john 14:6 sermon

He heard my prayer. His people "seek the things which are above," etc. It's real nice to be alive, especially when you are all alive and have no part of you dead." He entered a wretched looking house. Jesus was going away and they could not come where He was going. I know of nothing which men are so reluctant to honour. God be praised, our Jesus is not only Counsellor, but mighty as well; and not mighty only, but Mighty God! )Christ the only means of access to the FatherT. The importance of thus coming to the Father. 1. The letters were crooked. But when the teacher came, he looked and smiled. That though this truth is set before you, it will never be yours but in the exercise of deep humility. Thus hostility has put the seal to the declaration. (See: The Final Passover, Part 1). This is important in the consideration of many expositions given of the words, especially of καὶ ἡ ἀλήθεια. No other being possesses the characteristics which are possessed by our Lord Jesus, and which are necessary to constitute a sufficient mode of access to the Father. What other way so commends itself to an enlightened reason as this.2. He reached out and took her tiny little hand, clasping it firmly in his own. What is that? If Thomas wishes to know the way and the terminus, let him repose full, unquestioning faith in the Son of God. He is our life, as He is our joy, our portion, our everlasting inheritance.III. It all comes because this heaven-descended Christ has come down the long staircase of Incarnation, and has brought with Him into the clouds and oppressions of our terrestrial atmosphere a germ of life which He has planted in the heart of the race, there to spread forever. TRUTH WAS AN ATTRIBUTE ABOVE ALL OTHERS, ESSENTIAL TO THE OFFICES WHICH CHRIST UNDERTOOK TO FULFIL. At that time, no translation of the Bible had been made into the language of that country. She saw that the way of salvation was too narrow for her to carry any of her good works into it.IV. He came into a world that was filled with error and falsehood. He lay awake, after going to bed one night, in fear and dread. That though this truth is set before you, it will never be yours but in the exercise of deep humility. A. After awhile, the doctor came in. (1) Christ is invested with the office of a teacher. The late Dr. Corrie, bishop of Madras, in India, was a chaplain there for some time before he was made bishop. What is that? See Luke 24:26 Philippians 2:8. THAT IT IS A PRIMARY DUTY OF ALL INTELLIGENT BEINGS TO COME TO GOD. In no other nature could He convey a complete conception of His character to the mind.II. He cannot know what caused time, space, or matter, and does not have the slightest idea of the extent or duration of such things. )Christ the only way of approach to the FatherJ. Thus we are cleansed from our transgression, justified from all condemnation, made partakers of the Saviour's Spirit, destined to the Saviour's glory.III. And even death, which remains our enemy in the present, is not one we have to fear any longer for Jesus has won the victory by conquering the grave and promises eternal life to us. To everyone who looks at it, it seems to say: "Riches and rank cannot make you happy. He is made unto us the wisdom by which we come to the saving knowledge of God. Reconciliation was the grand theme which Christ preached, as well as the grand work which He came to accomplish.2. For "truth," wherever it is, holds everything together. To do away with the second, the commanding spirit works in His sovereignty, which makes willing in the day of His power. Christ does not deal with us as machines, but as reasonable beings. (3) The returning man must be fit for the happiness to which he is restored. It protests against certain religious teachings which contravene it. Christ is in them. Would there not be something monstrous in all this? Here is the way for the sinner to approach the Father. Such the Apostles shewed themselves all the time of our Lord’s sojourning on earth: nor could the plainest instructions wholly eradicate the errors in which they had been educated from their earliest years. The Word. Text Ecclesiastes 9.10-10.11 Time 11/09/05 Place Childs Hill Baptist Church We begin with a recap of last week’s message 1. Christianity challenges them. I am susceptible to myths, some myths that are true and some that are false. He had to make the choice to let us plunge headlong into disaster as a human race, as individuals. Conrad Rieger sets before us Jesus as the way, thus: "Where is the man who will give himself to another to be his way? But she had been taught about Jesus, as the Friend and Saviour of sinners. John 14:1-6 “What God creates God loves, and what God loves God loves everlastingly.” To everyone who looks at it, it seems to say: "Riches and rank cannot make you happy. Christ is in them. It was this hope that enabled them to not grieve the death of their loved ones as did the pagans who have no such hope. Then her pale face grew very sad. But where is that Father? (6) I am the way.