is the assassin's creed movie canon

Hated by many. I think it's best it is so they don't just do whatever they want with any characters from the games we may see. its pronounced Rikkin not Rykin (this alone should exclude it from canon). Even if the movie and the next game don't share a setting, it's intriguing to think about the ways in which they'll interconnect and play off of each other, sort of like how Unity and Rogue played into each other. This may have already been said, but if you watch the ac movie, it is about Giovanni (Ezios father). However, a couple of things seem to be missing. Nothing else bothered quite as much as some of the thing they did within the movie that DO NOT make sense in current canon. Its frame story also connects it to Assassin’s Creed II era, with Ezio discovering the account of Altaïr and reading it. If it releases in December 2016, as reported, that will most likely put it in the same release window as the next game after Syndicate (provided Ubi doesn't slow down the games' release schedule). Hi there! This narrative centers around Edward Kenway during the Golden Age of Piracy as he sets off to make his fortune… only to be pulled into a conflict between the Assassins and the Templars over an ancient artifact called “The Observatory.”. I believe the movie would feel far more enjoyable being within its own self contained movie universe which doesn't affect or interact with the games universe. And from the heresy novel we know Alan Rikkin knows of Ezio so why he's oblivious now, makes 0 sense. I'd say definitely since it's an original story. Origins is set in Egypt during the time of Cleopatra, and explores the beginnings of what would become the Assassin Brotherhood through a Medjay named Bayek. Syndicate tells the story of twins Jacob and Evie Frye, who must unite the factions or organized crime in Victorian London in order to fight the Templars. Opinions aside at this point there were some heavy lore issues. The animus 2.0 exists in the movie for some reason.... they state Aguilar was a guardian of the apple (a term they've never used before) and refer to him as "the last to hold the apple of Eden" we know this isn't true because of Ezio and Desmond just to name two. given the game series, itll be its own adventure and cannon. Altaïr’s Chronicles is a DS and mobile game following Altaïr before the events of the original Assassin’s Creed. This is my biggest issue with the movie. The Assassin's Creed movie isn't perfect, but it learns key lessons from prior video game movies - lessons that future game adaptions should follow. Given that some of the games, Revelations in particular, take place across the timeline, we’ll be ordering the games by the setting of their main narrative. It's a nice, freeing option for the once beeline that was Assassin's Creed canon.

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