las vegas yoga workshop

Practice of this meditation will allow us to relate to the newest generation, and sense everything “clear, calm and quiet.” Overflow with energy, touch the hearts of others, and fill their emptiness! His latest release, the single “Guru Ram Das – Mystic Heart” with producer Anthony Molina combines the sacred and secular to form a unique and powerful expression of the divine. We are also offering regularly scheduled live virtual group classes online via ZOOM. Harnam is a sacred chant musician, visual artist, and Kundalini Yoga teacher. They are also well loved for their enchanting kirtans and bhajans. In celebration of Yogi Bhajan’s Birthday RYK Yoga and Meditation Center is very happy to cordially invite all of you to a free community event. Reiki Level 2 is ideal for all Reiki 1 practitioners interested in broadening their healing practice and deepening their knowledge and understanding about Reiki energy work. Room size can only fit 88, please RSVP now to ensure your spot. Gather your friends, family and join us for the FREE party of the year! During this time Durga the Goddess of Valor, Lakshmi the Goddess of Wealth and Saraswati the Goddess of Knowledge are worshipped as three different manifestations of Shakti, or cosmic energy. Immerse yourself in the healing sounds of the LIVE Gong right after the meditation! Anything else less will fall short. This is apparent in the authentic quality of his music and paintings where he often blends genres and pushes boundaries. Thursday, May 7th 2020, 6:00pm-8:00pm, $20. September 27, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm | $25. A chance to get in touch with your body and your soul. We will use Mantra, Mudra, Voice of Consciousness and Visualization to balance your Chakras and your Aura. These special workshops are unique through the aim to address a very important gap in modern times: the spiritual preparation for death, one of life’s greatest passages. When the subconscious is clear then your intuition is very effective and it creates a feeling of order and calm in the conscious mind. We celebrate the International Mother Earth Day on Wednesday, April 22. October 5, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm | $45. Room size can only fit 26, please RSVP now to ensure your spot. It is a practical yogic guide to Life, Death and Afterlife. A live musical celebration of the Spirit bringing a profound sense of inner peace and joyful light. It releases blocks, reduces tension, stimulates circulation, balances the chakras and strengthens the Aura. In this workshop, we will explore the teachings of Ayurveda as they pertain to the Summer season. Whether our tension is Muscular, Emotional or Mental, this tension will lead to imbalances and insecurities – individually and collectively. “If God has written with His own hands that you shall live under misfortune, then by doing Subagh Kriya you can turn your misfortune into prosperity, fortune, and good luck.” Yogi Bhajan. I was practicing yoga here before HIBS took over, and just dealing with it on my own. Opening of your heart center cavity is opening up to your own Infinity. Come out and share your unique energy! Connect with the global community and tune into the power of our collective consciousness. This inner knowing is our compass. Prosperity, like many other things for which we strive, manifests itself when we remember that God is within us. The Divine Mother Meditation is for the great feminine creative force, the ultimate feminine power inherent in all Creation. Wednesday, April 22nd 2020, 6:00pm-8:00pm, $20. You will walk away with new tools and the knowledge of the science behind those tools. They tour nationally and internationally holding their own events and retreats. Iyengar Yoga teachers are highly trained and are able to meet the individual needs of the students within the class setting so that the student can advance in their practice and experience the benefits of yoga. On July 28th we would like to invite you to support and experience the classes taught by the new generation of Kundalini Yoga teachers. Iyengar Yoga Center of Las Vegas so that we may discuss your personal situation and recommend a program that will aid you in your quest for complete health. The purpose of the workshop is to help you eliminate fears, identify and recognize the process of death, answer questions, and give you a special yogic training to prepare for death during this lifetime using methods from Kundalini Yoga. FREE. Well here’s your chance! The sound waves bring the subconscious mind into a balance and meditative state, an effortless meditation and relaxation facilitating the movement of prana throughout the body and psyche. This is a perfect time to consciously release the old and plant the seeds of your dreams. The energy will be multiplied by the New Moon – an extremely powerful time for new beginnings: planting new seeds and putting new cycles into motion. It is just part of the human experience. You can attend: Kundalini Yoga, LIVE Gong Meditation, Pranayam, Kriya Flow, Chakra Sound Healing Meditation, Music & Mantra for the Soul. Guru Purnima honors Lord Shiva “the First Yogi” teaching the yogic techniques to his seven students & the great sage Vyasa, who is a symbol of the sacredness of the Guru/disciple tradition. Heal the wounds of love and become one with Infinite Love! Certain mantras are to be cherished like the most rare & beautiful gems and this ancient meditation is just such a find. This meditation can eliminate fear and fulfill the longings of the heart. Through breathing, moving and chanting we prepare ourselves to receive the energy of the Divine which will direct us into our True Destiny. This meditation clears fears, buried anger, and negative thoughts from the different layers of our mind, every negative emotion and thought you`ve been carrying for a long time. This workshop will give you such training. We will all come together, practice yoga, chant & meditate, dance, eat and share in a dynamic transformational experience! When these are removed you can deal with things as they actually are rather than as your fears por­tray them. Prosperity is a way of living, a form of consciousness. Within families, there is a karmic inheritance that is handed down the family line