lilypond vs musescore

This is the way it works for me ( as an example I take the 3 first measures of the score 'Annemarieke': I've been trying to explain something for nothing.

Hi, nice example... We wrote an similar comparison on the German Wikipedia article.

typically a piece that I am learning. I cannot seem to find it in: lilypond hairpin bugsIt would be nice to get the result with latest 2.17.20 LilyPond up, 2.12 that's from 2008?What's the problem exactly with the ties, can we get a bug report please?I would like to note that LilyPond is a compiler and therefore ask:are the other scores (Score, Sibelius, MuseScore) the default untweakedoutput from those softwares? Version control acts like a sort of uber-undo that lets you take snapshots of your progress over the entire course of your project. The most important reason people chose MuseScore is: Contrary to most of its commercial counterparts, MuseScore is lightweight (less than 100MB) and can run acceptably on aging computers. But it can't read minds, so it's still not going to be exqactly what everyone wants all the time - that;s an impossibility. Such an input mode would drive me nuts. I don't think "pencil and paper" convenience should be the target, but the baseline from which we seek significant improvement. :). Let me ask you a question: If we had no score writer and you'd have to compose using paper and pencil like Beethoven had to: How would you manage to compose with your work sequence? 1. first I note the pitches without considering time, measures ... etcetera (because the way I type it, I hear the correct timing), 2. For example: A plain-text file cannot get unfixably corrupted, or misbehave mysteriously. Please programmers of musescore, when I change the length of a note in the middle of my score, do not replace it with a rest, but shift in the notes on that staff (or give me the choice to replace or shift), because shifting is what I (and many other musicians) intend to do. Using the eraser all the time? This page is powered by a knowledgeable community that helps you make an informed decision. 4. The problem with trying to do this automatically is that there is no way MuseScore can no how many notes you want to shift - only you know this. I recently heard a podcast featuring Thomas Bonte discussing MuseScore. More often, they would want only one note, or just a few, to move, if any.

What I don't understand is why you don't simply enter the durations while entering the notes, rather than entering them with the wrong durations and then change them later? I simplify the arrangement to match my performance capability, Bach), complex notation, early music, modern music, tablature, vocal music, lead sheets, educational materials, large orchestral projects, customized output, … "Lightweight" is the primary reason people pick MuseScore over the competition. It feels like you're looking at this backwards. Having this, while playing what I already have in the score, I can hear in my head the left hand piano pitches and type this line on the left hand staff, again without considering time, measures and so on... : 5. Or writing your pitch sequence, then write it on a fresh sheet *again*, this time in rhythm? What I forgot to mention all the time till now, is that I'm working with piano ( == grouped staffs). Cut and paste work to mvoe things just as they do in any other program. Also the way lilypond makes it's reserved words is to complex. As for MuseScore's connection with Lilypond, there are two things which currently connect us. In reply to You should try lilypond with by Jowannes. Now I realize I may not be "most people", but perhaps more people would use notation software if it were more usable.
In reply to Yes, as I said, for your by Marc Sabatella. I’m a big fan of things like LilyPond and LaTeX; I recently transcribed a song my dad wrote for guitar using LilyPond.

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