—The pronoun is emphatic. He is man's "Truth." Other truth will affect your intelligence, your conscience, your luxuries, your civilization. Seeing so many there, we thought it would be a good chance for us to carry on our wicked business. The one seeks and regards Christ as his life only, as He delivers from death; the other as the object of his life.2. We can trust Him with our own lives because He has made provision for us.His life turns our insignificance into significance. Not much science is required to discover which is the path to be preferred, of pleasure or duty, iniquity or justice, selfishness or sacrifice, pride or devotion, purity or corruption. Deeper still is the desire in the heart of the Church. (Homiletic Monthly. Nor will it be evoked by an abstract statement or general doctrine. "My soul was dead towards God. The first Adam was a being of real, inherent, energetic life; but he could not communicate it, he was not intended to communicate it to another. And so Jesus can support all His people.III. And, therefore, there is some process required to mark our circumstances, both upon God’s part and upon ours. This Jesus Christ has also been; but more than all this, and that is why He utters these words, which in the lips of Moses, David, or St. Paul, had been blasphemy: "I am the Truth. Whatever knowledge men may have of the truth, if it do not lead to the establishing of Christ's kingdom in their hearts, it is lifeless, unprofitable, condemning knowledge.IV. The words of the Bible are life. A. BibliographyJamieson, Robert, D.D. There is a vessel lying at anchor, It can make no progress while the anchor holds it. I. "Commentary on John 14:6". But this is what no other kind of knowledge will or can do. In falling, she caught hold of the branch of a tree. (Isaiah 35:8; Habakkuk 2:2). As a Teacher. "I have, Willie. There were those who represented God as though He looked on His human offspring with a complacency which winked at all moral distinctions. When it makes its idol and falls down before it, is it not trying to bring God within the bounds of visibility? Thomas Coke Commentary on the Holy Bible. But Jesus has so much to do with our religion, that we sometimes put His name in place of the word religion, and say of a certain doctrine that it is a truth in Jesus. The boy was wide-eyed with excitement to see how the huge bridge went up at the beck and call of his mighty father. )Jesus, the TruthR. I must have a firm and sure bridge which will carry me over." Comp. Remember —1. Many can see that Christ is "the Way" as a Teacher, but not as a Mediator. It was given. American Tract Society. Prophets The model of goodness is the example of Jesus. Newton, D. D.He is —I. With a very sad heart, her father said: "My darling, the doctor is afraid you cannot live." Christ is the Way —(1) To the Father. Notes on John 1:18, and on 1 Timothy 2:5.). 1905-1909. Jesus is the way to God because He is the truth from God and the life from God. And just imagine that either the child, or the subject should dare to come into the presence of the parent or of the sovereign, unconcerned about the matter wherein they had offended. Do you think that would satisfy him, or do him any good? She took courage. His Via Dolorosa is our Via Gloriosa. Early in his ministerial career, Huffman served as an assistant under Norman Vincent Peale, pastor of Marble Collegiate Church in New York City. Yet it is a persuasion as unreasonable as it is dreary, that man is not made to know the truth. Then I took to drinking to drown my sorrow. CONFIRM THE TRUTH. It is the truth the Bible teaches us about Jesus, which makes us Christians in the beginning. There are many who just treat God in this way.IV. To come into contact with the eternal and infinite mind! The New Testament pronounces all this to be falsehood. It is the truth in Jesus alone which shows us the way to heaven. Gamble. What a sermon in stone that monument preaches! To receive the Truth and the Life revealed in the presence of the Son is to come to the Father by the only Way. It is Christ for us to live. Then I prayed to Him, and He heard me, and ever since He has made me feel so happy!"II. Are not these longings strong and deep in the heart of humanity? He is “the chief among ten thousand, and altogether lovely.” And that which helps to make us like Jesus is the very best thing in the world for us. He must also in this sense be the truth; and were He not the truth in this sense. The best part of me was quite dead; and what made it still worse was that I didn't know it." We do not value these as highly as we ought. Chapman. The New Testament He converts men by the convincing evidence of truth. One night he lay in his berth, and in the dim light of the feeble lamp, he was reading the Bible. Don’t let the tyranny of the urgent strip you of your freedom to decide to go God’s way.I need and want to know the way. About a year since, two of my companions and myself were passing by a church. It is a broad way, because the greatest sinners may come into it, and any number. This daughter loved and honoured both her parents; but as her father told her of one way and her mother of another way, she could not make up her mind which of these two ways was the right one. This is the food that this hungry soul craves. What other way so commends itself to an enlightened reason as this.2. I rang the bell, and asked information as to my way. And, therefore, there is some process required to mark our circumstances, both upon God's part and upon ours. But Jesus has so much to do with our religion, that we sometimes put His name in place of the word religion, and say of a certain doctrine that it is a truth in Jesus. The merit of the work of the Saviour is intrinsically sufficient for the world. It is, therefore, desired for men that they may have the spirit of wisdom and of revelation in the knowledge of God and His Son. The approach must be on His part. How do men come to the Father through Christ? A PLAIN WAY. The Old Testament passage in which the word truth occurs in this sense is Jeremiah 10:10 : "But the Lord is the true God, He is the living God, and an everlasting King." He is Himself the substance of all revealed truth.1. It is Christ for us to live.

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