homophone story examples

if they are spelled differently then they are also heterographs (literally "different writing"). This one is themed around ninjas, which students seem to enjoy. Many new additions are thanks to contributions from users like you. ‘You take some flour─’, ‘where do you pick the flower?’ the white Queen asked. The words tael, tail, tale sound the same but have different meanings and spellings. They may be spelled the same or differently. This reading and writing worksheet explains that homophones are words that sound similar but have different meanings and asks students to circle the correct homophones in each sentence of the story. A monetary unit formerly used in China, equivalent in value to this weight of standard silver. “I’m a lawyer,” said the corkscrew, proudly. tael, tail, tale This one is themed around ninjas, which students seem to enjoy. Aren’t is the short form of ‘are not’. Why do storey, story sound the same even though they are completely different words? The answer is simple: There’s a homonym here with the word “bar” – in one meaning, it’s a place where people go to drink (so a corkscrew belongs there). Any of various units of weight used in eastern Asia, roughly equivalent to 38 grams (1 1/3 ounces). As with so many things, the Internet can be a wonderful resource for learning English! A malicious story, piece of gossip, or petty complaint. This isn’t a grammar error, but it is a confusing sentence – does the author mean “river bank” or “savings & loan bank”? These homophones must be worked into the story logically in a way that keeps the continuity of the plot intact. This is called ambiguity. Aunt (noun) or Aren’t (contraction) – Aunt is the sister of one’s father or mother or the wife of one’s uncle. Still, you can follow the stories and see some examples of fun wordplay using homophones. The words storey, story sound the same but have different meanings and spellings. An account or recital of an event or a series of events, either true or fictitious, as: An account or report regarding the facts of an event or group of events: The witness changed her story under questioning. In this example, the author has gotten confused about homophones and made a mistake. ‘in the garden or in the hedges?’, ‘Well, it isn’t picked at all’ Alice explained; it’s ground─’, ‘How many acres of ground?’ said the White Queen.”. Homophone (pronounced HAH-muh-fone) is Greek for “same sound.” It’s when two or more words have the same sound, but different meanings. Examples of Homophones Example 1. Look carefully to make sure you don’t miss any. Definitions II. The answer is simple: storey, story are homophones of the English language. The rear end of a wagon or other vehicle. You can also visit my main business at aafinancial.com. There are two sets of homophones in this passage: flour/flower, and ground/ground (also homonyms). In fact, we just added these homophones A recital of events or happenings; a report or revelation: told us a long tale of woe. Homophones (literally "same sound") are usually defined as words that If they are spelled the same then they are also homographs (and homonyms); If they are spelled the same then they are also homographs (and homonyms); Eye thought there feet If you think we're missing any homophones, let us know by emailing me at al@homophone.com. The, Rose (flower), rose (past tense of “rise”). (Spike Milligan) This is a joke based on a homophone, also known as a pun. In fact, we just added these homophones Discover homophones Homophones by Letter An anecdote: came back from the trip with some good stories. from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition and Wordnik.

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