last of us 2 leak spoilers reddit

Don’t count on the mode being ready anytime soon, but it seems Naughty Dog is indeed working on it. Different priorities and the scale of a R* game and what goes into them is just out of this world and unrealistic for others. Sound design is off though, That horse anime at the end. JavaScript is disabled. Still not convinced. The game is gonna leak before it comes out, isn't it. The person who uploaded this said "Yes, there is more. This game is gonna sell like crazy but if the leaks are real no one's gonna like it. But not everything is 100% confirmed yet, there are not many videos. Why are people saying that Joel is dead? But I am sure fans are angry that their game is getting leaked and spoiled everywhere. Lmfao. After the massive leaks of The last of us 2 content. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Ellie and Dina. THERE'S NO RELEASE DATE!!! to someone who saw the all the leaks, is 4chan leak correct? This game still looks super mid. Note that please don’t post spoilers in the comments and don’tbe that person, alright? Judging by how badly this person is playing, definitely not b-roll. Is there another video? I only half jest. You must log in or register to reply here. Yeah the dialogue is kind of weird. Sucker Punch really gonna carry Sony first-party for the rest of this year huh. if anything this has made me less upset about the delay. I think this is from the demo from a few months ago, so I'd imagine they've changed it to be better since then. We managed to get The Last of Us 2 story including the ending. Sounds like they are in a room instead of outside. Posted on video game forum ResetEra, the videos and channel has since been taken down. Having subreddit posts sorted by “Hot” should hopefully filter out these posts as they shouldn’t appear because they wont get upvoted and wont get a lot of comments. The story sounds like its gonna be as cringe as the leaks. Another time.". The Last of us 2 Story We’ll automatically delete anything that touches on knowledge that’s not publicly know. Lmfao why is all of this shit leaking now lol. As the title says, apparently there was just a new leak of unreleased The Last of Us Part II footage and it supposedly contains quite some heavy spoilers. Stay out of this thread if you don't want anything being spoiled You can't spoil something which is already rotten. Even on the PS4 subreddit, they’ve posted a warning and a method on how not to get spoiled, as some random users are direct messaging people with spoilers! Orignal article is as follows] Massive spoilers for The Last of Us Part II have been leaked online. I looked at like a second of the thing, no way I'm watching more :-/, - But Regis just said above Dina says he and Jesse are dead. considering the video seems to be taken from a section from the previews, safe to say that this is from a build from september. Posted on video game forum ResetEra, the videos and channel has since been taken down. It seems someone posted a bunch of The Last of Us: Part II videos online that leaks major parts of the story. so far: yes. Dynamic duo lesbians protecting the world from millions of deranged thugs, roaming bandits and zombies. I wasn't listening closely to the dialogue, and if she said this in Portuguese I definitely missed it as I don't know the language. I haven’t seen it myself so I can’t confirm, but I just wanted to give everyone a warning so everyone can do whatever they can to avoid the spoilers. Somebody leak some ghost gameplay while we at it. If you expected this to surpass RDR2 presentation, I guess it could be considered disappointing but that's unrealistic. This post obviously contains spoilers, you have been warned. we're judging TLoU2 based on a prerelease 30 second snippet on youtube in 720p? Joel is still breathing in the video despite the heavy injures. The spoiled of us — Sony says major The Last of Us Part 2 leak didn’t come from employee [Updated] No spoilers here, but details about character relationships, fates … When things didn’t go their way…..bam, MAJOR plot spoilers got leaked. Interestingly enough, it also touches on The Last of Us 2 multiplayer, which Naughty Dog has mentioned before. SPOILERS AHEAD. ResetEra Games of the Decade Awards (2010-2019).

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