how to handle your girlfriend on her period

Her favorite snacks/foods. So, if you’re wondering what to say to your girlfriend after a fight, here are some quick do’s and don’ts to keep in mind: 1. It also needs to be out in the open so she doesn’t end up blaming her behavior on you. However, it’s very important that when she does apologize and blame her period for her behavior that you don’t jump all over that and start making her feel really bad about it. Covid reinfection confirmed in US man, second bout was more severe, Is 2020 the worst year for civilisation? You’re welcome. I feel like she's annoyed with me. Show kindness and loving to your woman when you may not want to (during her period). She might sound irrational for whatever reason and it may bug you, but relax. Want to pre-pone your periods? 3. Well, they will probably make her feel fat for wanting to do such a thing. Which should be a given. She needs to be able to see that her man respects her, loves her, but doesn’t take her outbursts seriously. She may be more emotional due to hormone shifts, but she is no less intelligent or rational than she was before. He will think, “Well, that’s how she should be all the time. 6. How you handle arguments and disagreements is very important because what you say and do during those moments will either bring you and your woman closer together, or cause you to grow apart. My boyfriend doesn't really understand how much pain I'm in while I'm having my period and doesn't seem to care. It happens. This is the type that usually calls in sick at work and decides to give in to her food cravings--as tiny (Pulse candy) or as huge (margarita pizza) as they may be. Don’t let her period become an excuse to treat you badly. Dedicated to your stories and ideas. Here are tips on how you can make her feel better. It can seem mysterious at first, but with a little understanding of the complex process of menstruation , you’ll become more aware of why she feels and acts the way she does. Seriously. % of people told us that this article helped them. Don’t compare two menstruating girls. When you use Dan's proven techniques in your relationship, she will feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you and begin to treat you in the way that you deserve. Rebecca Levy-Gantt, MPT, DO. She’ll become more aware of it and she’ll be able to control it more and more over time. OK, I say that in jest (in case you missed that earlier when you clicked on this). And now you wonder why your girlfriend’s screaming like a schoolgirl when she saw the guy from the movie Train to Busan. You live in a culture in which periods not only don't exist, but are seen as weird and shameful if they do. One of the best ways you can be supportive of your girlfriend during her period is to take some time to learn about what is happening in her body. Periods can be messy, no I am not talking about the physical process, I mean mentally. You still love her, you still respect her, you still appreciate her, but you’re just laughing at her little girly outburst. Hence, you need me to give you some tips. So, while it’s a good thing to be a bit understanding and have some empathy for your woman as she’s going through these hormonal changes throughout the month, it’s not a license for her to treat you badly. She needs to know that you know what is going on. She has to be able to take responsibility for her emotions around you. Copyright © The Modern Man. She needs you here. I’m not saying always laugh at her when she is angry. How do I help my girlfriend over the phone? You need to be able to laugh at her as you would laugh at someone who you’re not intimidated by when they’re throwing a tantrum. It can seem mysterious at first, but with a little understanding of the complex process of menstruation , you’ll become more aware of why she feels and acts the way she does. Learn about us. My girlfriend always gets stomach aches, is she going through her period? She takes responsibility for her part in the relationship. This article has been viewed 2,083,791 times. Here are tried and tested tips to alleviate menstrual pain. You shouldn’t have to live like that and you don’t have to live like that. The way to tell your woman that isn’t to sit her down and give her a stern talking-to, or demand that she control her emotions at all times. You’ve got try.”. Let HER propose period sex. But don't you dare go around complaining about those mood swings now, because you know what's coming if you do--"Oh, you think you're suffering? At the end of the day, it’s still a hormonal situation. 5 things you should do every morning to control blood sugar levels, 6 tips to lose weight if you have an underactive thyroid, Morning mistakes: Hope you’re not doing these things right after waking up. My spouse has a lot of pain during her period. That is when a woman is at her happiest; not when a guy is tiptoeing around her, walking on eggshells and trying hard to not say the wrong thing around her. If she does end up crying in front of you, do what you'd do with anyone who's crying--a big, warm hug. If you have sex when your on your period can you get pregnant? Why doesn't she ask her girlfriends, you ask? The best thing you can do for your girlfriend during this time is make her feel sexy. You are only joking when saying something like this. When a guy gets moody in response to his woman’s moodiness around her period, she can end up saying that her bad mood and the arguments they’re having are his fault, not hers. You’re much more kissable like that. Come here.”, “You’re really much more relaxed and easygoing these days. It’s not a time of the month where she gets a free pass to be a pain in the butt. For reprint rights: Syndications Today, Maharashtra Public Words Department minister. Frankly, I am confused by this culture, as women (who, need I remind you, make up 50 percent of the global population) get a reminder every month that our periods exist and that we'd better be OK with them (even if Instagram isn't, apparently). They're just the hormones from your period.". Is she starting to get moody and irritable? She knows that she has to do her best to manage your emotions and treat you with respect. If a man lets his woman treat him badly during certain parts of her menstrual cycle, it can become a habit for her in the relationship.

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