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In a hydrogenation reaction, two hydrogen atoms are added across the double bond of an alkene, resulting in a saturated alkane.Hydrogenation of a double bond is a thermodynamically favorable reaction because it forms a more stable (lower energy) product. Alkene to Alkane. Hydrogenation results in higher electron density on a carbon atom(s), and thus we consider process to be one of reduction of the organic molecule. C. M. Park, M. S. Kwon, J. Common Conditions: H 2 + Pd/C. (Watch on YouTube: Alkene/Alkyne Redox.Click cc on the bottom right to view video transcript) <–Watch Previous Video: Introduction to Oxidation and Reduction Reactions in Organic Chemistry –>Watch Next Video: Birch Reduction This is video 2 in the Orgo Oxidation/Reduction Series. Illustrated below is another common possibility, the hydrogenation (reduction) of an alkene to an alkane. Ammonium formate is easier to handle than hydrogen gas and measuring precise equivalents is simpler. Catalytic hydrogenation with palladium on carbon is a very common method for reducing alkenes. Park, Synthesis, 2006, 3790-3794. Oxidation and Reduction of Alkanes. This catalyst is robust, and highly active in many organic transformations including alkene and alkyne hydrogenation, carbon-carbon cross-coupling reactions, and aerobic alcohol oxidation. ... is a common method for alkene reduction. One important alkene addition reaction is hydrogenation., where the alkene undergoes reduction to an alkane. An example of an alkene addition reaction is a process called hydrogenation.In a hydrogenation reaction, two hydrogen atoms are added across the double bond of an alkene, resulting in a saturated alkane. Introduction. Hydrogenation of a double bond is a thermodynamically favorable reaction because it forms a more stable (lower energy) product.

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