lecture notes for introduction to programming

2007: Google announces the Open Handset Alliance, a group of tech companies working together to develop “open standards” for mobile platforms. ��w34W04Գ45UIS046�37�P0���34RI��0Ҍ ��r � � �endstream x�5��n� D�� >> This is because you’re writing Java code! To summarize, in addition to writing Java and XML code, when building an App you need to: There are a lot of steps here, but there are tools that take care of it for us. One interesting side effect of this battle: the latest version of Android (Nougat) uses the. These are notes for a two-day course in R, starting with reading in data, and proceeding through more complex programming to S3-style methods. Android is an operating system. There are a number of different hardware and software tools you will need to do Android development: Since Android code is written for a virtual machine anyway, Android apps can be developed and built on any computer’s operating system (unlike some other mobile OS…). endobj T-Mobile G1). The Open Handset Alliance now (2017) includes 86 companies. This is a problem from a consumer perspective, particularly in terms of security! As stated above, we will write code in Java and XML. Note that if you are unfamiliar with Android devices, you should be sure to play around with the interface to get used to the interaction language, e.g., how to click/swipe/drag/long-click elements to use an app. While we’ll revisit this in more detail in the next lecture, it’s useful to start seeing how the framework is structured: We’ll start with the MyActivity Java source file. Tags nested inside one another. This course expects you to have some familiarity with HTML or XML, but if not you should be able to infer what you need from the examples. When discussing Android history, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention some of the legal battles surrounding Android. Writing Android code will feel a lot writing any other Java program: you create classes, define methods, instantiate objects, and call methods on those objects. Any device will work for this course; you don’t even need cellular service (just WiFi should work). This navite code is faster because no translation step is needed to talk to the actual hardware (the OS). The new Pixel is also a reasonable device to test against. This is the same difference between writing your own HTML and using something like FrontPage or DreamWeaver or Wix to create a page. Finally, as a fun demonstration, try to set an icon for the App (in Android Studio, go to: File > New > Image Asset), https://developer.android.com/about/dashboards/, https://www.eff.org/cases/oracle-v-google, https://arstechnica.com/series/series-oracle-v-google/, http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/resources/available-resources.html. &Y�����"B�,!1uw&���nw����������H ����h| ;�آ~��%�Y��_�.��N:���vU,,�%|�H:U��66-�v� #��|�a@U[�4ʎ{�@�,~&�a�pǑ����9�͢E��eGMQ�H��:P$l,�-@�~��#P�_����V@˟D�=�Q.s�}�/����h��u���ү������@ay,&�H��HA�2?�j�P�]DT%f=�E�N�T�)o��%�vR�`i`Ҫ���-�&c� .O��m,��!�_���S0��z��]B�C:���� ��#.3F|_\f����GǓ�ټ� ��,�=�m]�,Kk;��ێ�%�~+e^�!�[߷�܋v0���?3��珚>�c{�D�u�K����υo����.�r�,\��}��a'��������6P/��t�l���=$eH>���2<3/�jmV��嫢6�]>��ٓ$:Kt�� *魼~����KS��� �6# �V�n%�P>�M��ۃm�F�c�@��W��x����r�W�����4���*�2�&\3::P�0־մ�g�����î\��R�7 G�g�B(^ÀT/����zu�=N��xmK�9�B�\}�oM���N(ϫ�g�V^��PAW�.�1����kp�F����y�p�ؑ�cDI� �0P]/�{b 2�,�b,ꮚ���2ͣ���z�͗yY������+�n+�����?�ɚendstream The provided XML code defines a layout, and inside that is a TextView (a View representing some text), which has a value: text! /Contents 3 0 R ART’s biggest benefit is that it compiles the .dex bytecode into native code on installation using AOT (“Ahead of Time”) compilation. On top of that kernel is the Hardware Abstraction Layer: an interface to drivers that can programmatically access hardware elements, such as the camera, disk storage, Wifi antenna, etc. Target: this is the “minimum” SDK you support. We can also consider what the application code does. Your email address will not be published. 21 0 obj << /MediaBox [0 0 612 792] Fun fact for people with a Computer Science background: Dalvik uses a, Generate Java source files (e.g., from resource files, which are written XML used to generate Java code), “dex” the JVM bytecode into Dalvik bytecode, Cryptographically sign the APK file to verify it, While it has improved recently, the Emulator historically does not work very well on Windows; I recommend you develop on either a Mac or a physical device.

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