along with the genetic blueprint. In a safe, loving, sacred space, we shift into a higher vibration to express our truth through movement. Harnam will take you deep into a meditative space with powerful sacred mantra, his soulful voice and beautiful guitar. Practicing this meditation is both a science and an art. This auspicious day is also celebrated by Buddhists in honor of Lord Buddha, who gave his first sermon on this day. ANIMA is an amazing class for all kinds of people and pets. As this happens there is usually a metabolic adjustment to the new level of energy in the body. Every person on planet Earth is affected by this shift. New Moon Gong Bath Meditation. It releases blocks, reduces tension, stimulates circulation, balance the chakras and strengthens the Aura. Together with the Full Moon this makes a very auspicious time for meditation and spiritual growth. Sunday, February 23rd 2020, 12:00pm-2:00pm. Note: You`ll also learn a very powerful mantra to protect yourself from all negative energy: black magic, psychic attack, evil eye, lawsuits, etc. The Full Moon in July is the Guru Purnima and many of the spiritual traditions around the world celebrate this special day dedicated to the memory of all Masters. Many changes will take place providing a space and time for humanity to wake up to their true essence. Prizes! This is also an auspicious time when the veil between the physical and the spiritual worlds is thinned, bringing opportunities to access and use divine energy into one’s life. Throughout the ages our ancestors gathered to celebrate and honor the sun during the special times of the year. Through the practice of YIN, we are able to greatly reduce tensions by targeting the fascia/connective tissue, thereby allowing for a more balanced and harmonious life. Please join Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda for a sensational night of music, chanting and connection. During this rare and auspicious Black New Moon join us to celebrate the special Parents Day to honor your mother and father, along with all your ancestors in your family blood lineage. Come away with a good understanding of how Ayurveda teaches us to stay cool and balanced throughout the summer months. At the same time, we will not forget our friends Vata and Kapha! Whether an intimate solo concert or with his amazing band – everyone will be uplifted by the experience. July 30, 2019. Reiki Level 2 Attunement and Certification Training, Reiki Level 1 Attunement and Certification Training, New Moon Meditation for a Renewed Self Concept, E M B O D I E D – a Kundalini Yoga and Creative Arts Immersion, Life, Death & the Afterlife Workshop with Cosmin, New Moon Meditation to Bring Prosperity Home, Full Moon Meditation to Make the Impossible Possible, New Moon Meditation for Healing Ourselves and the World, Full Moon Meditation to Break the Hypnotic Trance, New Moon Meditation to Heal Ancestral Karma, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Meditation for Spiritual Acceleration, New Moon Solar Eclipse Summer Solstice Meditation, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Meditation for Healing, Full Moon Meditation to Clean the Subconscious Mind, New Moon Meditation for Mother Earth`s Day, Full Moon Meditation to Heal Anxiety & Remove Fear, New Moon Meditation Tershula Kriya “Thunderbolt of Shiva”, Full Moon Meditation to “Fall in Love with Yourself”, New Moon Meditation to Heal a Broken Heart, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Meditation for Prosperity, 40 Day Yoga and Meditation Challenge for Spiritual Acceleration, E M B O D I E D – a Kundalini Yoga and Creative Arts Immersion with Sat Amrit Kaur, Healthy Tools for Modern Yogi workshop with Corina, Chant and Heart Songs Concert with Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda, Full Moon Mercury Transit Meditation “Kirtan Kriya”, Diwali New Moon Meditation to Synchronize with the Universal Light, Law of Karma & Reincarnation workshop with Cosmin, Full Moon Meditation The Healing Ring of Tantra, 7th Annual Celebration of Life – Growing a Healthy & Happy Community – A FREE Community Event, Black New Moon Meditation to Heal Ancestral Karma, Ayurveda for the Summer Workshop with Abhaya, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training – Taking the Classroom Online, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training – More Than A Training Program. It’s a fundamental, basic change which is happening.”. My desire is to provide the people in my community with professional instruction and a state-of-the-art facility in which to practice and learn yoga. Saturday, August 15th 2020, 6:00pm-8:00pm. Training includes both in-class theory (manual is provided) and hands-on practice. Through chanting and visualization, this meditation brings mental balance, protection, eliminates enemies, and blocks the impact of animosity. In turn, these are replaced with positive ones, thought patterns that serve and uplift you, habits that help you grow as a healthy and happy human being. “Tershula” can activate the self-healing process. When time and space collapse, we have the ability to tune into the greater essence of life. There is no way out. The ancient symbol for this was the Hindu God of Wisdom, Prosperity, Happiness and Good Fortune, Ganesha. 12 people in-studio or available to take Online, $198 The Heavens have changed, Earth has no option. Use the energy of the New Moon and the auspicious time of the Chinese New Year to heal your heart! Choose any class from the Calendar below to see a detailed description and Reserve. This is an opportunity to dedicate self renewal, healing, and balance for our Mother Earth as you participate in this wonderful event. Celebration of the Human Spirit where I becomes WE! These meditations increase your inner balance, projection & strength while connecting you to the original source of teachings so you may wake up to your soul`s purpose. The energy helps to reestablish balance and harmony on the physical, emotional, and spiritual planes so that the natural function of the body is restored. Thursday, September 17th 2020, 6:00pm-8:00pm, Online $20. I thought yoga might help, but I wasn't sure I'd be able to do all these moves without hurting myself.

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