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Why the jet stream flows on an easterly course. As As the earth rotates on its axis, so does the air around it. Now what happens is at the equator the warm air rises up in the atmosphere and goes to this region between troposphere and stratosphere. done clear. When the jet stream is pushed south by a cold air mass, it allows high pressure to sink and create colder-than-normal weather in the South. For this reason, surface temperatures determine where the jet stream will form. Now we know that tropical air is warm and polar air is cold, and it is due its relative locations. UPSC Geography Climate Question Bank ... Velocity of the Jet stream in winter is almost twice the velocity the summer. With the jet stream stalled the STJ was unable to transit across the Himalayas as it would do ordinarily, the monsoon cell to the south, fed by warmer waters in the Indian Ocean, had nowhere to go and as a consequence it deposited vast amounts of rain over Pakistan, Himalchal Pradesh amd Jammu and Kashmir and this led to extensive flooding. Jet Streams are fast flowing winds blowing in a narrow zone in the high altitude above 12000 m in troposphere. View Solution play_arrow; question_answer58) Detailed explanation on how the Jet Streams affect the Monsoons and the Indian Sub Continent ? The altitude of the mountains initially disrupts the jet but once it has cleared the summits it is able to reform over central Asia. To answer this question we will have to answer another question that is, in which direction does the earth rotate? This gives rise to relatively settled and dry weather over India during the winter months. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As the summertime approaches there is increased solar heating of the Indian subcontinent, this has a tendency to form a cyclonic monsoon cell situated between the Indian Ocean and southern Asia. So what happens in one part of the world depends on what is happening elsewhere, after all the atmosphere is one complete environment, it is connected with so many factors. Powered by WordPress. Jet streams can flow up to 200 mph (322 km/h), are 1000's of miles long, 100's of miles wide, and a few miles thick. Positions of jet streams in the atmosphere. During the summer months the STJ deflects northwards and crosses over the Himalayan Range. Jet streams are typically active at 6 – 11 kilometer above the surface of the earth and is mostly found in the troposphere. This blog is meant for UPSC/MPSC aspirants. As we know this region is warm because the sun’s rays hit the earth’s surface at a higher angle at the equator. The stalled system prevented weather systems being drawn across Russia and the kink acted as a barrier trapping hot air to the south and cold air to the north. ईश्वर को समझने का अवसर – What is God – Where is God? A jet stream is defined as a current of rapidly moving air that is usually several thousand miles long and wide but is relatively thin. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In winter the sub-tropical westerly jet streams bring rain to the western part of India, especially Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab. Due to this easterly rotation, rising warm air builds up momentum going the same direction. It all starts in tropics, that is around the equator. The greater the difference in temperature, the faster the wind velocity inside the. With the STJ out of the way the subcontinental monsoon cell develops very quickly indeed, often in a matter of a few days. with extreme values reaching 400 km p.h. This is an an... that blows horizontally through the upper layers of the troposphere, generally from west to east, at an altitude of 20,000 - 50,000 feet (6,100 - 9,144 meters), or about 7 miles (11 kilometers) up. और बहुत कुछ।, जेट स्ट्रीम (Jet Stream) पश्चिम से पूर्व की ऒर क्षोभ मंडल के ऊपर पर्त एवं समताप मंडल की पर्त मॆं विसर्प तरीके से अत्यंत तीव्र गति से प्रवाहित होने वाली वायु धारा को जेट स्ट्रीम (Jet Stream) कहा जाता है।, यह दोनों गोलार्ध में सर्पीले (लहराकर) तरीके से चलती है।