jail food slang

Such prisons generally offer very few educational, job training, or recreational programs. The word “kite” can mean one of three very different things. Bean Chute: The slot from which you get your food when you are in solitary confinement. Wolf tickets: When an inmate sells wolf tickets, he’s talking shit without backing anything up. Ride Leg: This is when a prisoner is stroking the egos of the officers in order to gain a favor. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Molly Whopped: To beat someone in a fight or get beaten in a fight. It gets its name from the continuous set of windows on all sides which allow the officers to see what’s going on anywhere in the dorm. Choke sandwich: A sandwich with only peanut butter. In the Cut: You are hidden away from the guards or surveillance cameras. Here Are 3 Reasons Why. Opinions were divided on whether Swift Annex was fucked-up. Also known as “hats and bats.”, 39. JIT = Juvenile In Training. 4. Diesel Therapy: A lengthy bus trip or transfer to a far away facility, or even an incorrect destination, used as punishment or to get rid of troublesome inmates. Cowboy: Spell cowboy backward. 8 X 10 cells occupied by two men, 24 hour/day lock down broken only by three showers per week. 1. Dipping in the Kool Aid: Attempting to enter a conversation the person has no place in or is not welcome in. Requesting to be transferred to The Box for protective custody. Inmates at Georgia’s Gordon County jail are fed twice a day, about 10 to 14 hours apart. The result is almost always physical confrontation. 17. Prison food is notoriously terrible, and it's not like you can go out to a drive-thru when you get hungry between meal-times. A very good friend, as in “a man’s best friend is his dog.”. 1. The word “kite” can mean one of three very different things. Related: The Many Pros and Fewer-Than-Expected Cons of Hiring Ex-Cons. 48. Glossary of Prison Slang. ... What Is The Difference Between "Jail" And "Prison"? 27. Ride with: To do favors for a fellow convict, often including sexual ones, in exchange for protection, contraband, prison currency, or commissary items. They're untrustworthy and don’t have your back for a second. Got a Body: To brag when you have killed someone. You have the captain, the Shot Caller, and his faithful enforcer, The Torpedo. It means you have some sort of influence with guards or even other prisoners. Do you know what else is hard? Are you starving to use some food slang in everyday conversation? Or watch how that higher up, who has a huge paycheck just for being persistently douchey, acts when you tell him to, "stop being a cowboy and quit all that ear hustling or I'll take the damn keys from you.". There they pick up old cigarette butts and take them back to prison. 3. Meals are prepared a number of ways, but the most common is the blast-chill method. In this story, River CI (Main Unit and Annex) was a psych camp. Agitator: This is a prisoner that uses their skill of manipulation to stir up fights between other inmates. 44. Road Dog: Prisoners that often walk together or also best friends. Whippets: This is drugs that are mixed with Cool-Aid or other similar products. 30. Catch a Square: When you are getting ready to fight. Peels: The orange jumpsuit uniforms worn by prisoners in some facilities. AB: This is the prisoners that is in the White Supremacist gang Aryan Brotherhood. What is it? Have a look at these 13 symptoms! Find another word for prison. 9. Coffee and a Day: When you will be out of prison in just over a day. A prison with a high proportion of inmates who were transferred after checking in (see below) at another prison, usually a Fucked-up Camp. Another name for the officers station in any prison dorm. Duck: A correctional officer who reveals information about other officers or prison staff to inmates. Also used to affirm what others are saying is true. While you might not be confined to solitary, your cubicle might sometimes feel like a cell. It is cigarettes that come packaged as opposed to ones you roll yourself. The term can also refer to any prison that the speaker likes. Fresh Meat: What they call a group of new inmates. Pretty slick, huh? 1920's Slang Dictionary . Pumpkin Head: What you call the appearance of someone’s head after they have bean beaten with a weight inside a pillow case. Related: Ex-Convicts Make the Best Entrepreneurs. Oh, I know you're on a new diet and are now using a standup desk for work, but how about you try out these prison slang terms and shake your day up even more. The word “kite” can mean one of three very different things. It can also mean a lazy inmate. See “Pay to Stay”. Jacket: The reputation a prisoner has or the docket that contains the prisoners information. 19. Up the Road: When someone is transported from jail to the prison. Richard Ramirez “The Night Stalker” the Ultimate Post. Yo Yo: A prisoner that is not sexually active with other prisoners. BB Filler: Body Bag Filler; usually a very ill prisoner. jelly, cookie cream, sodas, tootsie rolls, etc. Beat your Feet: If an officer tells you to move out you better… beat your feet. Monkey Mouth: A prisoner who goes on and on about nothing. Do you have critical gaps in your coverage? It can be a good thing for th OG. You don’t want to get close to a bug. As in, “He did 20 years on the river.”. Time to Feed the Warden:  Meaning one has to go to the bathroom. O.G. during cell inspections and transfers: see Prison Pocket. A cell in which the prisoner is put on “property restriction”, that is, deprived of all belongings including clothing and bedding. At work, it’s your supervisor and general manager. Walkalone: These are prisoners that do not come into contact or exercise with other prisoners and are usually death row inmates. Prison life is hard. New booties: Inmates with first-time conviction, Ninja, (The): HIV/AIDS; sometimes used for STDs in general, 115: The document used to charge a prisoner with an infraction, On the line:  Has many meanings, but usually means something is for sale. Programmer: An inmate who spends most of his time attending classes and improving himself: the nerds of prison, Pruno: A homemade alcohol made from fruit, bread and anything with sugar, i.e. Duck: This is an corrections officer that reveals personal information about another officer to prisoners. Jody: A man sleeping with a prisoner’s wife/girlfriend on the outside. FamBam:  A conjugal visit with children — vs the child-free “Boneyard” conjugal visit, Fish: A new inmate who’s never been in prison before. Shakedown: When prison guards tear apart inmates’ cells looking for contraband. Sometimes they use it in a sock as a weapon. L.W.O.P. Cahoots – Partnership, company or band.“Those to are in cahoots together.” Calaboose – Jail.. Calamity Jane – Obviously the hard-cussing, heavy-drinking frontier woman, but is also a gambling term for the Queen of Spades. Shower Hawk: Someone that looks for his victims in the showers. What it really consists of is any chemical reputed to have psychoactive properties — including, but not limited to, rat poison, cleaning products or herbicides — sprayed onto the closest dead weeds in your back yard, then shipped into prisons by the ton all over the U.S. A dark green padded gown with a hexagonal pattern reminiscent of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, hence the name. Learn how your comment data is processed. Fire on the Line: A warning—“correctional officer in the area.”. Sister: Young prisoners who would trade sex for protection. Waterbags: Prisoners use trash bags filled with water and then attached on both sides of a broomstick to make a barbell and do exercises. Vick: A victim or someone who’s about to be victimized. All Day and a Night: Life without parole. Dipping in the Cool Aid: When someone tries to enter a conversation they have no business in. In any upper and lower bunk situation, this is a person you share a bunk bed with. These are usually people that are not facing murder charges.

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