knowledge in a sentence

Before the general peace of 1815 he had served in North America and the West Indies and gained a wide knowledge of conditions of life on board ship under various commanders. the understanding of a subject . At the same time the old knowledge of nearer Asia was immensely deepened. : Beardslee's knowledge and passion for this issue springs from his own quest for answers following his sister's depression and suicide. Throughout life Carteret not only showed a keen love of the classics, but a taste for, and a knowledge of, modern languages and literatures. It was the knowledge that in all points of religious faith and practice Leo XIII. The knowledge left him calmer than when he arrived. Theodore obtained the elements of knowledge in the schools of the district, which were open during the winter months only. If we take the mere popular view of what is meant by the " old Political Economy," that is, that a generation or so ago economics was comprised in a neatly rounded set of general propositions, universally accepted, which could be set forth in a question we have really to determine is how we can make the best use of the accumulated knowledge of past generations, and to do that we must look more closely into the economic science of the 10th century.. For these problems we want, not a few old-established general principles which no one seriously calls in question, but genuine constructive and organizing capacity, aided by scientific and detailed knowledge of particular institutions, industries and classes. In the light of this knowledge we shall be able to formulate the moral code, which, in turn, will serve as a criterion of actual civic and social institutions. That is the point that the student ought to grasp; this knowledge of God, not the belief in Him, not the faith in Him, not only vague idea concerning Him, but the _knowledge_ of Him, is possible to man. The age of the Son is the period of study and wisdom, the period of striving towards mystic knowledge. Granted that, ideally, scientific knowledge ought to be able to demonstrate all truth, is it safe, or humane, for a being who is imperfectly started in the process of knowledge to fling away with scorn those unanalysed promptings and misgivings " Which, be they what they may, Are yet the fountain light of all our day, Are yet a master light of all our seeing. of the document extant; our knowledge of it is based upon B. We are principally concerned, however, with the results which add to our knowledge of the topography and architecture of the Acropolis. The theory has not found general acceptance, but it proved of great value to geological science, owing to the extensive additions to the knowledge of the structure of mountain ranges which its author made in endeavouring to find facts to support it. This knowledge, joined to what he had gathered by historical reading of equally unusual extent, he carefully digested and gave to the world in his Biographisch-literarisches Handworterbuch zur Geschichte der exacten Wissenschaften, containing notices of the lives and labours of mathematicians, astronomers, physicists, and chemists, of all peoples and all ages. Scheele enriched the knowledge of chemistry by an immense number of facts, but he did not possess the spirit of working systematically as Bergman did. Later writers add nothing to our knowledge, and are chiefly interested in the tarandus, an animal which dwelt in the woods of the Budini and seems to have been the reindeer (Aristotle ap. Even his wit and knowledge of the world were spoiled, and his affected gaiety was touched with sadness, by the odour of falsehood which escaped through every pore of his body.". There are two methods of knowledge: the one by argument, the other by experience. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. 2. The kitchen was open all the time, but Alex didn't drink - or never had to her knowledge. If Patsy had a destination in mind more specific than Chicago, she didn't share this knowledge with her hitchhiking passenger. Richter contributed to the knowledge of the quantitative composition of salts. In the present state of knowledge, however, this can only be done in a very meagre fashion; as the effect of habitat factors on plants is but little understood as yet either by physiologists or ecologists. 117 sentence examples: 1. 744. Towards the end of the 16th century the failure of the alchemists to achieve their cherished purpose, and the general increase in medical knowledge, caused attention to be given to the utilization of chemical preparations as medicines. This (obviously valid) distinction logically involves the consequence that the object, or content, of knowledge, viz. True, Kant refers often to the ideal of a " perceptive " or " intuitive understanding," whose thought would produce the whole of knowledge out of its native contents. "How?" Mike's concern that IF the supernatural were real and MN cannot address this that somehow it will miss certain knowledge is interesting from a philosophical perspective. Instead, she concentrated on figuring out what knowledge she could about the souls in the lake. Examining next what immediately follows the knowledge of pure intellect, he will pass in review all the other means of knowledge, and will find that they are two (or three), the imagination and the senses (and the memory). This is the much knowledge in which there is much grief. Talal says you have no knowledge of our war. 22 examples: If a player's type can be made common knowledge, rational egoists would not survive. Meanwhile much had been done in the organization of agricultural knowledge. knowledge (noun) - the state of being or of having become aware of fact or truth; intellectual recognition of or acquaintance with fact or truth; the condition of knowing. We have but faith we cannot know, For knowledge is of things we see; " but the moral element which Mansel despised is dominant in Tennyson. Those who have believed in Christ are the present representatives and result of this purpose; and a clear knowledge of the purpose itself, the secret of the ages, has now been revealed to men. Most, if not all, of the important knowledge of remedies comes from America, where this subject reaches the highest perfection; even the life-histories of some of the British pests have been traced out in the United States and British colonies more completely than at home, from the creatures that have been introduced from Europe. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. In all the abovementioned genera, with the exception of Hydra, the life-cycle is so imperfectly known that their true position cannot be determined in the present state of our knowledge. Many groups bear at present two names, the one representing the group as defined by polyp-characters, the other as defined by medusa-characters. 117 sentence examples: 1. , If you have the most knowledge on how to fix a car than anyone in your family, you should be the one to look into that weird noise the car is making. It is of comparatively recent foundation (1860), and is carried on largely with French and Belgian capital, with modern appliances and with modern scientific knowledge. All Rights Reserved, Elementary School Most Commonly Misspelled Words. We used the term knowledge because the aim was to go beyond software. Jordanes refers in the Getica to a number of authors besides Cassiodorus; but he owes his knowledge of them to Cassiodorus. Erasmus Darwin (Zoonomia, 17 94), though a zealous evolutionist, can hardly be said to have made any real advance on his predecessors; and, notwithstanding the fact that Goethe had the advantage of a wide knowledge of morphological facts, and a true insight into their signification, while he threw all the power of a great poet into the expression of his conceptions, it may be questioned whether he supplied the doctrine of evolution with a firmer scientific basis than it already possessed. His object in the Traite des verites premieres (1717), his best-known work, is to discover the ultimate principle of knowledge.

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