, इसका क्षेत्र दोनों गोलार्ध में क्षोभ मंडल की ऊपरी पर्त एवं संताप मंडल की निचली पर्त के बीच में है। यह दोनों गोलार्ध में 20 डिग्री अक्षांश से उच्च अक्षांशों की तरफ लहराकर चलती है।, Click Here :-  [Hindi] A Beautiful Inspirational Story/Examples, Brain Mechanism, नोट:- इसका असर भारत की मानसूनी हवाओं को भी प्रभावित होता हैं। अगर आप देखें तो हमारा भारत लगभग 8.4 डिग्री नॉर्थ से 37.6 डिग्री नॉर्थ अक्षांशों के बीच में आता है।, दोस्तों हमें उम्मीद है कि आप को इस लेख (Jet Stream UPSC) के माध्यम से जेट स्ट्रीम के बारे में काफी कुछ समझ में आया होगा।, आप हमें अपने सवाल और सुझाव कमेंट कर सकते हैं।, Click Here :- महाद्वीपीय प्रवाह का सिद्धांत । Continental Drift Theory in Hindi. As these air masses are forced upward by north India’s mountainous terrain the air is cooled and compressed, it easily reaches it’s saturation vapour point and the excess moisture is dissipated out in the form of monsoon rains. Warmth and moisture are fed into the cell by a lower level tropical jet stream which brings with it air masses laden with moisture from the Indian Ocean. Jet streams are winds that flow high up in the atmosphere. आज इस लेख के माध्यम से जेट स्ट्रीम (Jet Stream UPSC) से संबंधित काफी जानकारियां प्राप्त होगी। जैसे – जेट स्ट्रीम (Jet Stream kya hai) क्या है?, जेट स्ट्रीम (Jet Stream) कैसे चलती है? Notice that the warm air molecules are getting attracted towards colder ones. This provided additional moisture to feed the monsoon systems. A Beautiful Motivational Story in Hindi of a Genius खूबसूरत प्रेरणादायक... Earthquake Information in Hindi – Effects, Causes, Terminology, etc, The Drainage System of India, Indian River System In Hindi, जेट स्ट्रीम (Jet Stream) क्षोभ मंडल (Troposphere) तथा समताप मंडल (Stratosphere) के बीच में प्रवाहित होती हैं।, जेट स्ट्रीम (Jet Stream) दोनों गोलार्ध में 20 डिग्री अक्षांश से उच्च डिग्री अक्षांशों (Latitudes) के बीच में बहती हैं।, इसको परि ध्रुवीय भंवर (Circumpolar Whirl) के नाम से भी जाना जाता है।, इसकी वजह से मौसम (Weather) में बदलाव होते हैं।, इसका संबंध शीतोष्ण कटिबंध चक्रवात (Temperate Cyclones) से है।, जेट स्ट्रीम (Jet Stream) मानसूनी हवाओं को प्रभावित करती हैं।. This leads to the formation of a cyclonic winter monsoon cell typified by sinking air masses over India and relatively moisture free winds that blow seaward. [Hindi] A Beautiful Inspirational Story/Examples, Brain Mechanism. It is full of important facts useful for these exam. Do not mix you left and right viewpoint with east and west directions. Required fields are marked *. So what are jet streams? जेट स्ट्रीम (Jet Stream) का क्षेत्र क्या है? You know… it literally pushes the weather pattern of any particular region. Your email address will not be published. Jet stream usually separated cold air masses and warm air masses, jet stream generally follows the Zig-zag path and formed ridge on war air masses side and trough at the cold airmasses side. - Inspirational Quotes | Inspirational Quotes - Motivational Quotes. ईश्वर को समझने का अवसर – What is God – Where... {Detail} Democracy in India & Other Countries – Direct लोकतंत्र. Ganga River in Hindi : History, Route, Origin, Facts, Tributaries, प्लेट विवर्तनिक सिद्धांत । Plate Tectonic Theory UPSC in Hindi, महाद्वीपीय प्रवाह का सिद्धांत । Continental Drift Theory UPSC in Hindi, A Tribute to Former President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee (हिंदी). Jet streams can flow up to 320 km/h, and they are 1000’s of miles long, 100’s of miles wide, and a few miles thick. On: October 26, 2017. (Area of Jet Stream?) Click Here :- ईश्वर को समझने का अवसर – What is God – Where is God? जेट स्ट्रीम (Jet Stream) का क्षेत्र क्या है? The consequence of this static mass of hot air was the heatwave that devastated Russia. It’s an endless repetition. He was 90 years... INDIAN NATIONAL MOVEMENT MCQs 1. The wind speeds in a westerly jet stream are commonly 150 to 300 km p.h. In the opposite situation, when northern regions get warmer than normal, the jet stream has been pushed north by tropical air. On the other hand east and west directions are fixed. Your