juggernaut vs doomsday

The Juggernaut stomps right up to him and tells Thing that he'll regret standing in his way. Sure, and that was a freshly powered up Juggernaught btw since he finally accepted his role as the Juggernaught again in the storyline. How can he lose? They had confrontations in all 3 parts of the Madness storyline but this was only time they really got into it. Juggs after a long battle. He can not be killed. just anwser this question could Juggs take superman with one armed tied behind his back. share. The Hulk simply let go of Juggernaut and allowed him to charge forward after that. Eric Masterson confronts Juggernaut and attempts to stop him by pushing him back, however, the Juggernaut casually continues walking with Eric's force having zero affect on him, at which point Eric falls over, and Juggs steps onto the back of his head and keeps on trucking. You're also ignoring the fact that Juggernaut isn't going to allow Doomsday to do that. Regeneration: Juggernaut can recover 100 points of health but only in a round he is not injured again. The question then would be: Does he get the opportunity to? Gonna go with Juggernaut, even if we use most powerful version. EG: If he dies because he can't breath in an Amazing ranked Argon atmosphere, he revives and gains the Monstrous ability to breathe Argon. TheC2, good point but i did mention how doomsday could bypass the regen and if he is instinctive wouldn't that mean that he would use his abilities to a higher and better extent then juggernaut? Juggsy isn't strong enough to harm Doomsday? Apparently Cain does not like to have his pick-ups interrupted. Juggernaut didn't charge at the Hulk that entire fight, as it was mostly physical attacks. He charges at Class 1000 intensity, but because Doomsday has Shift-X invulnerability, Juggernaut can only do 6 pts of damage per hit. It doesn't matter if he is immune deficiency to damage he can get tired. Juggernaut has three known weaknesses one being celestial technology (which "war" was powered by), magic, and believe it or not his intelligence. DOOOOOOOOMMMMMSSSDDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! 2. Speed equalized, no prep, both bloodlusted, takes place in a abandoned city with them 10 meters apart Juggernaut: 1 Doomsday: 1 Inconclusive: 2 If I miscounted any please let me know so I can keep correct count http://www.reocities.com/Area51/Neptune/7060/main.html. More limited version might inspire a heathier debate. Just my opinion and not based on factual evidence. Juggernaut wins hands down. @supreme_cosmic: I don't even have experience with comics and I can basically understand how stuff on this site works. Doomsday would destroy Juggs and Superman would rip his helmet off then his head.....NEXT. Recently this shield ability has been removed and you as the reader can decide if we use that ability or not never the less, Hulk has never really "defeated" juggernaut to the point of submission (the "war" incarnation of hulk could defeat juggernaut but we will get into that soon.). The unstoppable Juggernaut against the unkillable Doomsday. Archived. The main purpose of this forum is to discuss how to properly index the statistics of characters from a wide variety of different fictional franchises. In the Handbook, it states that Cytorrak grants him with virtually limitless strength. That Colossus was the one in trouble there. and Juggernaught can handle himself againts him just fine. The point was just that it CAN be done. @dungeonian5: Actually War Hulk not only stopped Juggernaut, he also beat the living crap out of him. Juggernaut vs Skaar is more of an example of the fact that Juggernaut gets dealt with by outsmarting, tricking or just BFR him rather than trying to fight him.

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