jamun fruit in urdu

Applying powder of its stone on the skin it reduces the dark spots and skin rashes. The fruit Jackfruit is called as جیکفیو in Urdu Language . The fruit contains has a big seed and little eatable flesh which is discarded. Jab ke aik teesri qisam choti hoti hai jis mein gooda bohat kam hota hai. Har phal k baaray mein aik jumlaa likha ho ga taa k issy aasani say samjh jaa sakay. It is also present in Philippines, Thailand and West Indies. It also contains many bio-chemicals and flavonoids and essential oils gallic acid and oxalic acid malic acid etc., this will be discussed in detail one-by-one. Jamun seeds are also a great option to have all year round. Study shows that black plum lowers the blood sugar so one should not consume  before and after two weeks of surgery. Black plum is the source of the polyphony’s and these are the compounds that are capable to fight against cancer cells and stop their activity. Fruit is reddish to black in color with bluish or white flesh. It is harvested during the summer season. Pakistan's Newspaper on Science, Technology, Engineering, Innovation. Black plum has coolant effects that’s why it helps the liver for proper functioning. I have completed my Ph.D in Food Science and Technology. As a home remedy, the paste of black plum is good for healing cuts and bruises of skin, as it is high in vitamin C that quickly heals the wounds. Black plum despite of the glucose also contains many trace elements. Jelly can be prepared from fruit flesh by adding commercially used jellying agents. It is a good source of iron, apart from the usual content like minerals, sugar, proteins, pigments etc. One can get jamun fruit juice recipe on Urdu Point. English Learning Video. Heavy consumption of cane may cause cough and deposition of sputum in the lungs. Accurate black jamun juice recipe is also given. The fruit has a unique sour taste. This fruit has incestral background in the subcontinent (Pakistan, India and Bangldesh) as well as countries of Southeast Asia and Eastern Africa. The best way to have jamun seed is by consuming it in its powdered form. A rapidly growing plant, it is considered an invasive species in many world regions. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information. Some amazing and surprising benefits of this fruit for human health are given below: Nature has everything that is inevitable and dispensable for the human beings and has put all the benefits for the human beings in every fruit. Black plum has the terpenoids that act against the accumulation of cholesterol and cure it, resultant, it prevents from mostly cardiovascular problems caused by accumulation of cholesterol. Jamun fruit possesses considerable nutritive value. About Neha GroverLove for reading roused her writing instincts. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. (Also Read: Here Are 5 Easy Jamun Recipes To Try At Home), Jamun seeds can be used in their powder to form to further make a number of recipes. Future Trust with Technology from Opencell UK Launches Future Labs. Jamun mein Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Iodine or Insuline pai jati hai. Its has a handsome amount of Ca, Zn. Hazrat Muhammad P.B.U.H  Life History In Urdu | Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H History In Urdu | Hazrat Muhammad P.B.U.H  History | Hazrat Muha... Islam Mein Aurat Ke Huqooq In Urdu | Rights of Women In Islam | Islam Mein Khawateen Ke Huqooq | Aurat Ke Huqooq In Urdu     Islam Mein... Hazrat Usman Ghani History In Urdu                             Hazrat Usman Ghani History In E... Kashmir History in Urdu || Jammu and Kashmir History || History of Jammu and Kashmir || Jammu and Kashmir History In Urdu || Jammu and Kash... Sir Syed Ahmed Khan History In Urdu | Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Biography In Urdu | Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Life History In Urdu | History OF Sir Sye... Tipu Sultan History In Urdu | Tipu Sultan Biography In Urdu | Life History of Tipu Sultan In Urdu | History of Tipu Sultan In Urdu   Ti... Business Partnership Agreement In Urdu What is Business Partnership? 9;  JAMUN MATLI OR MEDE KI TEZABYAT KO DOOR KARTA HE. I am Lecturer in government college university Faisalabad, Pakistan. Captcha loading...In order to pass the CAPTCHA please enable JavaScript. The CGSS organized a Seminar on “Agricultural Developments in 21st Century” at Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, Islamabad. Jamun is a miracle fruit, have lot of medicinal value control so many diseases like Diabetic, Polyurea, Diarrhea, and renal stones etc. Large collection of Pakistani and international recipies in Urdu. 6; jamun jism men taza or naya khoon banati he. Jamun ki ghutli ko pees kar 1 masha ki miqdar mein din mein 3 4 bar pani ke sath diabetes ke liye faiday mand  hai. Phal: Yeh shurooaati sabaq aap koaam phallon k naam sikhaay ga. Har phal ka naam waahid aur jamaa mein likha hua hai. Which Fruits are Best for Weight Loss In Urdu || W... Salt Advantages and Disadvantages in Urdu. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The Urdutotke is an informative blog about tips and kitchen recipes. 7; jamun qabz kusha bhi he. You can make smoothies, have it straight with water or include in meal recipes. Black Plum plays an important role to reduce the stomach heat, because of its coolant properties. There might be some jamun juice side effects, but there are a lot of jamun juice benefits. Presence of anthocyanins in the skin of fruit gives it dark color. Useful Words. Seeds of the fruit are considered to carry many healthy benefits. Jamuns are rich is fibre content that helps improve the functioning of the digestive system. Jamun ka sharbat is famous for its great taste.There is a long list of jamun juice health benefits.Urdu Point facilitate its users by giving jamun juice recipe.Urdu Point also tells that how to make jamun juice.There might be some jamun juice side effects, but there are a lot of jamun juice benefits.One can get jamun fruit juice recipe on Urdu Point. 2; jamun khoon ko saaf karti he. The basic principle is Black plum’s anti oxidant property that produce the protein collagen which reduce the aging process. Persons facing the serious bleeding piles can cure themselves with the black plum at home by consuming fruit or its juice. To overcome the problem of female sterility juice should be used. This big evergreen tree is planted widely in Cauvery delta in Tamil Nadu and Gangetic plains in India. Different nutrients present in 100 grams of are given below in the table with their amount. UrduPoint Network is the largest independent digital media house from Pakistan, catering the needs of its users since year 1997. Saya mein khushk kar ke or bareek pees kar kapar chaan ki hui jamin ki chaal 4 4 masha subha o sham pani ke sath khilane se leucorrhoea door ho jata hai. All Recipes of Jamun Sharbat And Jamun Drinks. Now a days in the developing countries specially in Pakistan, India  and Bangladesh the digestive disorders occurs because of increased heat in the stomach that ultimately increase the SGPT (Serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase, an enzyme which is commonly present in liver and heart cells) which causes the liver problems mostly known as the Hepatitis. Jamun ki ghutli ko pees kar 1 masha ki miqdar mein din mein 3 4 bar pani ke sath diabetes ke liye faiday mand hai. It supplies the healthy blood cells and proper supply of the blood to oxygen. Juices can be simply prepared by blending the fruit flesh (without stone) with water and sugar and little bit of black salt according to taste.

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