how to fill your sketchbook

My “art police” are exacting and sneaky- for now though they are napping. I frequently use my Pinterest account to gather photos to use for studies and references, as it’s a great way to organize and gather pictures into one place. I know it’s not that easy, so I came up with 8 ideas to help you fill your sketchbook: Yes, you know that, you’re tired of hearing it. Again, who says that sketchbooks have to be limited to just art? Learn how your comment data is processed. It got me thinking of other good options: S, T, M, V, C, H, I, J, L….there are so many good choices. 6. Make a goal that feels exciting, not daunting. Easy and doable… my inner critic is astonished to see how it looks and I love how it feels light to do! Absolutely great! Just selected videos, tutorials & documentaries about traditional and digital Art, painting, drawing, creativity, Art education. Further reading.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. 10. It’s a continuation of the lesson you’ve got. -Kasey golden, Jake Wyatt, Jake parker, Tools – I did that recently, as I set out to use the letter U 100 different ways in my art journal. On a handheld device. Cats, dolphins, and horses all have very dynamic poses, so they’re a great place to start doing gesture studies from. Thank you so much. You can use it by going to File > New FlipBook.

Plus, gesture studies don’t have to be limited to just human poses and anatomy, they can also be used to study animal poses as well.

It just requires stretching your mind a bit. Amy I just stumbled across an interview you did that was so insightful I had to find your website. I'm a style blogger with a focus on aesthetics and the 13 Kibbe body types! Click here to join!

You may also enjoy a free class I have, How to Make Beautifully Imperfect Art. Remember to stay loose while working on gesture studies. After watching the video below, I realised that this kind of paper is less scary than blank sketchbooks because they already have kind of a subtle pattern on them. Gracias gracias por tantas ideas que nos inspiran. happy S’ing.

The best part about it is that you don’t have to worry about anything, and the result will always be so clean. You’ll also join the Mindful Art Studio mailing list: I’d love to hear how you do with your mark making, be sure to drop into the comments!Creatively Yours, Thanks for all your tips I find them really motivating.

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So assume some of your sketchbook pages are going to look really bad, and that’s ok because it’s your space to try new ideas and experiment with all you can think of. YES – you’ve totally got my approach to helping people get started. Es un honor. Loved this post, especially the warm introduction. I must say I will try to make marks without thinking about the outcome. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. My idea was to use the letter U any way I could to create a variety of patterns.

A sketchbook can help you improve your art skills, but it can also be your friend. There were a lot of different ways to stretch this idea. XO. For example, if you’ve been working with pencils a lot, try out some watercolors. You will have a place to refer back to when you want to see how different marker colors look on that paper, their texture, how bold or subtle they are, if it’s easy to control them…. The signatures make up the pages of your sketchbook, and make binding your sketchbook a lot easier. Hi Amy, cool post!!! First thing you should remember is that a sketchbook is not a portfolio (at least, it doesn’t have to be). I know it’s not that easy, so I came up with 8 ideas to help you fill your sketchbook: 1. I just found your beautiful website and the tips you give to all of us. So why not compiling them in the same place? Have fun creating!

[after an ART FAIL!]
You can do this too. Click here to join! XO Amy, Hi, Amy,

It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Depending on how big you want your sketchbook to be, you can adjust the number of signatures you use. What Kills Your Creative Genius — And How You Can Resurrect It, How the Founder of Honda and an AI Algorithm Saved My Career Crisis, Creative Potential: You May Have More Than You Think, 5 Lessons for Creators From the Success of This Amazing Youtuber.

If there are some quotes or inspirational sayings that inspire you then you should write them down in your sketchbook. So inspiring! How to Create Your Own Challenge in Your Sketchbook.

The editor is pretty simple—you can use most of the normal SketchBook functions to draw your animation frame by frame.

I’m taking some time f. Join me for free weekly Slow Drawing Workshops! In this age of social media and constant comparison, I think we get a false idea about what an art journal or sketchbook should be. Doodling the emotions that a certain song makes you feel can be an interesting exercise to let your creativity flow and even discover something about yourself along the way. Get Inspired with Paper Cutting Artist Carol Held, Books are our most versatile art friends. Gracias Ana Maria por escribirme y avisarme que te inspira.

ThankSSSSSSSS ~~~~~~ Kathy. I’m so happy that you enjoyed the ideas! XO Amy. If you haven’t tried doing fan art for something you enjoy, then try it out to see if you enjoy making it. I’m thrilled that this concept speaks to you! Making a habit of doing illustrations from life can also give you the opportunity to see lots of interesting things you wouldn’t have otherwise, as you’ll begin looking for dynamic compositions and unique situations.

Never thought of U as such an interesting letter!

If you find yourself getting too stiff, try giving yourself a short time limit for each gesture, that way you can focus on speed and staying loose. It would look something like the art supplies swatches we talked about earlier. Thank you! Have fun in your sketchbook! Take advantage of those squares or lines and start drawing based on them. Try out some automatic drawing, or start drawing the things the you want to draw, but feel that you shouldn’t. Therefore, it’s great for any level artist. | FIST BUMPS, DINOSAURS, & PRINCESSES, IMPROVE YOUR ART | 3 Sketchbook Exercises, Composition, Colour & Abstract, VENTING THROUGH MY ART? HI Meggan!

Mar 4, 2020 - Explore Jennifer Deal's board "Sketchbook Ideas", followed by 624 people on Pinterest. I’ve played around with the background colors because “They are the unimportant part” – says the gasping tight part of my brain. 2. XO, This is just great for the days when I need to decompressed ans simply play with my art supplies. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. You don’t need to be a lettering expert to do this. Or if you don’t have anyone you can use for studies, you can find tons of interesting poses online, especially on sites such as Pinterest.
As Mariah Carey once said “baby, letting go it ain’t easy” and I’m sure she was singing about creative perfectionism. Get over the fear of blank paper.


YES!!! Whenever Im starting a new Sketchbook, I write down some ideas to draw to give me a direction. It would look something like the art supplies swatches we talked about earlier.

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