jeremiah 29:11 13 esv

Passing exams, winning athletics, getting married, winnings lotto, anything and everything. So this misinterpretation of Philippians 4:13, that it can be used to invoke some sort of divine power play without even consulting God in prayer, is clearly wrong. In both cases, they have the same end conclusion. He is content with whatever situation he finds himself in, including poverty. They both misuse and abuse the glorious word of God. This is understandable, as who wouldn’t want strength from Christ? (YLT) Why does God allow bad things to happen? Without Faith only in Jesus, Hell Awaits Us! Follow God's Word Undiluted Ministries on It is essentially used as a prayer for strength during the trials of life, and to provide comfort during periods of physical, emotional, or spiritual pain or distress. When we read “this” instead of “things,” it’s a lot more clear that the passage is referring to specific things—all the things Paul has been talking about—not “all things” in the sense that we can do anything. Christ said that believers will face trouble, which can include trials, temptations, poverty, want, persecution, and more, even including death. With the information that you have now, at this point pause reading this message and read verse 13. He appreciated the gift, but regardless of that he was content, even as a prisoner facing death. “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13. Paul says what he means is that he can handle being brought low, meaning being constrained ( based on verse 11, this means to have little) and he knows how to abound, meaning have plenty. One can think of Jeremiah 29:11 whose misinterpretation and misuse is fueled by how the NIV translation has translated this verse: ... plans to give you hope and a future. Using the Interactive Bible Verse Collection, “Home” by Daughtry – Not Christian Songs. Without Christ, we can do nothing. What Paul was saying is not so much “I can achieve anything,” but “I can endure anything” — which, in his case, included prison. Well, if you don't know what adoration means, it means worship. I was born in a family that religiously used sangomas, ancestors and traditional doctors. – Philippians 4:13. Matthew 21:22, “And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.” Your email address will not be published. Remember, a text taken out of context is a pretext. Christ can banish these disruptive thoughts from our mind and restore balance to us. I can tell you about a myriad of things that Christians profess to be able to do while invoking Philippians 4:13. My whole family practiced this part of our culture religiously. Paul is emphasizing that, what he means by “whatever situation” is that, whether things are extremely bad for him or extremely good for him, he has learned with each situation to be content. In Barnes Notes on the Bible, several specific ways are mentioned that we might be strengthened through Christ: Paul endured severe physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual trials after giving his life to Christ. Well it is not the first. (NASB) Is there anything wrong in using the above quote to spur people to seek knowledge? As long as you are in Christ, well you can do and achieve anything with the strength you get from Him. Your email address will not be published. “All things” in verse 13 doesn’t mean anything we want, it means what Paul wanted it to mean and Paul has told us what it means. No more worship till further notice. He can persevere, share the gospel, and be content in any situation. Let’s accept Paul’s definition and not use ours. The Crossroad YouTube Channel “My People perish for lack of Knowledge.” Hosea 4:6 I have sat in many a church services, conferences and meetings and heard speakers encourage the audience to seek knowledge because without it, they won’t get ahead in life and will definitely be destroyed. It is of note that Paul emphasizes strength from Christ regardless of circumstances, both good and bad, in times of abundance and in times of need.

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