email address will not be published. In summer the sub-tropical easterly jet blows over Peninsular India approximately at 14. इसकी क्या-क्या विशेषताएं हैं? Wiley Post, an American aviation pioneer, is credited with being the first person to fly within a jet stream. This jet occurs near the tropopause over Southeast Asia, India, and Africa during summer. This cell is blocked by the STJ which tends to blow to the south of the Himalayas, as long as the STJ is in this position the development of summer monsoons is inhibited. It will he held on 22nd February 2014. A jet stream develops where air masses of differing temperatures meet. Meanwhile the cooled air flows towards the equator creating a simple looping mechanism. Designed using Magazine Hoot. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. This year has been something of an exception. Thus, the jet stream cannot flow due north or due south, but makes an angular approach from the west, toward both poles. What is a Jet Stream – Climatology | UPSC, IAS, SSC CGL, CDS, NDA. Which Indian nationalist leader looked upon a war between Germany and B... PUBLIC POLICY IN INDIA Definition: A Public Policy is a goal oriented course of action adopted and implemented by the government bodie... Peninsular Rivers of India: Kaveri , Mahanadi  , Godavari and Krishna 1)  Which is the southern-most river among the important river... INDIAN HISTORY MCQs 1. There are different jet streams and in respect of the climate and monsoons of India it is the Subtropical Jet Stream (STJ) and the countering easterly jet that are most important. Due to the earth’s easterly rotation, the warm air at the tropics follows the earth’s momentum and goes in the same direction and makes an angular approach from west toward north and south pole. So the seasons of the year, then location of low and high pressure systems and then air temperature, all of these get effected due to when and where a jet stream travels. Sub Tropical Jet Stream: Sub-Tropical Jet stream is a narrow band of fast moving air flowing from west to east [Westerlies]. :-, जेट स्ट्रीम की विशेषताएं (Features of Jet Stream) :-. [Examples] A Beautiful Motivational Story in Hindi, Brain Mechanism. Therefore the earth rotates from west to east. Atmospheric changes over the southern Pacific Ocean led to warmer than usual waters flowing into the Indian Ocean. Now this a very tricky question, people often over-complicate things here. The Jet Stream map shows today's high wind speed levels and jetstream directions. The Lucknow Session of 1916 of the Indian National Congress was held, esp... INDIAN HISTORY MCQs Top of Form Primitive man first learnt to make a fire tame animals make... VEDIC & LATER VEDIC PERIOD: Vedic Age (1500 BC-1000 BC) -It is generally agreed that Aryans orig... 18th Wharton India Economic Forum to be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Left and right depends upon your perspective. Jet streams are winds that flow high up in the atmosphere. Where is the God at the time of Lockdown? Jet Stream UPSC in Hindi (Jet Stream Kya Hai) – Area, Features, Geography. So these are the layers of atmosphere from highest to lowest :–. Arrows indicate directions of mean motions in a meridional plane. The greater the difference in temperature, the faster the wind velocity inside the jet stream. Now these strong winds flow in slim strips so that it can break off into smaller winds that can merge with other strips anywhere anytime, that’s how it will have the capability to push air masses around and affect weather patterns. The main occupation of Palaeolithic (Old stone) people was : A. agriculture ... IAS General Studies (M) - Constitution of India and Indian Polity (100 Marks) QUESTIONS TREND & PATTERN ANA... Indian National Movement 1. There are a number of separate jet streams whose speed varies from 110 km/h in summer to about 184 km/h in winter. In: Geography Notes. From here, this warm air gets drawn toward the colder air found in north and south pole.

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