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I’m sorry this didn’t work out for you! How much did you use? His recent diagnosis of blood clots in lungs and a leg might give him a wake up call to commit to LC. Also love that your 12-year-old son had no idea it’s keto. There is no other place to pour the water. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and rate. It lightens them up and they are more “bun like” then then denser bread you need for sandwiches, etc. . It looks like a dark rye bread as far as color goes. Thank you again and again! I always weigh my ingredients out like that but it was nice to see that someone else does too, zeroing the scale and adding the next one! The answer is no. 60 minutes works for me. Really fantastic! I bet you could use some of your starter in in some low carb recipes, but I have not tested sourdough starter with low carb ingredients. I’ve yet to do this, so I’ll be interested in knowing how much time they took to bake. Had to throw it away. It does not affect flavor). Depending on your oven, it may need a little more time. (with lots of water of course.) It is a bread recipe that must be followed exactly, and it does take some practice to get it right. But before we do, I have some questions. If you have an instant-read meat thermometer, that is fine. I know that doesn’t help you now, but it’s the best I can do currently. I see that your recipe calls for either coconut oil or butter. I found the outer crusts pulled off like ‘normal’ bread (I like to dip those in my soup first) and the bread didn’t go (what I call ‘pappy’), soft and soppy when dipped in soup and first eaten. So I made this bread yesterday, exactly to the modified recipe (dry/wet bowls, combine). I tend to be wordy. My favorite is red wine vinegar but I also use cider or white vinegar, too. ? Thanks for this recipe. Try taking it out of the pan and baking it on the rack for 10 minutes or so to help dry it out. I have been making this bread for about a year now and it is my favorite of all the low carb bread, but in truth I have always had issues with the bottom being dense and pretty unusable. Hi GG. Scraped easily in to the tin and was remarkably good at not leaving bits behind! Don’t use a regular meat thermometer or you will sit there all day getting a reading and the bread will collapse. It is important to me. Hi Kim, do you think or have you tried oat fiber in place of the psyllium powder? I had decided to bake it an extra 10 minutes (110 minutes total) because the thermometer came out the first time with some wet batter on it. I must try your tweak for the hamburger rolls! It sounds like you have been through a lot. You can see in my picture that it is a little more dense at the bottom of the loaf than at the top. -Kim. And if you could point out where that rascally “70 minutes” is I would love to change it. I haven’t tried taking it out of the pan, so I don’t really know how to advise. I am new to trying keto breads and my last two have been nothing short of a apocalypse . One question about the NOW Physillium Husk Powder, is that Now something special or can I use the regular p.h. Keep the temp at 350 F, and I’d start watching around the 20-30 minute mark, as they obviously will bake much faster. Don’t push on the bread. So interesting… is your baking soda old? One package will last a very long time. Have a nice weekend. Have a great day. I can buy Vital Wheat Gluten(Hodgson Mill) and flaxseed quite cheaply. I have not yet found a metal loaf pan to your size specs, but I did find a foil pan about that size and I baked on a cookie sheet. Let me know how it goes next time. Hi Ann. Thanks in advance, I have never tried subbing the almond flour but you might be able to use finely ground sunflower seed. My favorite Flourless Keto Brownies use psyllium husk powder to get a fudgy cake texture. I just tried to make the bread. I’m sorry Sharon, this recipe works best as written. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU :D. I am so grateful for this site. Thank you, I will be trying more of your recipes soon. The difference probably comes from different nutritional calculators. Did it work or not? Hi! This bread looks amazing. It’s disappointing. -Kim, Great to find the recipe with such good reviews. What you describe is called “tunneling” in yeast breads. -Kim. I love to bake that way. To prevent over-browning, tent with aluminum foil after 30 minutes. Please let me know, thank you! How are you measuring your pan? Bake at 350 but check the temp of the bread before removing. Alas, I am away from home at the week. I knew one 8 x 4 loaf tin would not be enough, so I divided the dough and tossed it in 2 loaf tins and baked for about an hour. I’m thrilled you love this recipe so much! Have a great week. Have you ever frozen a baked loaf? -Kim, Hi Kim, Every loaf has been free formed and baked on a cookie sheet – gorgeous, rustic looking loaf every time. Is this correct? It can’t be over mixed at either