is henry the author in once upon a time

When she shows Henry, however, he reveals that the boy is him. Zehn Jahre später läuft Henry nach Boston weg, wo es ihm gelingt, die Wohnung seiner leiblichen Mutter Emma zu finden. Fearing Cora will follow through with hurting Regina's father, Emma pushes Regina to do as Cora says and leave the Underworld with Henry and Robin. Status: Having no one else to turn to in this difficult time, she considers Henry the only one who understands her as he has lost family like her and perhaps they could fix each other. Even so, he has a good time and returns to the apartment in high spirits to tell Emma about his adventures. Sure, it served its purpose in allowing him to momentarily play the hero and eventually write them all out of Isaac's nightmare of a story (thanks to the help of his moms, of course), but Henry has the heart of the Truest Believer. He hugs her tightly, unable to say goodbye, and then notices an apple turnover sitting on the table. During the conversation, they are approached by a stranger, who is revealed to be Aladdin. Snow sends David to contact their son again at the haunting booth, and Henry and Hook go with him. Mary Margaret and David announce that they are house hunting for another place to stay, so Henry draws a blueprint of what Mary Margaret's room will become. United RealmsHis apartment (formerly)Tiana's Palace (formerly)Resistance camp (formerly)Swan house (formerly)His house (formerly)Blanchard loft (formerly)His loft (formerly)Boston Angels Adoption (formerly)Phoenix, Arizona (formerly) Emma confesses she believes Tamara is the "her" August spoke of. Although he agrees to look through a copy of the novel where the killer wrote in notes, Henry finds it difficult to get into the killer's mind when the novel itself was always meant to be a symbol of hope, not darkness. Braun Portrayed by: Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He, Emma and David bring her up to speed on Hook's fate in the Underworld, and the danger of Hades' presence in Storybrooke. The subject of one of the e-mails in Henry's inbox is "Zod", Henry tells his adoptive mother that he's become "pretty good" at math. ("Dreamcatcher"), After Arthur attempts to sabotage the heroes' attempt to communicate with Merlin, Henry is called in as a backup to enact a spell with the Crimson Crown, as only someone chosen by the sorcerer can use it. Over at Henry's apartment later, Lucy makes cupcakes for herself and her parents, with each one having a lit candle. He pulls out torn out pages from the storybook, and claims the infant in the drawing is her. He believes, after seeing Victoria accuse Henry of theft, that she may be responsible for interfering with other people's lives as well. Doch Lady Tremaine tötet stattdessen den Prinzen und hängt Cinderella den Mord an. Furthermore, Mr. Gold explains, in order to enact the curse, Regina needs the heart of the person she hates—Mary Margaret. Mr. Gold defends his grandson by opening Pandora's Box to absorb Pan into it. He suggests they work on it as a secret mission, which leads to Regina naming the assignment "Operation Mongoose". When Henry finds Cinderella, they eventually fall in love and have a daughter named Lucy, but they are all separated by a curse. Later while waiting for Tilly to report back, Rogers admits to Henry that he's so invested in Eloise because he feels guilty for her disappearance, as he was drinking instead of patrolling during the night she went missing. Henry thanks her for the pep talk, but walks off in low spirits. Gender: ("A Tale of Two Sisters"), Attempting to reach out to Regina, Henry packs a basket full of chocolate, DVDs, ice cream and red wine to cheer her up, but a raven, carrying a message from his mother, arrives. ("Heart of Gold"), Stepping off the school bus, Henry sees Pongo waiting for him on the street, but when he approaches, the dog runs off. Suddenly, the boy notices something strange outside the window; a beam of light radiating to the sky. Henry's casual banter with him stops when he notices the latter's arm has a burn mark on it, to which he attempts to give Nick an excuse to drop him off on the street. When the person on the other end picks up, she pretends to be a UPS delivery person. Emma informs Henry that a pregnant woman, Ashley, is missing, and she needs to find her. Er wird ins Krankenhaus gebracht, wird aber schließlich für tot erklärt. The father-son duo enters a store to grab some pizza and exit with a few slices. Henry Mills: Everyone loves a little kid full of hope and belief.Weaver: Yeah, I didn't like him because he was full of hope and belief. Robin Hood then calls for Will to tell everyone to pack up camp. Henry later participates in Regina's plan to weaken the sleeping curse by drinking a liquid form of the curse. However, the boy recalls nothing, even when Emma tries to trigger his memories by reminding him of all the things he did when he was August. Henry tries to persuade him to turn himself in and it'll help his case if the police think he is mentally incompetent. This is shown when Regina types in "815" as her password - she allegedly uses Henry's birthday for all her passwords. Then, he takes out a piece of rolled up paper and hands it to Henry, guaranteeing that once it’s opened, Henry will understand why he believes him to be the hero that magic so desperately needs. Later, Doctor Sage receives confirmation through the blood test results that Henry is Lucy's biological father, however, someone poisons her and steals the results. Although Emma is reluctant to let Henry go because of how much of his life she's missed already, Hook reassures her that her son will always have a way to call them through a bottled message if he ever needs their help. This triggers a bad memory in Daniel's mind, and he grabs Henry's neck and lifts him off the ground. Species: Henry is horrified at the prospect his adoptive mother might be in real danger, though Emma assures him they will find her. He still manages to persuade Rogers to let him into Nick's apartment to get the blood test result, which he needs for sussing out the truth about Lucy's paternity. Of course, love can make you do things you may not have ever expected to be capable of, especially when the people you care about most are in danger. Henry decides to help Regina discover the author of the storybook, and call their mission "Operation Mongoose". Haarfarbe He asks for details about how Hook did it, although Emma admits he didn't have the time to surprise her since she already said yes after finding the ring. He is the biological son of Emma Swan and Neal Cassidy and the adoptive son of Regina Mills, as well as being the current Author. ("The Queen Is Dead", "Only You"), On the way back to Storybrooke, Henry and Neal steer the Jolly Roger together. Noticing Emma's fixation on a dream catcher, he angrily confronts her about withholding information, and as his tone becomes threatening, she sends Henry to wait in the bathroom. While hiding, Henry notices a light coming through the keyhole of the door illustration that extends towards a table drawer. As David promises to help Elsa find her sister and talks about how their family never gives up hope, Henry realizes he himself shouldn't stop trying with Regina. The next day, Henry and Emma decide to go on a canoeing trip together. Instead, Drizella freezes him as she carries out her plans of poisoning his heart to ensure her curse cannot be broken without fatal consequences if he and Ella ever share true love's kiss.

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