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Imagine that you went to school and there were no teachers! How do your weekends differ from your weekdays? What qualities do you look for in a friend? Write about what it would be like to switch places with someone in your life (parent, sibling, grandparent, neighbor, teacher, etc.). Show them an example of a journal, and read a journal entry. �÷��ě����$�g3�jt3VQٴ�V߼��������>f��֚#�&�#�} 0����2{#4��Z��q���ffX�#(ݫh+�&���m �l>��7UĿ�3�����5;HO���NI���z���v Talked to me. 6 0 obj 8rʶ�������d�WT'��eL�~.u"A��=9�뗚]��>31�3��X3�����-$e�}��u,��gm�g�6�64$ы��EzL*LZ�_�j���_��]�X��y�[�?�Xs ���N��/��]��|m���sϚƫk_Wf��ȸA�2��)�o��z-di��������2�|m٣��j|5ԥej�8�ɮe�E��7��[����Q�|�IM%ײ�xf)�|6\ k���`Ҳ��䍐.

4 0 obj 24 Journal Prompts for Creative Writing in the Elementary Classroom. 0000062250 00000 n The benefits of journal writing … Write a story about the time you turned invisible. What people in your life inspire you and why? 0000012890 00000 n

Settings Mountain View Elementary School (4) Events 1.

What do you want to be when you grow up? 0000001448 00000 n Describe the biggest differences. %��������� Arrive at Mountain View.

Explain why. Try to describe at least three jobs that you think you would enjoy and be good at. What do you wonder about what it's like to be an adult?

Explain what you think would be a fair bedtime and why. 0000003065 00000 n n�ײ0�%��f������|U��9�l�� 7?���j`���l7���"�t�i��N�f]?�u�h��gM Zʲ4��i���[�&LY��_�x� By writing every day, the students gain fluency while getting a chance to practice important punctuation, spelling, and style skills in context. 3. Difficulty adapting to new fifth grade class. Use sensory detail (sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste) to describe what you do each day when you come home from school. endobj <]>> What are your favorite and least favorite foods? 5 0 obj endstream 37 0 obj <> endobj Explain how you make sure you are a good friend. If you could choose one superpower to have for a day, what would it be and how would you use your power? 3. 0000001331 00000 n In my third grade classroom, students write in journals every day for about 20 minutes.Each day, after read-aloud time, the kids go back to their desks, pull out their journals, and start writing! 0000003876 00000 n Don't fall into the trap of telling your students to write about whatever they want when they journal. 0000006678 00000 n • Elementary Journal Prompts Introduction (10 Minutes) Ask the students to gather in the classroom meeting space. They want their students to produce high-quality writing but struggle to come up with engaging topics to stimulate deep thinking. Use sensory detail (sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste) to describe what you do each day when … 2.

Well-chosen journal prompts yield productive creative writing and make a teacher's life easier. ABOUT THE JOURNAL Frequency: 4 issues/year ISSN: 0013-5984 E-ISSN: 1554-8279 2018 JCR Impact Factor*: 1.140 Ranked #166 out of 243 in Education & Educational Research. endobj 0000000776 00000 n Describe in detail.

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%PDF-1.6 %���� If you could choose one age and stay that age forever, what would you choose?

What do you like about it? What historical event do you wish that you could've seen for yourself and why? 0000008953 00000 n This will open a PDF with cover page, 20 pages with prompts, and 4 pages with extra lines. The Elementary School Journal has served researchers, teacher educators, and practitioners in the elementary and middle school education for more than one hundred years.ESJ publishes peer-reviewed articles that pertain to … Use these to begin your journaling routine and find out what topics your students most enjoy writing about.

x�VK��0��W|GG�^�b'7^�q(R�=�8�R^�������؎�R�� ���Z7~���|���tKJ�OH�8*+/�#�b�l�n���N�zG2���X#��aE��?ՒL%c�-=^Q����jKϔ��h��8��H�+�HJ�Ȕ �8RF��� �"��EA=(� in sociology and has taught school for more than a decade in public and private settings.

Get started with these journal topics. << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> 724 Describe your favorite game (board game, sport, video game, etc.). Do you think children should be told when to go to bed? Guide students to select and use appropriate writing strategies. 2. 2 0 obj Talk about what that day would be like. What cheers you up when you are feeling sad? ۧ��P=�Zh)�y>< Why does it make you proud and how did you learn it?

