i think sentence starters

If you are going to chop logic and use Latin words, Man, we've done so much close-order drill and manual-of-arms that, Colly dog's early training is a rude one, but, Uncle Esau is as cranky as hell, and a peculiar old duck, but, My dictionary says that lepid comes from the Latin lepidus. Example Sentences. He only took me out. Writing is not just magic and I do try to teach students those forms and formulas so that they have a pattern to use in constructing their essays. If you are writing a Reader Response Essay, you will probably need to use a sentence starter from several, if not all, of the categories. 387. Your thoughts about what the author said. I don't think so. What you like about the way it is written. Many jobs require you to carefully read and respond to emails or other information you are given to instruct you on your job. When I read....I was reminded of the (book, quote, story, or article) by.....because. And I don't know for sure, but. Follow the list; (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Very well..you covered all the aspect of I THINK..but you missed one..that is widely spoken in Australia in substitute if I ThINK..and that is : I RECKON, reckon. Granted, he did fail that one test, but. Truly unbelievable. Ipana, a leading practitioner of feline-autodefenestration, also helped. Reckon means guess, or imagine, and is often used by rural types in Hollywood movies who say things like “I reckon I’ll be moseyin’ on.” Reckon means guess or think, as in “I reckon he’s put his nose where it don’t belong one too many times.”, Internet, Chat Slang and Abbreviation List, Phrasal Verbs GET, Definition and Example Sentences Get along, Get around, Get through, Get ahead, How to Use Less and Fewer, Definition and Example Sentences, +40 Different Words For CHANGE, Synonym Words for Change, Strong Adjectives List in English, Appearance, Condition, Feeling, Size and Shape. Did some part of the text seem too repetitive or boring? If that was really insulting, please don't be offended. Some of the sentence starters may give you enough of an idea so that you can write a whole journal entry, or you can use several sentence starters to help you out. I believe/don't believe this argument is true because... What was strong (weak) about the evidence supporting the argument was... What this (story or argument) means to me is. Reader responses also help you connect the new things you are learning with what you already know from your own life and other things you've read. The author catches the readers attention by..... What was less effective was when the author.... because. How did the word choices make you understand what the author was trying to convey? Hey, he took a lot of time to paint that picture for us. Actually, Base-jumping is called an extreme sport, but. I can't help thinking how little good all that working out did him. Considering how she was humoured, when a oneling, I don't want to be orientationist about this, but. What about the tone of the writing helped to create meaning? 49. He could not think of anything else. Very well..you covered all the aspect of I THINK..but you missed one..that is widely spoken in Australia in substitute if I ThINK..and that is : I RECKON. You are very right to observe that creating sentences is closer to mathematics than most people realize. She laughed but only for a little bit. Virginia has been a university English instructor for over 20 years.

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