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It was first worn in Ind… I loved your Dress Mam, and as usual the pics are superb ! And so happy to hear about your great trek to EBC! Here you can see Naoko from Japan dressed for the day at Yogyakarta! There’s only one word to best describe the style in which women should dress in Jakarta: conservative. You can see my friend from Indonesia, Windy Ariestanty clicking a picture of the granny at Klipoh Village.

But I could not do it for Indonesia.

But I could not do it for Indonesia.

Awesome pics and u look lovely in the suit! Any type of clothing, including tight jeans, will draw attention. True that, I too have the same observation! The local women even in villages are wearing skirts and t-shirts.

I often try to do a quick web search about the dress code for women if I am heading to a country for the first time. You may visit a different region and find things different. Learn how your comment data is processed. October 18, 2017 November 26, 2016 by Mridula Dwivedi. Even though you may see young Indonesian women wearing jeans, as a foreigner, the spotlight’s immediately on you. Everest Base Camp trek helped us to prepare for our own adventure to EBC.

So you will find people in conservative attires.
Photos are here:

It has been an amazing ride with me visiting 32 countries till date! I love to read your dress code posts It’s interesting to know how globalization influences fashion in different places. Derived from the Arabic word kaba meaning “clothing” and introduced to Indonesia via the Portuguese language, the term kebaya has come to refer to a garment whose origins appear to be a blouse.

And this is how she dressed for our walking tour in Kota Gede in Yogyakarta.

For the beach a swimwear is absolutely fine, you can wear a bikini or one piece, it is your choice.

The only place I saw a sign ‘dress modestly’ was Arborek Village in Raja Ampat. Also set Sale Alerts and shop Exclusive Offers only on ShopStyle.

A peci, also known as a kopiah or songkokis, is a cap worn by the Muslim men in Indonesia, … You can see even the granny is wearing a t-shirt! Shop over 140 top indonesia dress and earn Cash Back all in one place.

I visited Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Raja Ampat and Bali. However, they are not too strict at Borobudur. Net Sustain Olinda Shirred Floral-print Crepe Midi Dress - Blue, Silk Crepe De Chine And Linen Midi Dress - White, Oversized Gathered Cotton-poplin Dress - White, Maggie Dress in Wildflower Saffron | FWRD, Phoebe Belted Tiered Cotton-corduroy Midi Dress - Brown, Embellished Silk-trimmed Printed Crepe Maxi Dress - Brown, Net Sustain Fae Shirred Floral-print Crepe Dress - Peach, Kate Long Sleeve Dress in Vintage Flowers Turquoise | FWRD, Giulia Broderie Anglaise Cotton Mini Dress - White, Greatness Belted Lace-trimmed Tiered Floral-print Silk-twill Maxi Shirt Dress - Peach, Marlien Maxi Dress in Wildflower Blue | FWRD, Bell Ruched Stretch-cotton Poplin Dress - White, Net Sustain La Barben Floral-print Crepe Mini Dress - Green, Gina Lace-trimmed Embroidered Cotton Maxi Nightdress - White, Crocheted Lace-trimmed Linen And Cotton-blend Mini Dress - White, Asymmetric Chain-embellished Cotton-poplin Shirt Dress - White, Judy Broderie Anglaise Poplin Midi Dress - White, Asymmetric Organic Cotton-poplin Wrap Dress - Light blue, Lizzy Short Dress in Cyprus Print Blue | FWRD, Tiered Printed Silk Crepe De Chine Midi Dress - White, Net Sustain Bette Shirred Floral-print Crepe Midi Dress - Yellow, Pussy-bow Pleated Silk-crepe Midi Shirt Dress - Red, Layered Poplin-paneled Cotton-blend Jersey Mini Dress - Navy, Floral-print Silk-satin Maxi Dress - Green, Cecilia Belted Printed Linen Shirt Dress - White, Printed Cotton-poplin Midi Shirt Dress - Red, Kate Long Sleeve Dress in Orchid Berry | FWRD, Ribbed Cotton-blend Midi Dress - Army green, Bell Ruched Stretch-cotton Poplin Dress - Black, Tie-detailed Floral-print Silk Crepe De Chine Midi Dress - White, Net Sustain Magnolia Shirred Tie-dyed Crepe Mini Dress - Blue, Ruffled Striped Cotton And Crepe De Chine Shirt Dress - White, Aghea Crystal-collar Taffeta Dress - Green. There are some who say that the kebaya originated in the Middle East, while others argue that it may have come from nearby China.

Support provided by Credible Content Writing & Copywriting Services, © 2020 Travel Tales from India and Abroad, Flying Economy with Singapore Airlines to Philippines and Indonesia, Why I Love to Transit via Changi Airport, Singapore, Credible Content Writing & Copywriting Services. Here is how they dressed while they went about their daily life!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. And that brings me to Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple in the world. My observations are based on my stay at these places only! As far as I could understand, tourists could dress as they pleased.

I worked full time in academics till 2015!

However, in the same picture you can see tourists (from our group) walking by without attracting any undue attention. From what I have seen no need to worry about dress code while visiting Indonesia, the way you might have to worry about middle east.

Trip was great and none of us faced any difficulties – no headaches or high altitude sickness. Hi Atul, I hope you will go to Borobudur soon.

ShopStyle and the ShopStyle logo are registered trademarks of ShopStyle Inc. Both she and her friend Hikari dressed beautifully throughout the trip. Windy and I first met in Malaysia in 2012 at a conference where we both were speakers! I guess you can never go wrong if you follow a local for the dress code?

I had so little time between my Philippines and Indonesia trips that I just somehow packed and stumbled on the plane! And here is Naoko again at Penglipuran Village in Bali where we spent an afternoon.

In this picture you see the beautiful Hanny Kusumawati who is an Indonesian writer. How interpret the dress code also depends on the country you live in, do remember I live in India. I am Mridula Dwivedi and I started this blog in 2005. She was part of our group.

As all the Buddhist temples expect, at Borobudur too you are expected to cover your shoulders and knees. Dress Code for Women in Indonesia.

I was invited on the Trip of Wonders to Indonesia by the Indonesian Tourism Board.

I hope this photo post gives you some idea about dress code for women in Indonesia! This place is on my list.

If you look at the first picture you can see a tourist in a sleeveless top. Do remember that it is my personal interpretation. True Sindhu and we retain our quirks too in some ways!

And even though I have not posted it in pictures, shorts were fine too!

You went to Borobudur!

Everyone would request them to pose for pictures, which they always agreed to!

I am envious of you.

But after spending 10 day there, these are my observations about the dress code for women in Indonesia. We went in and did pottery with local women. So, if you are visiting Borobudur do follow the guidelines. Windy is from Indonesia.

Before I write any further, let me make it clear, Indonesia is a secular state with Islam being the most followed religion. I often try to do a quick web search about the dress code for women if I am heading to a country for the first time.

I am teaching part time in 2020 as it is a crazy year! BTW your blog on Mt. I would say it is a small thing to cover up for one day and show respect to the local culture. I would wear a longer dress if I was visiting a village and a short dress if I was by the beach! I quit my job as a professor, thinking I will take a break for one year, which turned into five.

After Borobudur, we visited a village nearby called Klipoh. PS. I did my Ph.D. from IIT Kanpur.

Thank you Pooja, the dress is a gift from my nephew!

There is much speculation as to where the kebaya could have originated from.

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