<< /ProcSet [ /PDF /Text ] /ColorSpace << /Cs1 7 0 R >> /Font << /F1.0 8 0 R stream 0000006905 00000 n
0000011016 00000 n Describe how you feel during that time of year. 1. This is another easy way to use the kids writing journal and give your child a new page each day and put the packet together at the end. /F2.0 9 0 R /F3.0 10 0 R >> >> 0000004479 00000 n What is your favorite season? 0000001090 00000 n << /Type /Page /Parent 3 0 R /Resources 6 0 R /Contents 4 0 R /MediaBox [0 0 612 792] Writing Prompts for Elementary School Students, How to Ace Your University of Wisconsin Personal Statements, The 2020 Common Application Essay Prompts, 40 "Back From Christmas Break" Writing Prompts, Common Application Essay Option 3 Tips: Challenging a Belief, Tips for an Admissions Essay on an Influential Person, Creative Journal Topics Involving Different Perspectives, B.A., Sociology, University of California Los Angeles. x��MHa�����ї���$T&R��+S�e�L b�}w�g���-E"��u�.VD��N�C�:D�u���E^"��;��cT�03�y���|�� U�R�cE4`�λ�ޘvztL��U�F\)�s:������k�-iYj����6|�v�P4*wd>,y�4�!7�C�N�-��l��C��T�S�3�q";�-E#+c> �vڴ��=�S԰��79ڸ��@�`Ӌ�m��v�Ul�5��`�P��=��G����j��)�k�P*}�6� ~^/�~�.�~�a���2 Click the image below for your free printable kids journal. Decided to be silent. These 24 journal prompts are teacher-tested and sure to inspire your students to do their best writing. What unusual animal do you think would make a better pet than a dog? If you could design a whole day to do anything you wanted, what would you choose to do and who would be with you? When is the last time you apologized for something you did? 0000009962 00000 n A�?���Aۙ{ɤT�!P@���M����S 7�Z"�]�,qq���ݘ>]�A�?�Y*�#�Q�Q�C9Gf�������'GB_��)ga�P����4\B^��`Ѳ`��Ҵ����K�W�_'�އ���f�����7G�TY����eJ�y�0�&-� 1�ұ B�U 8����0�0ѝ�P�!Ru�����۳k���k��_�,ӽ 0000006525 00000 n 4. xref If you could go back in time to fix a big mistake you made but it would cause you to make a different mistake, would you fix the big one? 0000002260 00000 n Journal writing is a fabulous way to reinforce your child’s writing practice because it is creative, versatile, and easy to implement into lesson plans. 4.

Beth Lewis has a B.A. Teach students strategies for the various components of the writing process.

Why or why not. 21+ Journal Writing Examples – PDF, DOC. Teach students the writing process. << /Length 12 0 R /N 3 /Alternate /DeviceRGB /Filter /FlateDecode >> 0000004403 00000 n u�^*�0��}(�쐋���V�,I�,Sa@�~Ia�Y�p���t�H�L�+�$��T�UΖ"�P�9s1��^_6 Gradually release writing responsibility from the teacher to the student. What is a skill you have that you are most proud of? stream >> 0000001152 00000 n Introduce the list of writing prompts to the students, and encourage them to read over the … trailer %%EOF Many elementary teachers feel stuck when they first implement journaling into their classroom routine. %PDF-1.3

37 24 endobj What is your favorite holiday to celebrate with your family and what traditions do you share?

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This will result in wasted time generating topics and unfocused writing. Write about what you do on the weekends. 0000007928 00000 n 0000005560 00000 n ... 22+ Writing Templates & Examples; For students doing their thesis work, they would usually turn to scholarly journals that would normally contain articles and/or studies containing relevant source material that could aid them with their study or dissertation. Describe why this is the perfect age to be. 0 Write about your favorite and least favorite subject in school and explain your reasoning. Describe how apologizing felt. �A03|�(�*W�CY�Cj텴d�U?�T Try to describe what they taste like to someone that's never had them.

0000000016 00000 n x�b```"7V1CAd`��0pL� �cky��A������g�CUJ�+�u��h������V^Xdp�MWx�K�☹ƽSܤ,�. endobj

0000004155 00000 n p(:^~OQ����)��������R@���C�p����:ۚ�G� Mrs. Finkle was kind and caring. Students find journal writing an enjoyable experience since the primary aim of keeping a journal is “to encourage students to become involved and interested in writing” (White and Arndt, 1991: 63) without concerning much about errors and time pressure (Spaventa, 2000: 168).

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