how does gender influence communication

The explanation is quite simple. Contacts: Interpersonal communication in theory, practice, and context. In general, women see conversations as "negotiations for closeness in which people try to seek and give confirmation and support, and to reach consensus;" and men see conversations as negotiations "in which people try to maintain the upper hand if they can." As a man, perhaps you feel you don’t measure up, or aren’t sure how to measure up to the idea of how a man should be. Retrieved April 28, 2010, from­ /releases/2005/01/050121100142.htm. When we do this, we finally realize that men and women aren't from different planets after all; sometimes we just speak different languages. As a woman, maybe you seek out men who are emotionally estranged and unknowable, accepting distance as a norm. Asked by Wiki User. Although it may seem that the female communication style might be the weaker form, it can also be said that females are more able to establish a rapport that encourages response because of their ability to empathize and connect. Stereotype threat and female communication styles. It may seem obvious that males and females tend to use different communication styles. Perhaps your father was emotionally distant and mysterious, so you’ve viewed men as a quiet and enigmatic. For example, as they go through a process such as decision-making, women tend to talk about their internal psychoanalysis as they go. Why? For example: Woman: "I feel terrible about my new haircut. Sign up for updates – free! But it’s certainly not a hard and fast rule. Take this quiz to find out your EQ and how you can further develop. What do you believe men “should” be like? Based on gender alone, males may be viewed as assertiveness and self-reliant while females can be seen as less competent compared to males for leadership roles. Well, first we need to explore the truths about our own beliefs about men and women. In order to avoid misunderstandings that can lead to arguments, men and women must understand their differences not only when in an argument but also when helping each other. Let's end mansplaining right now. On the CARE spectrum, men are often on the analyzer/regulator side and women are often cooperators or energizers. A woman could think that a man isn't even considering an issue and accuse him of not caring (Gamble, T.K, 2005). Visit us at the Wright Foundation to learn more. Whether it is with words, tone of voice, emotional expression, or body language, the way in which males and females communicate have been explored in a variety of ways to distinguish the characteristics that makes us so different (Disch, 2009). Journal of Applied Psychology, 70(1), 157-163. doi:10.1037/0021-9010.70.1.157, Tenenbaum, H. R., Ford, S., & Alkhedairy, B. Judith’s falls into the area of energizer—where she tends to be the cheerleader of the group. In fact, when we don’t express our emotions, they can cause us to become ill. One area in which the disparity in communication styles can lead to inequality simply based on our biology is in schools and the workplace. Knowing what these differences are can help lessen misunderstandings and build a greater path of communication between the sexes. While males are perceived to have a communication style that is direct, succinct, and instrumental. The woman simply desires to feel that she is understood, and that she isn't crazy for being bothered by certain things. ", Woman: "Then why did you tell me to go back and fix it? Women want to know that there are others who have the same kinds of problems that they do. Men, on the other hand, place a higher importance on active forms of communication such as persuasion and narrative techniques (Mortenson, 2002). ", Tom: "Why are you trying to belittle me? Her boyfriend may offer piece after piece of advice that she may not take, but she feels the need to continue talking about the situation. ", Man: "You could go back and ask the stylist to fix it. Research that focus on sex-role stereotypes like these can influence perceptions based on gender alone, whereas a certain behavior from a male could be perceived in a positive light but when the same behavior is performed by a female it can be viewed as negative (Steckler, & Rosenthal, 1985). In fact, many of our traits were set long before adulthood. Keep in mind that the way we communicate based on our gender is also learned. The differences in the words we use, the tone of voice, and the way we express our emotion can all cause some form of misunderstanding with communication. How many women have said, “Oh, it’s like a man not ask directions,” or, “typical guy, thinking he can plow his way through a conversation.”. 2. Leaper suggests that parents should include their sons and daughters in conversation and activities that will help them practice both types of communication. Gender Influences on Communication Although we may think that our surroundings and upbringings are the influence on how we communicate, there is also a large significance of how we practice communication, which directly correlates with how each gender shapes communication. How might a woman react negatively if a man simply offered a solution to her problem? Gamble, T.K. There is also another factor to consider when studying the differences in communication between men and women. Stop “mansplaining” and fighting to prove yourself in conversation. ScienceDaily. In other words, women tend to desire a sympathetic response to their troubles, so this is what they do when someone comes to them with a problem. When it comes to topics of discussion, how many of us create a divide (conscious or unconscious) between “men’s topics” and “women’s topics?”. Men and women alike can’t afford to skimp on certain qualities or ignore them because they’re not believed to fit in their traditional gender role. For example, we know that before you draw … To help change this way of thinking, gender research that explores what makes men and women alike, rather than different is gaining popularity. Take motherhood as another example. You Just Don't Understand. She may worry it’s selfish to focus on her own purpose and fulfillment outside of the role of motherhood. Now, of course, gender assumptions are a two-way street. This, of course, can be frustrating for both involved. These are based largely upon your experiences with your parents and other adults of either gender during your childhood. Author: Meghan M. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus? Perhaps your mother relied on you for her emotional support and consequently you feel overwhelmed when other women express their emotions, or conversely, you’ve embraced the role of rescuer and look for opportunities to save those around you, even at your own emotional expense. Tom actually became offended when Sue tried to empathize with him. Emotions are healthy! He is a co-founder of Wright and the Wright Graduate University. I’ve known many women who were analyzers and regulators and many men who were cooperators and energizers. ", Sue: "I didn't sleep well either, I never do. 3.

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