lenin statue seattle vandalized

[28] On August 17, Murray added that he believed the Lenin statue should go as well, because we should "not idolize figures who have committed violent atrocities and sought to divide us", though he was aware the Lenin statue was also on private property. - TGP's Joe Hoft Joins Steve Bannon and The War Room to Discuss the Dominion "Glitches" -, “Boom! There are some people who support slavery just as long as it’s not privatized. Seattle Antifa Mistakenly Chop Off Head And Tear Down Statue Of Lenin, Boy Patiently Waits For Mountain To Erupt. Last year, a group of Republican lawmakers in the State Congress introduced a bill to bring the statue down. Lenin was responsible for untold deaths, and many equate him with Hitler and Stalin. — AmishDude (@TheAmishDude) June 20, 2020, — Add your name (@corrcomm) June 20, 2020. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. [1][6], Lewis E. Carpenter, an English teacher in Poprad originally from Issaquah, Washington, found the hollow monumental statue lying in a scrapyard with a homeless man living inside it. The foundry's founder, Peter Bevis, sought instead to display the statue in Fremont, and agreed to have the Fremont Chamber of Commerce hold the statue in trust until a buyer was found. [21] Berger said the story of victory of one culture over another told by the totem pole, or the Lenin statue, make it "an icon, but if you know the story, a complicated one. He brought it home to Washington state, but died before he could carry out his plans for displaying the Soviet-era memento. Subscribe to this blog for free! Carpenter's initial interest in buying the statue was to preserve it for its historic and artistic merit. [6] After voting to approve it, the Poprad council reconsidered and asked the Slovak Ministry of Culture for its blessing, which was given four months later. I didn’t know it could kill me,” said Lucas. For any questions or concerns related to this service, you can send me an email through this contact form. However, they respected the statue of the communist dictator Lenin in Seattle, Anti-racists? [32][33], In the midst of the 2020 George Floyd protests, the Confederate memorial in Lake View Cemetery was toppled by unknown persons. https://t.co/kVNDgzL2g3, — Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) June 20, 2020. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. [19] By removing the statue from its original context where it was meant to keep the Slovak people in awe, given a new context where it oppresses no one and is used entirely in the service of free enterprise and profit making. ‘Antifa’ attack the statue of a Polish hero who opposed slavery https://t.co/HlcvIRGzSE, — Jenna Ellis (@JennaEllisEsq) June 20, 2020, Mass murderers: woke https://t.co/csIR9fCqMd, — Sandy Lanceley (@sandylanceley) June 20, 2020. If you wanted any more evidence as to the decay of Western Civilisation, then you need only to consider the following example reported by The Daily Wire. That’s right? “We lost many comrades today during the intense fight against this inanimate object, but we finally won,” said Tredon. Seattle, WA – In a fit of rage, fury and childish behavior, Antifa and local anarchists mistakenly chopped the head off and knocked down the statue of Communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin located in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. — Colorado RedTraci (@goptraci) June 20, 2020. Our god? The author of this blog denies to any person or entity of copyright management the authority to charge third parties for reproducing the contents of this blog. Yup, no slave labour in the USSR. "[16], In June 2017, the statue's sculptor, Emil Venkov, died at age 79. The freedom of speech that must be stopped!” yelled Tredon to the angry crowd. Felonies in both cases. “It had spikes and was really bouncy. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. [20] Some of Seattle's most iconic 'totem poles' (actually Alaskan Tlingit carved house posts) were brazenly stolen from an Alaska village by respected members of the scientific and business community, the Harriman Alaska expedition, so immersed in the triumph of their own culture over that of Native Americans that little thought was given to what Dr. Robin K. Wright of the Burke Museum called "a very clear case of theft". POLITICS. Absolutely nothing.”. “The people always win against oppressive and mean statues, just like the statues the brave Taliban and ISIS tore down.”, Seattle Police Department officers stood by and watched the mayhem, smoking cigarettes.

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