how to test a microwave for leaks

Therefore, by placing your phone inside your microwave and closing the door, you shouldn’t be able to call it, as the waves shouldn’t penetrate the door. A Microwave Leakage Checker is then used to scan the door seals and the front glass. Jen Mills Thursday 31 Mar 2016 8:17 am. Brilliant for food, but not so great for humans. Disconnect the wires and plugs from the magnetron. Repair services have the proper tools to gauge leak hazards. If it rings, you have a leak. MORE : Do you own any of the 25 most valuable VHS tapes? Even if it is leaking radiation, it’s unlikely those small amounts could do you any harm as there are strict rules for manufacturers about how much radiation devices can emit. The … latest news, feel-good stories, analysis and more, R rate drops to as low as 1 but ‘deaths will keep rising’, scientists warn, Five dead ‘after going to lockdown street party where they caught coronavirus’, Rees-Mogg slammed after MP battling cancer ‘excluded’ from debate on the illness, ‘My Little Crony’ map shows web of deals between Government, MPs and Tory donors, Frantic hunt for young boy wandering street in pyjamas at 12.15am. Given that kitchen appliances have to pass rigorous safety tests before they can go to market, most of us trust them not to leak. Step 4: Visually inspect your microwave for possible signs of leakage, such as dust in the door seals. TIP: A repair service must have state-legislated testing equipment, and must notify state agencies of any leaks. Microwave ovens are designed to switch off instantly as soon as the door is opened. Get your need-to-know Instructions Step 1: If you don't take your microwave to a repair shop, While most microwave oven leaks are considered to be too small to create such significant health risks, a microwave that is leaking radiation could cause unknown health risks and isn't likely to be as efficient as it should be. Microwave radiation leakage is rare but does happen. You could make thousands. This website uses cookies to improve user experience. From cataracts to cancer: The REAL dangers of microwave ovens - and how to test if yours is leaking Microwaves are energy-efficient and easy to use, but carry health risks Scientists aren’t sure about exactly what effect low levels could have (but again, your microwave is extremely unlikely to hurt you). However, as the video shows, you might just find that your phone rings even when it is inside the microwave (which, by the way, should absolutely not be turned on at this stage!). In fact, they work by passing microwave radiation through the objects placed inside them, causing water molecules in these items to rapidly heat up. Sign up today to get weekly science coverage direct to your inbox. If the call doesn’t go through, you’ll know your microwave is working effectively. Only one reliable way to test for leaks. The Food and Drug Administration has regulated the manufacture of microwave ovens since 1971. Look for the magnetron, which looks like 2 large metal boxes stacked on top of each other near the back of the machine. Then try calling from a different phone when the door is closed. Your microwave could be leaking radiation – here’s how to check it. Step 2: Take your microwave to a repair professional. Step 1: If you don't take your microwave to a repair shop, contact your state health department or local Food and Drug Administration field office. It’s all thanks to radiation – literally, microwaves – to heat up water molecules in the food very quickly which warms the entire meal. By continuing to use our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. cm. This is not a good way to test the microwave for leaks. This will indicate if the level of Microwaves leaking out is. There are various other reasons why this will not be an accurate guide due to the way mobile phones work, and the way a microwave oven door prevents microwaves from escaping. It’s therefore pretty important that this radiation doesn’t escape the microwave and start zapping people standing nearby. You may have such a weak mobile signal that it would be blocked by the microwave even if the door was open. However, as this eye-opening video from YouTube channel Physics Girl reveals, there is a way to check how effective your microwave is at keeping this radiation contained, and the results might surprise you. The way this works is smartphones also rely on a small amount of radiation to work correctly, so if the microwave door blocks all radiation then the phone inside shouldn’t ring. Fortunately, even if your microwave is leaky, it’s unlikely that the escaping radiation will actually do you any harm. Here’s how to test your appliance. In general it is the door seal that is most prone to cause leakage. If the microwave stops before the test is finished, the water in the glass should be replaced and the oven switched on for a further minute. Just put your smartphone inside and close the door (but DON’T switch on the appliance as a cooked iPhone is not what you need, so turn it off at the plug). Step 3: Unplug your microwave, put your cell phone inside, close the door, and call it from another phone. Being exposed to high levels of microwave radiation can cause health problems, such as cataracts and burns. But did you ever stop to think about exactly how they warm up food so quickly and conveniently? Kostenko Maxim/Shutterstock. 4. You don’t have to be a nuclear physicist to realize that whatever microwave ovens do to food should not be done to humans. Like microwaves, cell phones emit radiation, albeit at a different frequency. If you have trouble finding the capacitor, check the microwave’s manual or contact a professional repair person to help you. This video, by Physics Girl, explains the science: It could just mean your microwave only blocks the specific frequency of radiation it produces. within an acceptable safe level which is 5 mw/sq. Do you own any of the 25 most valuable VHS tapes? You could make thousands! But there’s a quick way to find out if your microwave is leaking radiation, which is also great if you’re interested in the science behind it. Microwaves are perfect when you have just enough energy to heat up some leftovers or a ready-meal Thai green curry. It is very important to check that this is working. Don’t forget that many things emit low levels of radiation around the house, including phones, computers and WiFi, and don’t do us any harm. Microwave radiation leakage is rare but does happen. FACT: Did you know? Find where the wires or plugs connect to the sides of the magnetron and carefully pull them … Worn or broken hinges, corrosion, or a build up of dirt around the door seal can cause microwave leakage. If this happens, it could mean that your appliance is leaky, or it could just mean that your particular model is designed only to contain radiation at certain frequencies; microwaves typically have a frequency of 2.45 gigahertz, while cellular waves are usually either 1.9 gigahertz or 850 megahertz. Microwaves use radiation to heat up food. Here’s how to test your appliance. If you want to be cautious, stand away from the microwave while it is on because the levels drop rapidly the further away you go.

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