how to attach pergola rafters

Nails / Screws with 1″ / 2cm diameter washers. With fixings all the way along the long edge you can then ‘lace’ the shade on that side. Get video instructions about kitchens, bathrooms, remodeling, flooring, painting and more. How to Attach Shade Cloth to cover a Pergola? In many places, it may be necessary or desirable to remove the shade cloth for parts of the year. How much would it cost to build a pergola? The nature of this type of installation is that the shade is evenly tensioned on all sides and that the lacing will gradually even out any discrepancies. Licensed Landscape Contractor. Top Tip – If your pergola structure is attached to the house, then fix this side first, before the shade cloth itself will restrict your access. Place your battens on the top of the structure and arrange them so that they are completely around the perimeter without overlapping each other. Benjamin Hansen. Step 2 Cut the Rafters. Having done some research here are step-by-step guides to three different methods recommended for attaching shade cloth to cover a pergola. Continue fixing around the perimeter. Ensuring that the corners are suitably tensioned will ensure that the lacing will not develop slack later from a knot sliding or the corner being pulled away. Attach end (or front) rafter to both posts with one bolt per post (6” x 3/8”) washers & nuts. Once a strong foundation is in place, you'll finish the project by constructing the roof. They should be at least galvanized, aluminum or best of all stainless steel to ensure they do not corrode.

Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 46,070 times. When you get to the end of the long edge of your structure then you turn and follow on around the perimeter, along the short edge. Ensure the shade is correctly tensioned and attach the fixing through the board to the structure accordingly, this may even mean deflecting the batten slightly.

When you're toenailing a screw, it's important to pre-drill the holes before you begin setting the screws. Each rafter should be spaced 1 foot (0.30 m) away from the next rafter. you can clamp 2 of the together and cut at one shot. – Starting at a corner and progress along one of the long edges of the structure, with fixings 12″-18″ (30-45cm) apart, applying a moderate amount of tension (not stretching the fabric) to the cloth between fixings.– If you have an assistant then have them provide ‘even’ tension while you attach the fixings.Top Tip – If your pergola structure is attached to the house, then fix this side first, before the shade cloth itself will restrict your access. A setback is the minimum distance structures have to be from streets, roads, rivers, and other protected areas. basically rafters will sit into beams and notches will be nailed.

Check out our Planning a Sun Shade – What you need to think about.

Repeat in the second corner at the other end of the long edge. You can stop holding the posts in place once you brace them. Configure the rafters onto the cross beams so that they look how you want. These are simply placed on top of the mesh and hammered into place; they can be found in most hardware stores as generic versions or branded such as the Coolaroo. Trim the cloth to suit.

Place crossbeams on them, bolt the beams to the posts, and remove the nails.

Using the ladder, loosely spread the shade cloth over the entire structure. Your rafters should be the same size as your cross beams, or 2 by 10 feet (0.61 m × 3.05 m).

(Note: These may be relocated at the end when you start to tension the shade but it gives a starting point.). It is not necessary to countersink the holes as the fixings will be going through a washer to help spread the load. Roll the batten board, on the other long side, into the cloth and check tension. You want to try and avoid the grommet and the hooks being located next to each other. Roll the batten board into the cloth on the other long edge, as you get closer to the final position where the board is able to lay flat on the structure you will start to tension the shade. A pergola is an open outdoor structure that is made up of wooden posts and has a trussed roof. How to Install Modern Pergola Rafters Without Brackets. Rafters: Notch rafters at each side of 2x4"x10' rafters, 12inches inside and 1.5 inches width with 1 3/4 depth, this notch will be used to sit on 2x6 Beam. A garden pergola not only adds structure and style to your backyard, it will help add value to your home. With the two corners of the shade approximately in place, you then position the hooks in the structure about halfway between the corner grommet and the next grommet. You should then have the shade cloth loosely hanging by two corners in approximately their final position. … (Match numbers).Tap the bolt all the way into the wood to set it, then add a washer and nut and lightly tighten.

For this particular project, the rafters are spaced approximately 16" apart, which will supply good shade but still allow people underneath to see the sky. Cut the battens as required but avoid having any that are too short (< 2″/60cm).

Benjamin Hansen is a Landscape Contractor and the Owner of Artscape Gardens, a boutique landscaping company in Los Angeles, California. Attached Garden View Redwood Pergola Step 4. Repeat the locating and installation of the hooks for the other three sides. With six different patios (I look after holiday accommodation!) It is much better to cut the cloth leaving it a little longer, then checking, than cutting off too much! It can be easily removed or re-tensioned but also suitable when the structure is not wood eg a tube frame, wire or attaching to fencing. Fix the first batten board down so that the edge of the batten is along the inside edge of your structure. A wooden fence adds privacy and classic style to any outdoor space. With the top and rear rafters in place, use a … Using a short length of line, tie the corner of the shade to the hook on the short edge so it is about 3″ / 8cm away from the structure. When measuring for a shade cloth it is suggested that the dimensions of the shade are ~6″ / 15cm smaller than the frame they are to be attached to as this allows space for the lacing and correctly tensioning. Learn how to install the pieces that make the top of a pergola. Most shade material is remarkably resilient being made from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). Check that all of the fixings are installed tightly and if required you can add further battens to the intermediate rafters although that is usually only needed when the shade is suspended by this method rather than on top of the pergola. This can be done with scissors or a specialist fabric cutter or just carefully with a straight edge ruler and a sharp craft/xacto/box knife.– The weave of the mesh material is such that it should not unravel, tear or fray, however, it is still best to leave as much as possible around the fixings whilst still keeping the cut edge out of sight. 6 October 2020. When you get to the end of the long edge of your structure then you turn and follow on around the perimeter, along the short edge.NB: If you reach the rafter where two shade cloths will join, then turn and follow that rafter as the short edge.You then continue along the second long edge and finish on the last short edge. © 2020 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Finish by nailing your rafters onto the crossbeams.

This method still uses points around the edge of the shade, either grommets (special holes) or clips, but the shade is tensioned by a continuous line being looped from structure to shade cloth and back, all the way around the perimeter.

You can use scrap wood or purchase additional planks for the braces. 8. By using our site, you agree to our. The most important rule in spacing is to keep the distance consistent between all the rafters.

Hold the level against the post as you adjust it so that you know when the post is level. Create a charming entryway for your garden from a pair of old doors. Pour them in with rapid set quickcrete, or if you're on a flagstone or paved patio, use brackets that create a gap between the surface and the post. Horticulturalist Maggie Moran says, “While there are several kinds of wood available for constructing a pergola, the most popular and economical option is pressure-treated pine.”. If you have your pergola posts in, your pergola frame installed, and your pergola rafter lumber stained, you’re probably ready to move onto finishing up your wood pergola by installing the rafters.In this tutorial, we will show you how to install pergola rafters quickly, relatively easily, and inexpensively – without brackets. It is suggested that you use a nail with a fender washer, in preference to screws, to avoid snagging the mesh material.

Mark and cut the first rafter (Image 1). Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. It should be lying flat with some excess (6″ / 150mm) over each edge.– If your pergola/patio structure will require two or more sections of shade cloth then layout all the pieces and plan for the joins to be over a rafter; this will help conceal the join and ensure you can still keep the shade tensioned evenly.Pro Tip: For the best appearance, line up the knitted lines of the shade cloth mesh to be parallel to the structure. Posts: each … All rights reserved. Repeat Steps 7,8 and 9 for the end edges.

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