stage. Have you tried the Ketogenic Chocolate Chip Cookies? Zero the scale and measure 3 ounces of golden flax meal into the bowl. Because of the slight sourdough flavor I have always added caraway seeds (2 tsp), which I grind in my coffee mill (since I have it out already). I suspect that my new electric oven is hotter than my 25 year old gas oven – at least I think that may be part of the problem. Hard to believe it’s possible! -Kim. Using just the baking soda gave me the best results but if you try substitution and get a different result, please let me know! To be on the safe side, follow the updated directions, and keep the ingredients separate. Have a great week! Have a wonderful weekend, Aubree. I made this last night and it came out just like your pictures! It tastes a bit “eggy” on its own, but when I eat it with something else it doesn´t bother me at all. I like this low carb bread a lot! Kim, I and my husband wish to thank you for all your hard work. -Kim. This is actually a tweak from a Maria Emmerich recipe. I hope you have a nice week! I’m glad you like the recipe. Bread is done when top is golden brown and toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. It became a big clump and not enough water to moisten the powder. I make this recipe for my family 2-3 times a month. When in doubt, cook for another 10 minutes. It also sliced really well after it was completely cooled. I made your recipe, and I used a chart from to substitute Truvia brown sugar for Swerve Gold Sukrin, and the pumpkin bread recipe I made didn’t turn out sweet enough. It is so easy to follow and has always made a great loaf of bread. Thanks for your compliment. I tend to agree with you about the egginess. Sorry! Hey Kim – thanks so much for the great recipe. The psyllium is so unpredictable at times that I still get little clumps every once in a while. (NOTE: Since originally writing this, some have reported that the Now brand psyllium has turned purple. It is a reaction of the baking powder with the flax, depends o the baking powder, sometimes it turns out green. It’s a nice recipe, but there is often a learning curve with the first loaf. lol It’s funny that you taste the flax, when I do not. -Kim. Smaller batch psyllium recipes work much better with standard measurements, but not larger recipes. It took no time at all to make it! Any suggestions? -Kim, Hi- just wanted to make sure about the size of the bread pan. Hi Kim – Thanks for responding and the info. I think it tastes like butter but if you don’t care for the taste, consider adding in savory herbs like basil, oregano and dried garlic next time. Add in the eggs, pure vanilla extract, and pumpkin puree. It is done when the internal temperature is 205-210 degrees F. Makes 20 slices with 3 net carbs per slice. Hoping there is!! Yes, add more salt. I was at a loss for helping people at high altitudes as I am pretty close to sea level. Wow! How many recipes out there say they are the best low carb bread out there?? We imported all of the recipes into a new recipe program and there have been problems on many recipes. Hi Elle. Thanks!! That was several years ago. The bread pan says “8 in x 4 in”, but I just measured it and it has me scratching my head… The bottom measurement (outside – I flipped it over) is 7 3/4 inch x 3 3/4 – including the curve and the upper inside measurement is 8 1/2 inch x 4 1/2 inch! . Here is what I suggest…, Add 2 Tablespoons erythritol (Swerve, Xylitol, Gentle Sweet) to the DRY ingredients, mixing well Thanks so much for your work in making it better for all of the rest of us. Just made the bread. We have the solution! It has a lot of fiber. I have some good ones, but this one is BY FAR the best “whole wheat style” loaf of bread! A woman wrote me many months ago saying that she made the recipe into cinnamon rolls. Jump to: Best Low Carb Psyllium Bread Recipes; I’ve been wondering if it would be useful to have a grinding mill to finely grind low carb ingredients like psyllium husk and sesame seeds. 2) as I suspected when I put the ingredients together, there was not enough acids for the baking soda to react with. It sweetens as it “ages” in the cabinet. What can i do different so it doesn’t smell like baking soda? Oh, Sue, I’m so happy you liked it. Would regular ground flax work? How interesting about the affects from weather. Lol. When I bake or cook with psyllum husk powder, sometimes a bite will have a somewhat grainy texture, like sand got into it. Great questions, Kriss. It is easier to use the store bought egg whites. Bread is one of those things many low carbers miss once choosing a low carb lifestyle, especially when just beginning. I did kind of pack it and push it in the pan after mixing. It’s my experience that a gummy texture can be a result of over mixing or not baking long enough. I’m at a loss. Hi Rosemary. It did seem to work out better when I went to the dollar store and got cheap pans!

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