Don't you love watching steam in the cold? http://www.GoToGuyEnterprises.com, Hi Brad, I made a variation on yours (16 oz.

Years ago I had a good friend who had taken Afrin so much (daily) that he HAD to take it or he seriously could not breathe, especially from his nose.

First, chop up the chillies as finely as possible. Could I use nail polish remover instead of straight Acetone? Researchers at the University of Cincinnati sought to compare the effects of a capsaicin nasal spray (marketed under the brand Sinus Buster) for the treatment of non-allergic rhinitis symptoms. Also---one more thing I wanted to mention is about using sinus rinses. Take a look at my online course, The Confident Herbalist: A Guide to Home Herbalism. You can get rid of a stuffy nose and congestion naturally, inexpensively, with a home remedy that really works!

I hope you’ll give this a try! Put that to the side. She was ten years old, and we were having a nasty cold run through our home. Works like a charm (but wear a mask when you spray!!! You'll never miss a thing, and you'll get immediate access to the valuable and growing Resource Library! Mash them with a fork until the are in a pulp. Mix it and filter it.

I know it’s right when the water has a slight pink tint to it.

Thanks so much. In fact, many people suffer from stuffy noses off and on throughout the year due to seasonal allergies. 5 years ago Hz0, 1 tb. I purchase from Starwest because I get super high quality herbs/spices at bulk prices. I'd love to hear your thoughts, and if you have questions about making this decongestant, please leave comments in the comments section! 5 years ago, I didnt use 10 chillies in the photo as I had already done this step, and I was just repeating it for the instructable. 7 years ago Note: I have a high pain threshold so you might want to start with 5 seconds or 10 if you want to work up. Yes, Acetone is nail polish remover. These herbs & spices are WAY better (higher quality, fresher, & more choices) than grocery store spices, which may have been sitting around for years and are not nearly as potent. If I'm using a lot of it, I will store it on the counter. In no manner is any article on my website, including this one, meant to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any health ailment. Regardless of the reason for a stuffy nose, this recipe for natural decongestant is one you can have ready to go, just in case a stuffy nose strikes your home. Sinus Plumber has a capsaicin spray that also comes with horseradish. But still, since I’m not a doctor, if you use or misuse this and wind up losing an arm or something, don’t call me – I am not recommending you do this. These chemical mixtures are often filled with toxins and hormone disruptors. It contains capsaicin, a natural substance found in capsicum pepper. A whole minute does sound intense. Then I made the rest of the mix as usual.

what do i do with the pepper (powder), Reply If you want to colour it, add in your choice of food colouring until it reaches the colour you want.

This can be used to numb the trigeminal … I could hear my grand daughter in the other room, trying to breathe. this is an old instructable but an improvement to this would be take a highlighter and soak it in the water before adding the pepper extracts. This recipe will quickly relieve your nasal congestion and make you feel better fast!

You’ll never go back to using those dangerous over the counter medications with all the side effects ever again!

Just leave a comment in the comments section if you have questions or would love to share! Take your 1/2 teaspoon of crushed red pepper and put it in the dry tea infuser. on Step 6. Here are the basic steps to use: 1) SHAKE WELL. Several applications of capsaicin to the inside of the nose can make the nerve endings less sensitive to triggers of non-allergic rhinitis. ), Cinnamon:  1 to 2 tsp powdered OR 1 tbsp dried chips. I heated 20 shakes of cayenne in 1/2 the water in the microwave. You have now made your own pepper spray!Be very careful with this as it causes coughing, sneezing, temporary blindness, and severe pain. I’ve discovered a few other uses for red pepper over the years. This is a very safe decongestant. Unlike other normal saline nasal sprays our homeopathic nasal saline spray acts as a nasal decongestant for severe sinus pressure and congestion by targeting the primary causes of nasal congestion. Make sure there are no large lumps or the extraction will not work well. You’ll be using kitchen spices that you probably already have. EDITED NOTE: One of my readers wrote in and commented that she would add the honey after the heating process so as not to kill the beneficial enzymes in the honey. I don't know if you still read comments, but can I use chilli powder or flakes instead of fresh peppers (I don't know if I have access to those where I live). 5 years ago Any powdered herbs you used will be retained in the liquid unless you use some paper towel.

Capsinol Nasal Spray works by desensitising the nose. 3)   Third, this natural decongestant has so many other health benefits that work on multiple systems in your body, which an OTC decongestant will NOT have.

NOTE: My longer course will get you ready for the Intermediate course through Herbal Academy. It’s a blessing to be able to make your own remedies! Well you CAN! This is kind of counterintuitive, since it's such a hot and spicy herb.

stuffy nose) is very common as Winter approaches.

Now I’ll try this! Some weeks ago one of them bit me. This is good to deter dogs, when you are biking.

This recipe is not a substitute for medical advice or care. For more at home health remedies that work, subscribe to my RSS feed.

Click to find out more: The Confident Herbalist: A Course for Home Herbalism. Ok , Thanks .. Now it's clear , You can also you may add bleach or soap to make it more effective. ouch! 4 years ago, damn..some serious idea..they should use it in the commercial products, 5 years ago

These herbs mixed with a bit of honey and raw apple cider vinegar are healing and best of all….the work fast to help that congestion go away so you can feel better. Only for use in self defence. I have to make this disclaimer too:  I am not a medical doctor. :-) You may even want to just drink this as a tonic….it’s that good! Safe for kids.

It’s also healthy and healing for your body with no unpleasant side effects. Need to get rid of a stuffy nose or congestion?

How to Make Pepper Spray at Home!

P.S. hotter is better!) It's a pain reliever and also helps to reduce the inflammation that causes the nasal passages to close up.

Since I love my natural remedies, I went right to my best nasal decongestant recipe. The effects will only last for 30 seconds, but the pain may last longer. Added benefit – Surprisingly, the day after this good pepper experience, my breathing was perfectly clear! The effects will only last for 30 seconds, but the pain may last longer. This stuff is like dynamite on plugged up sinuses. If it's too spicy, you can dilute in a bit of water or tea.

Be very careful with this as it causes coughing, sneezing, temporary blindness, and severe pain. We will also add a pepper extract for coughing and sneezing effect.DO NOT WORRY, there is no complicated chemistry involved in this instructable.I am not responsible for any harm you cause to yourself, or others, in the process of making, or using, these chemical solutions. My little caveat on rinsing your sinuses is this, however: Don’t rinse your sinuses or use a neti pot if you have a full blown or beginning sinus infection. Put this to the side for now.

After 24 hours remove the clingfilm and  pour the liquid through the filter paper and funnel into a glass. Please see a medical doctor for any issues. Take all of the extracts from both the chillies and the pepper and mix it in a glass. Put it into a pump bottle and spray onto surfaces where you want to deter roaches.

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