how to make nigerian coconut rice

When the water dries to exactly the same level as the rice (see video below), add the shrimps and continue cooking. we eat rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, sometimes for snacks.. Rice is hands down my favorite grain because: If you have any questions about preparing the White Coconut Rice, click here to ask me. Precook the shrimps and peel them or not depending on how you like them. If not, top it up with water. var sc_invisible=0; Break the coconut and remove it from the shell (dispose the shell afterwards), you can also drink the water. Add it to a pot of a generous quantity of boiling water and cook on medium heat for 8-10 minutes. To a medium-sized pot, heat up your oil on medium heat and throw in your chopped red onions. Once rice is almost done, add crayfish, mix together and allow to simmer. I recommend red onions for this meal because it adds some colour. Cover the pot and start cooking till it boils. It was stress free stress free and freaking delicious. 900ml Chicken broth. For the Video lovers , Here’s a video recipe on How to Cook Nigerian Coconut Rice Ingredients for Nigerian Coconut Rice In a large pot, pour in the tomato stew, meat stock and the extracted coconut milk. When we parboil/precook the rice, we reduce the starch content as some of it is poured away. In a clean pot preheat the coconut oil, add the onion and stir fry till the onions become translucent. All the flavors blended in so well. You don't have to fight for these two meals because they are both delicious. Stir with a spatula till all the ingredients are well combined. Feel free to use your favourite similar ingredients. How to make Nigerian coconut rice: Instructions. Leave in the sieve/colander to drain. If you used long grain parboiled rice and you parboiled/precooked it correctly, the Coconut Rice will be done by the time the level of water dries up. Parboil/Precook the long grain parboiled rice. The following quantities of ingredients served 4 people. Precooking also softens the rice to enable it absorb water easily. When you cook this rice as is without first of all parboiling it (especially with rice recipes where ingredients are cooked in the same pot as the rice (one-pot rice recipes), the starch content will make the rice sticky and soggy. Grind the tomatoes, you need 500ml, combine with 4 small pepper (scotch bonnet), blend into a paste. In that case, skip the tatashe peppers and hard port sausage. The hard nature will hamper its absorption of water, again leading to sticky, soggy and burnt rice when you are done. I recommend the long grain parboiled rice because it is the rice that works best with the recipe detailed on this page. Cover the pot and start cooking on medium heat. Step 1 – cooking the meat and extracting the stock. If you can, prepare the White Coconut Rice with all these ingredients listed above, please do so. The hard pork sausage needs to be cooked but if you are using another type of sausage that does not need much cooking, add it in step 6. Prepare the two of them and decide which is best for you and continue with that one. If you parboiled the rice correctly, it should be doen by now. In a roast pan, add your parboiled rice or basmati rice, chicken stock, coconut milk, habanero pepper and salt. • Cook your chicken with 1 seasoning cube, 2 scotch bonnet peppers and chopped onions. Nigerian food vlogger Sisi Jemimah has just released a new recipe tutorial on her Youtube channel. var sc_security="9d00c268"; The seasoning cube is optional because I already used seasoning cubes when cooking the chicken from where I got the chicken stock/broth. Long grain parboiled rice contains lots of starch and is hard. Cover and continue cooking till all the water dries up. This recipe is so easy that you would want to make it often. • … A practical example is when you want to use a bone dry rag to mop up water; what quantity of water can it absorb compared to when you are trying to mop up the water with a damp rag? In the video, she talks about how to make the perfect Nigerian coconut fried rice. Once it boils, add the hard pork sausage. Nigerian Coconut Rice can also be made plain without stews or tomatoes, making it look more like plain Boiled rice, but with a distinctive coconut taste. The science of parboiling long grain parboiled rice: The White Coconut Rice is best served on its own but feel free to serve it with Steamed Leafy Veggies or any other Nigerian Rice Accessory you like. … Sometimes, I prepare. When done with the parboiling, you should be able to cut the grain of rice with your finger nails: no resistance or rubbery feel. Coconut oil. var sc_text=2; Copyright © 2020. We make rice recipes like jollof rice, fried rice, rice and beans, native jollof rice, and many more rice recipes. That's it. Looking for Nigerian Coconut Rice recipe? If the liquid is much more than the rice, you will end up with soggy coconut rice. There's always a war about how best to prepare Nigerian Coconut Rice with team White Coconut Rice always fighting with team Jollof Coconut Rice. If you want the coconut rice to be completely white with no single tint of colour like the one in the image above, do not use any ingredient that transfers colour. This is science. The sausage I used here is the Spanish tasty sausage known as. This time is for the quantity of rice stated in the list of ingredients. Grate the coconut and pour the shredded pieces in a bowl. Bear in mind that the rice will normally rise by at least one quarter of its quantity from the parboiled state to the done state. This recipe post would walk you through how to make Nigerian coconut rice in Four (4) different exciting variation: Classic Nigerian Coconut Rice Oven-Baked Coconut Rice Coconut fried rice Coconut Jollof Rice Coconut Rice And Beans Let's begin... How to make Plain Nigerian Coconut Rice Here's how to make the Classic Plain Nigerian Coconut rice. We have seen the Jollof Coconut Rice, this page is for the White Coconut Rice. 4 Cups Mixed Vegetables. Dice the peppers and cut the green beans into about 1 inch long pieces. When the water is almost dry, add the soft ingredients: onions, green beans and green peas and the tatashe and habanero peppers. Boil the rice in water for about 10-15 minutes (enough were it's not too soft -- because we will be … All rights reserved. There will be no need to add more water. You can use pale looking sausages and hotdogs because they do not transfer colour. When happy with the rice, pour in a sieve/colander and rinse with plenty of cool water to cool it down. Pour the chicken stock and coconut milk into a sizeable pot. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); var sc_project=7832586; Fry … You don't have to fight for these two meals because they are both delicious. Cooking coconut fried rice in the oven makes your life easier believe me Click To Tweet. Ingredients for White Coconut Rice. So enough of the Chit chat.. ☺..let’s get cooking. All Nigerian Recipes. Add the precooked rice, Stir and add salt to taste. Next add coconut milk, add chicken stock and add parboiled rice, combine evenly and all to cook for 15-20 minutes. Make sure you have enough coconut milk so that you can add to the rice if it dries out. How to cook coconut rice the Nigerian Way. It’s not an exaggeration to say that rice is eaten at least two to three times a week in an average Nigerian home. It is the best rice for all Nigerian one-pot rice recipes. How to make Coconut Rice. At this point the liquid should be at the same level as the rice. If yours is more, you will need more time. There's always a war about how best to prepare Nigerian Coconut Rice with team White Coconut Rice always fighting with team Jollof Coconut Rice. Advertise Here | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer, 1 tatashe pepper (alternative: Tribelli peppers). White Coconut Rice [Video] (After which it would have changed to a milky white liquid). . Prepare the two of them and decide which is best for you and continue with that one. If parboiled correctly, the long grain parboiled rice will completely absorb the quantity of water that is at the same level as the parboiled rice. Watch the Video direction on how to make Nigerian Coconut rice here; Bear in mind that the rice will … Add the black pepper and seasoning cube. It is so delicious! 3 Cups Rice. Now we need a pot big enough to accommodate the rice till it is done. The green ingredients (peas and beans) are for colour. Pour lukewarm water on the shredded pieces and leave for about 45 – 50mins. Apart from that, any onions will work. You can use tinned coconut milk but I prefer coconut milk that I extract from the coconuts myself: You get chicken stock by cooking chicken with seasoning cubes, thyme and onions and any other seasoning of your choice. We do not like shellfish in my home but those shrimps work well with the coconut taste. Leave to boil for … 400g Coconut milk.

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